Personalized Thank You Cards

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Finding the time to say “thank you” may be tricky for some people. If you’re always on-the-go, or your schedule is perpetually at full capacity, it may be hard to even imagine having the time to stop at a store, venture into the messy card aisle, and then spending hours browsing through until you find the perfect one. But even then, you’re trying to fit your personality into a generic greeting card and hope it shines through the way you need. So why not eliminate all the hassle, and allow us to create personalized thank you cards, perfect for any and all occasions?

Imagine how simple it would be to say “thank you” each and every time with your own collection of thank you cards on hand. Here at Polka Dot Design, we have created a simplified process in order to find the right thank you cards, and personalize them to your liking with only a few clicks of a button. It’s that easy.

Take our adorable collection of kids thank you cards, for example. These cards are a great way to send a quick “thank you” to friends and relatives on behalf of your child. Like the Adorable Dot Folded Note Card below. The design is stylish and straightforward with pastel polka dots and playful bordering. You can personalize the text inside any way you like, to add a bit more of your own touch that store greeting cards do not allow. We also feature the Airplane Note Card as well, which is a wonderful way to say “thank you” for attending your son’s birthday party. Keep the spirit of you child with every thank you card you send on their behalf.


Adorable Dot Folded Note Card


Kids Thank You Cards


Airplane Note Card

kids thank you cards


Perhaps you need to find a way to say thank you on behalf of your newborn baby or unborn baby! Sending out thank you notes after a baby shower should be a fun, enjoyable experience where you get to relive your shower all over again. Our baby thank you notes are full of life and love, and each can be fully customized to your liking. Take the Book Baby Shower Blue card below. As one of the more popular choices, this card is an excellent way to send thanks to family and friends for attending your baby’s shower, or contributing a gift. The artwork is delicate and smooth, with a spirited floral pattern.

baby thank you notes


Our personalized stationary choices are the best around. We offer such a wide variety of colors and designs, you won’t have any trouble finding a card that fits your style perfectly. Take the Bright Pink Confetti Cupcake Folded Notecard below. The bright colors and funky designs are a great way to express gratitude in a lighthearted yet wild way!


Bright Pink Confetti Cupcake Folded Notecard

personalized stationary


Bird Tribal Thank You Card

custom thank you cards

Another great choice in our custom thank you cards category is the Bird Tribal Thank You Card. For the inner bohemian in us all, The Bird Tribal card is a more contemporary way to say thanks. The simple patternwork detailed inside the dove brings the entire card to life. It’s clean, it’s modern, it’s peaceful. Plus, you can add your own bit of personality flare on the inside.

We also feature an impeccable selection of personalized address labels that are very handy to have on hand. Keep a bit of your personality and charm with every piece of outgoing mail you send. You can choose the design, the text, the colors and make sure it is exactly to your liking. You can even customize your address labels every holiday to showcase your spirit for every occasion! Take a look at a few of the most popular address labels we have.


White Elephant Rectangular

personalized Address Labels


Kraft Pink Crawfish Boil Address Label

personalized Address Labels


Birthdays are a Hoot Address Label

personalized Address Labels


No matter the opportunity, Polka Dot Design wants to make sure your covered with any and all personalized stationary needs. Having correspondence that can show off a bit of your style and pizzazz can be as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. Make each letter, note, card, or thank you one that comes straight from the heart. Your heart.



Winter Party Invitations

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As the autumn season winds down, we gear up for a holiday season filled with laughter, joy, and a winter wonderland of party invites! If you’ve decided it’s time to gather your friends and family for a yuletide extravaganza, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Polka Dot Design, we have the most comprehensive selection of winter party invitations, perfect for any and all occasions. Whatever the reason you’re celebrating this season, we have you covered. Take a look at some of our absolute favorites and get inspired.

The Coolest Snowman Invitation

Winter Party Invitation

Everyone loves a jolly snowman, which makes The Coolest Snowman Invitation the perfect choice. As a more holiday-neutral invite, this invitation features a contemporary feel with a smiling snowman graphic, snowflakes background design, and modern text throughout. A winter party invitation no one will forget.

Penguin Birthday Invitation

Winter Party Invitation

Perhaps this season your child has a very important birthday and needs an invitation that combines a wintertime theme with a fun birthday soiree. The Penguin Birthday Invitation is an adorable pick for any seasonal children’s birthday. The festive, funky text mixed with the large penguin artwork incites the feeling of joy and celebration with every glance.


Scallop Christmas Tree Invitation

formal party Invitations

Maybe it’s not a child’s birthday party you’re celebrating, but instead you are looking to peruse our more formal party invitations. If so, Polka Dot Design is ready and waiting to help. For a more formal party celebration, we have a plethora of designs and decorative cards that surely will fit your agenda. Like the Scallop Christmas Tree pictured above. This die-cut card invitation is so unique in shape and design it’ll make any formal party an anticipated event.


