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This Sunday, put a fun twist on flowers for mom…

1. Hummingbird Cake

This cake flavor is made with coconut and topped with cream cheese frosting. But those aren’t fancy flowers on top. That’s pineapple! And this sweet dessert is just as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the palette.

2. Tin Centerpiece

The colors of this centerpiece make my heart sing a pretty song! Give vintage coffee, biscuit or tea tin containers new life as vases. Be sure to put a smaller glass vase inside the tin to prevent leaking or rusting.

3. Wrapped-Up Vase

Say it simply with a bouquet presented in a grosgrain ribbon-wrapped vase. Find any plain glass vase, hot glue one end of the ribbon at the bottom and work your way up, wrapping the ribbon around in even, overlapping layers. Add a ribbon tie and tag to complete the look.

4. Garden Party

A gardener can never own too many accessories. After all, they’re always working with dirt! So if mom is a garden enthusiast, wrap the stems of an otherwise simple bouquet with garden gloves and hand tools bound together with twine.