Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitations

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The day is almost upon you. You’re patiently awaiting the arrival of your baby boy or girl, and only have one final hurrah left before the due date. Having a baby shower is one of the best parts of being pregnant– an event that produces lifelong memories filled with family, friends and loved ones. Perhaps you’re one of those couples that waits to find out the gender of your child upon delivery, and if that’s the case, you’ve found the right place for gender neutral baby shower invitations.

Polka Dot Design is proud to be a source for all types of invitations, especially those that you may not be able to find elsewhere. We pride ourselves on being the most diverse, which is why we welcome you to peruse our collection of baby shower invitations gender neutral specific, so that you can have the right kind of celebration for your bundle of joy. Take a look at some of our favorites.


Lota Baby Invitation

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation


The Lota Baby Invitation is such a fun gender neutral card because it combines a few different prints and styles, not to mention mixes a variety of colors as well. It’s a festive card that is both modern and chic, with a mix of sophistication to boot. The color scheme and patterns both add that neutrality touch, so that the invite isn’t gender specific in any shape or form.


Baby Sprinkling Invitation

Gender Neutral Baby shower Invitation

Just because the invitation is listed as gender neutral, doesn’t mean that it can’t be chosen if you actually know the gender of your unborn child. Take the Baby Sprinkling Invitation for example. Although the design isn’t gender specific, it still can be considered in the baby shower invitations for girls category. Perhaps you aren’t too keen on the normally chosen colors designated to the girl’s shower invitations. Maybe pastels and bright pinks don’t really feel right to you. Not a problem, you can still personalize the card to your liking, without losing the gender neutral colors and designs.


Up in Swirls Invitation

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation

…Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, perhaps you’re shopping for baby shower invitations for boys but just can’t quite find the right one. If the blues are too dark, and the masculine graphics too much, then choose a more neutral invite  instead. Like the Up in Swirls Invitation above. It has the right amount of festive fun with the checkerboard yellow background and the bright colorful graphics. It doesn’t lean toward any gender, but focuses more on the actual festivities itself.


And the Baby is Baby Shower Invitation

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation

Another reason you may need a more gender neutral shower invitation is because the actual baby shower is the big reveal! Perhaps you’re looking forward to throwing a party in order for family and friends to reveal the currently unknown gender of your baby. If it’s still a surprise, then the And the Baby is Baby Shower Invitation is the right choice for you! Gather up your loved ones so that you all can find out and celebrate together.

Regardless of your reason, our selection of gender neutral baby shower invitations is one of a kind. A baby shower is a momentous occasion that will be remembered for years to come, which is why Polka Dot Design wants to help you every step of the way. Personalize your invitation to your liking, and then with just a few clicks of the mouse, you’re finished and ready to enjoy your big day.

Being a Lady

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When it comes to being a lady it’s hard to find anyone more lady like then my grandmother, her name was Ruth Jones.

Recently, I had the privilege of going to stay with my mom in her new home that she shares with my sister and her husband. I got there later in the day and so one of the very first things that she did was show me my bedroom. As I got ready for bed, she offered me the honor of wearing my grandmother’s robe for the duration of my stay. You’ll see a picture below, it was a gift she had received from her brother, my great Uncle.

My grandmother always dressed so nice, she was pure class, she had a brother that loved taking her shopping, they would frequent Neiman Marcus and it was always so fun to see all the beautiful, expensive clothes that she got to pick out and add to her walk in. On her birthday he would send her extravagant gifts, usually from Neimans, all wrapped in perfect packaging and we would just get so excited for her. It was always a lavish token.

My grandmother was a pastor’s wife, married to a theologian and though they did well my great uncle had a bit more disposable income, one might say, and it was just one of those things that they would do, they would shop. How cute is that? As I put on that robe I looked at myself in the mirror and I noticed that I felt kind of small in my grandma’s robe. She was a bit bigger than me when she wore it, but I felt more small in regards to who I was in this moment not my dress size, more my substance size, in comparison to who she was, so exquisitely, when she passed away, with candy corn hidden in her pockets, love on her lips and grace echoing in her voice. She was a wife, a mother, a philanthropist, she was a missionary and for me, she made the best mashed potatoes the world had ever known, my Grandma Ruthie.

I remember hearing my Grandpa Rufus say every single day, in his bellowing voice, “isn’t she just the most beautiful woman in the whole world?!” and I swear every day that I was with them I heard him say to her how beautiful she was. Maybe he didn’t say it every day but every day I was there I heard him in some way tell her how he admired her radiance, she really was a beauty. She was Mrs. Dr. Rufas Jones.