Yummy Cookie Swap Invitation

Yummy Cookie Swap Invitation

Another fun way to round up the friends and family is with a cookie swap! Ginger breads, macaroons, and chocolate chips galore. We have an incredible assortment of cookie exchange invitations just waiting to be personalized to your liking. Like the Yummy Cookie Swap Invitation above. It combines bright, vivid text colors, with scrumptious cookies throughout. Get those stomachs rumbling with this delectably designed holiday invite.

Martini Invitation

christmas cocktail party Invitations

If it’s not cookies, then it must be cocktails! Assemble the troops, whether neighbors or coworkers, and host the cocktail party of the season. Mix martinis and merriment and choose one of the most popular Christmas cocktail party invitations we have. The sketched martini glass, combined with the holiday colors and festive bordering make this invitation an absolute joy to receive.


Christmas Owl Invitation

winter baby shower Invitations

Or maybe you’re expecting to receive a different kind of gift this holiday season, one that Santa Clause cannot deliver. Our collection of winter baby shower invitations are one-of-a-kind, and can be personalized any way you choose. Like the Christmas Owl Invitation, for example. This baby shower invite combines the yuletide spirit with the joyous occasion of the arrival of your bundle of joy. With muted holiday colors and a more modern design, make sure your guests are as excited to celebrate as you are.

Regardless of the seasonal situation, Polka Dot Design is here to help you every step of the way. Our winter party invitations are always a hit year in and year out. We want you to be satisfied every time you choose us for your holiday invitation inspiration.



Christmas Stickers

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It’s about that time, folks. Christmas cards will be flowing in just as often as you’re sending them out. But this year, what’s going to set your Christmas cards apart from the rest? Polka Dot Design has your answer in the simplest of ways — Christmas Stickers! What better way to adorn your outgoing mail, whether it’s a holiday card, or a simple festive piece of correspondence? Our selection of Christmas stickers cannot be rivaled.

Many people also use Christmas stickers to adhere to holiday gifts as well. We have many different options in the way of gift tag stickers, so you can add a more personal touch to every package you hand out this year. Like the Holly Jolly Square Sticker.

Holly Jolly Square Sticker

gift tag stickers

Our Christmas gift tag stickers can be personalized the way you need. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can add some of your personality and flare to any sticker option you choose, and boy do we have many.

Like the Bold Baubles Square seen below. This is one of the gift stickers that is chock full of fun, yule-tide cheer with every dash of red and green. The ornament graphics are eye-catchingly wonderful, and a great way to spread holiday happiness to all your family and friends.

Bold Baubles Square Sticker

christmas gift tag Stickers

Cookie Exchange Square Sticker

personalized christmas stickers

Some of the most popular personalized Christmas stickers have a very fun and festive feel. Like the Cookie Exchange Square Sticker. The vibrancy of the colors in this sticker, paired with the minimalist text and design, make this a go-to option for any Christmas cookie exchange you attend.

4 Stockings Hung Sticker

personalized gift Stickers

Another famed option in our collection of personalized gift stickers is the 4 Stockings Hung Sticker. This sticker is a great choice for a small family looking to jazz up their outgoing mail for the holidays. The simple colors and the easy stocking graphic make this sticker a fan-favorite every year.

Beyond just the holidays, we also carry a sensational selection of stickers for kids, as a touching way to say thank you. If your child has just celebrated a recent birthday, or had a party for their friends and classmates, sending a thank you note with a cheerfully enjoyable sticker adds a great touch. For example, the Bird is the Word Square Sticker below.

Bird is the Word Square Sticker

Stickers for kids

Our Christmas sticker assortment cannot be matched. From our wide variety of square stickers to the round Christmas stickers, we have an impressive collection in which you are guaranteed to find something that fits your needs. We want your holiday to be a wonderful one, which is why Polka Dot Design is here to help with all your invitation and sticker design needs.



Bridal Shower Invitations

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It’s an important day in every woman’s life — the bridal shower. But for some, not knowing where to start can be a real hassle. That’s where we come in. Our personally curated selection of bridal shower invitations is the perfect place to begin planning the bridal shower of your dreams. The anticipation of upcoming nuptials is something to be celebrated, which is why Polka Dot Design has such a wide variety of invitations to choose from. The right invitation for your shower is just a click away.

Black Bra With Polka Dots Invitation

Lingerie Shower Invitation

One of the most popular bridal shower invitations comes in the form of lingerie. If you’re looking for the perfect theme to your upcoming shower than try perusing through our lingerie shower invitations. Many women gather their girlfriends and family members to have a fun and flirty themed shower. The Stevie Streck Black Bra invitation above is a great choice for such an occasion. The die-cut card design paired with the variety of text can be personalized any way you like.


Or perhaps you don’t want to exclude your sweetheart from all the bridal shower fun. Lately, more and more women look to celebrate their special day with their significant other, which is why they are drawn to our couples shower invitations. Ditch the older traditions and try something more modern and contemporary.  Like the Kissing Couple Invitation below. The invitation features neutral colors throughout, all the while emphasizing a couples shower with the artistically drawn man and women much in love, on the front.

