DIY Invitations with Real Glitter

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Stevie Streck Designs has released their newest die-cut invitations with clear glitter to add that most memorable sparkle to your party, baby shower, or bridal shower invitations. A Pina colada cocktail invite with clear glitter is such a classy party idea for corporate parties or personal parties. For destination wedding invitations, you can use the beaded sandal beach party invitation with clear glitter to really set things off on the right foot. For bridal showers that need a little extra charm and sparkle, check out the Daisies in a Jar Bridal Shower Invitation with Glitter and it will surely be a hit with the bride to be.

Adding real glitter to any invitation is a great way to church it up as the cool kids say. This is something you can do yourself and it will make quite the impression for girl’s birthday party invitations or engagement announcements
Have you ever seen that over-achieving mom that somehow gets so many things done and always has the cutest parties ever? Annoying, right? You can be that person that all the other moms say “How does she have the time?”  You have the time. You have the creativity to do it yourself, so do it yourself with the Stevie Streck new releases. You can order any of our DIY Invitations as blank and do-it-yourself or if you’re in a pinch, you can order them as custom printed invitations with assembly and we will handle it all for you.

If you have a party that you’re super proud of and you would like to blog about your party and party invitations, feel free to send us your story along with any pictures you’re proud of and we will post your party on our blog. We’re always looking for additional inspiration to use on our blog and help inspire our customers.

Party Invitations

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At Polka Dot Design, we’re all about the party. We will celebrate anything and will help you with all of your cute party ideas. Right now, our customers are searching for party invitations from fiesta parties to mermaid party invites. With over 10,000 designs currently online, you are sure to find a fit for your party. We’ve got digital invitation designs for a cheaper invitation option or one of our traditional products that requires assembly from the precious hands of our customer service team. You can also order any of our traditional invitation offerings as blank stock as a DIY invitation. You can print the invitation yourself, assemble the party invitation yourself, and even add the sparkle yourself by applying glitter to the invites. The new Stevie Streck invitations come with real glitter. Just ask our customer service team if you’re not sure and we will be happy to help. Our do-it-yourself party invitations are a great way to become a part of the party. Just remember that without an invitation, it’s not a real party…
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{Party Idea:} Tea Party Idea

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Growing up, one of my favorite books was A Bargain For Frances by Russell Hoban, a story of two friends and a tea set.  The story taught me not only the value of friendship and making sure the people in your life are good for you, but also, it made me want a real, hand painted china tea set.  The one in the book is so pretty, with tiny prints of flowers painted on it, and it is packaged in this little tea set box.  As a little girl, I asked for a little tea set and I got one, and I just loved planning tea parties for my guests. I remember sitting on our big green lawn with my Mom having tea parties on Spring afternoons.  There is just something so elegant and kind about a tea party.  I got my daughter more tea sets than I can even count!  Throwing a tea party is just one of my favorite ways to gather kindred spirits and it really can be for any age, but for little girls, it can be extra fun if they get to bring their favorite doll or stuffed bear.  The tea party invitation that I am really into right now is perfect as a do-it yourself project.  The Pink Tea Cut Invitations by Stevie Streck just giggles with whimsy and something I like to do is add fine gold glitter to the edges of the cup and saucer; it just adds that extra wow factor.  It’s sure to be one of those your guests will save and stash away in their favorite invitation box.  


Pink Tea Cup Tea Party Invitation
This theme gives us all a chance to practice our etiquette while eating tiny sandwiches and petit fours in our favorite dress-up outfit.  Here’s to Tea Time and always feeling like a little girl.




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When the announcement was made to the family that my niece was expecting twins we just feel off our gilded rockers.  It was a total surprise, one that she and her husband met with endless grace and a bit of terror!  Soon we were decorating one of their bedrooms with a Rock ‘N Roll theme and visiting the sonographers office every chance we got to see their sweet little hearts beat – two boys!  She wanted her baby announcements to be timeless but with a nod to her husband’s affection for all things hipster, so we decided to create a bow-tie design with a pin-dot or speckle back.  We featured one picture of each of the boys on this card, it is shown on the site as a birth announcement but I have since, used it for other twins first birthday party too, here it is:


Bow Tie Baby Photo Card


Here are some of my other favorites…

Tell us what are looking for when it comes to celebrating your dynamic duo and maybe you will see them pop up on the site soon!
Here’s to living the two-by-two #momslife and cheers to my fearless niece, Ashley Auerbach.

DIY Invitations

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Polka Dot Design
Polka Dot Design was founded 16 years ago based on do-it-yourself invitations. We started it because we love doing it ourselves and wanted to offer our skills while collaborating with other do-it-yourselfers (is that even a word?). When the digital age came in with their techie gadgets and what-not, the traditional side of the artsy farsty world took a dive into a pile of steaming silicon. There is still a world of people out there that continue to love doing things themselves. It’s true. We love putting our heart in it for our kid’s 1st shoot em’ up birthday or our little girl’s wedding day. We became part of the planning process just by doing it ourselves and it makes our eyes fill with water when they love it so much. The payoff is in the love.

Whatever your reason is for doing it yourself, take a look at our Do It Yourself Invitations and be as inspired as we are.  We can help you create a swoon-worthy invitation whether you do it yourself or have us do it for you –  we will help you put it all together as easy as 1-2-3! We’re right here. Call us anytime.
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