Bonnie Marcus Kissing Couple – Blonde Invitation

couples shower invitations

Another popular choice among the couples bridal shower invitations is the Classic Perfect Pair Invitation. It doesn’t feature the cartoon-ish style whimsy that the above invitation does, but it does bring a more sophistication to the invite. The chic design that borders the invite, paired with the sleek pink and black text makes this invite a great way to reach out to friends and family and invite them to a special, shared occasion.

A Classic Perfect Pair Invitation

couples bridal shower Invitation

Another fun theme for a memorable bridal shower is a luncheon! Gather the gals in the middle of the day for some tea, coffee, and sandwiches galore. A luncheon is a great idea to bring together the troops, without requiring them to free up their entire day. It’s hard to clear everyone’s schedule nowadays, especially for a whole afternoon. So instead, our bridal luncheon invitations are worth a gander. One of our favorites is the Ever After Invitation. The delicate text combined with the colorful floral bouquet makes this a lovely choice for a midday celebration.

Ever After Invitation

bridal luncheon Invitation

But maybe you’re more prone to enjoy a good breakfast spread. If so, then a brunch bridal shower may be the better choice! Brunch has become such a popular staple in society today, so it would make sense that your special day would join the festivities. Our bridal brunch invitations can certainly help you narrow down a theme for your celebration.

We also feature a wide assortment of Christmas bridal shower invitations, for all of the women who absolutely love the Yuletide cheer and want to remember their special day because of it. If you want a more seasonally charged occasion, than make sure it’s a wonder wonderment of fun. Some of our most popular invitations for a Christmas bridal shower include:

Green Lace Ornament Invitation

christmas bridal shower Invitation

Brunette Holiday Bridal Beauties Invitation

christmas bridal shower Invitation

Bridal Dress Invitation

christmas bridal shower Invitation


If you are looking to commemorate your bridal shower in a more traditional fashion, we certainly have a chic line of invitations at your disposal. For an elegant affair, try some of the floral-printed designs or even the paisley-bordered invitations. Or perhaps you’re looking to spruce up the soiree into more sophisticated territory. No matter the theme, our collection of bridal shower invites is sure to wow every invitee. You can customize each invitation to your liking and personalize it with just the click of a button.


Holiday Party Invitations

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It’s almost that time of year where your calendar is jam-packed and you have holiday party invitations lining your refrigerator. Celebrating the holidays is a momentous time at the end of the year where family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers can all gather and let loose for some good old-fashioned festive fun. If you’re thinking of hosting your own soiree and need some invitation inspiration, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Take a look at our holiday party invitations that will surely ignite your party-planning passion.

Many people come together at the end of the year to celebrate accomplishments within their business. Most companies like to honor their hard-working staff with a holiday party that will be talked about many years to come. If you’re in charge of the party this year, then take a look at some of our company holiday party invitations. We have a huge selection of invitations to choose from in order to perfectly capture the spirit of your business. A few of our most popular company invitations include:

Holiday Peppermint Cheer Invitation

company holiday party

Hot Cocoa Mug Invitation

company holiday party

Merry Bright Lights Invitation

company holiday party

Or perhaps you’ve already discovered your holiday party idea. What better way to gather friends and family and get down than with a Yuletide cocktail party! Our assortment of Christmas cocktail invitations is sure to run the gamut on design and detail. We have invitations that are fun and frisky, to a more regal, sophisticated feel. Maybe you want to get the girlfriends together for some drinks, dancing, and Christmas decorations. Take a look at some of our Christmas cocktail invitations and see which one tickles your fancy.

Sparkle All The Way Invitation

christmas cocktail invitations

Jolly Cocktails Invitation

christmas Cocktails Invitation

Holiday Red Green Chevron Invitation

Holiday Red Green Chevron Invitation

Our holiday invitations cover all types of parties and gatherings this upcoming season. Here at Polka Dot Design we like to offer a wide arrangement of invitations in order to reach every single person seeking to celebrate with cheer. Each of our invitations offer the option to be customized to your liking. We don’t just supply your regular, run-of-the-mill patterned invitations. But instead feature some of the most off-beat, wild, creative invitations perfect for someone thinking outside the box this holiday season. Take a look at what we mean:

Candy Cane Stripes Invitation

holiday invitations

Celebratory Stripes Invitations

holiday Invitations

Glitter Tree Invitation

holiday Invitations


We also want to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with your Christmas party invitations. It’s a special time of year which requires the utmost care in party planning. Besides the opportunity to add a bit of your personality to each invitation through our customization process, we also provide assistance in holiday party invitation wording! Maybe it’s the aesthetics that come easily to you, and choosing an invitation is the quick part. But where you reach a roadblock is in the proper wording for your invitations. This is where Polka Dot Design steps in. We’ve come up with a plethora of clever Christmas phrases and sayings to properly adorn your invitations. From Christmas Cookie Exchanges to Holiday Dinner Potlucks, Polka Dot Design has an array of festive phrases to perfectly sum up all of your invitation needs.




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