I began looking around my Mom’s house, sprinkled with keepsakes, I noticed all of these exquisite pieces that belonged to my grandmother and now my mom. My grandma Ruthie raised an exquisite daughter that’s my Mama. She is strong and fierce she is deeply kind but I wouldn’t say she’s sweet, I’m the sweet one. She is strong and brilliant; she could cut you like a knife with her eyes, but still love you so deeply, like no one else I have ever known. I went into my mom’s bathroom and noticed all of her pretty little beauty products. One of them being her bottle of Chanel parfum.

As I stood and mingled, it all really made me think about the ladies that I have in my life. It made me begin to ask the question what makes a woman a “lady” what makes them be distinguished as a “lady”? So I began this quest. I began asking what makes a lady, asking my mom what were the things that daddy appreciated most about her while he was still alive, what made Grandpa so willing to lavish his love on his Ruth that he was never afraid to truly love her. It seemed that it all came down to one thing – trust. “The heart of her husband trusts her.”

I grew up knowing that this one trait is what makes an impeccable woman, a woman that people would say is to be revered. The heart of her husband trusts her. Well, I don’t have a husband and I’m not a wife, but I have a son and I have a daughter and I found myself wanting so much to be that kind of woman. The kind of woman that has a heart that can be trusted. You see my grandmother dedicated her days to my grandfather, that’s what she did and everything she did was to protect him. My mother spent all of her days pursuing her dreams because that’s what my dad wanted, but at the end when he was sick with dementia and she cared for him to the very end, it was her that he longed for and even though he loved all of us so much, she had the name that he would call out. It was Carol he wanted and I believe with all my heart it was because he trusted her the most.

There’s my sister who has a husband that when I look at their relationship, I see these two strong, bullheaded beings that are also so tender, so kind and I see that the trust that he has allows him to relax and resign into her, which is this certain kind of knowing, that he can trust her with his own heart and it’s a beautiful symphony.

So I put that robe on every day that I stayed with my mom and I ran, every day, through these beautiful landscapes of where she lives in California and I soaked it up and wanted so much to be the kind of person, the kind of woman that could teach my children how to be such a trustworthy person that someone would trust me in their own heart. I don’t want them to trust me with their heart, I want them to trust me in their heart. Do you see the difference? It is not easy to trust and in fact I think it’s often times very, very foolish. Is it only found in the binds of marriage, is this the deal breaker, is one only allowed this as a husband that has a wife, to trust her because the husband has this contract and somehow it liberates him?

I hope that’s not the only answer, I hope that the answer is that you have a chance in this world to love maybe one other person and absolutely, your children in a way, in the purest way possible, that this creates trust. It doesn’t mean that we’re going to be perfect. It just means that our intention for this other person is always good and we always have their back. It’s the sense of oneness that even in the world that seems to always be out to get us, there would be one person that is loyal, one person that loves us in a way that is out of this world. I know that I want my children to find this in another person, one day. I know that I want them to find this in me, but first, I have to teach them to trust their own heart, to teach them how to be true to themselves and that’s where I am today.

I do not have the incredible privilege of being called a wife by another. In my opinion it is a high honor, not everyone thinks it is, they don’t understand it I don’t think, but it is an honor, but that topic is for another day. Today, I get to just be me, today I get to just learn, today I have no responsibilities to a label that I wear, I just have a responsibility to myself and to my children and to the people that I hold closest to my heart.

I don’t have a robe from Neiman Marcus and my perfume is a combination of essential oils and sweat, but I do want to be a “lady”. I want to learn, I want to be that kind of person that is trustworthy. I have a small handful of people in my life and I want to be the kind of person that is that heart touching well and if I spend the rest of my life pursuing the heart of trust then I think I will have a life well spent, but just for today, I’m going to wear my essential oils and just for today I’m going to wear my squishy soft robe that my daughter bought me for my birthday, but maybe tomorrow I will get a sample of parfum by Coco Chanel.

Both my dad and grandfather were gone a lot. Both of their wife’s let them go and let them be. I guess that’s why they had to trust them, they had to enter in to the deepest parts of their hearts to test this one woman with their livelihood. That takes a certain kind of relationship, it takes a certain kind man.

If there were ever to be a man crazy enough and brave enough to introduce me as his wife I feel like this would be the most essential litmus test. He would have to be able to say “my heart trusts her”. So welcome to my quest, welcome to my heart. I don’t have to worry about any of that today, I don’t have to pass any tests, I have to just be me.

That’s what I saw in my mom and my grandma and that’s what I see my sister do, they are perfect just the way they are and their husbands trust them. I am content just being me. I’m not there yet, and I’m not ready to be a wife again, and that is okay, but the stories and images that I’ve created in my mind I hold so dear I am sure there’s all kinds of dark secrets hidden in the bedroom of marriages everywhere. I’m sure my mom and dad and my grandparents had their secrets – they’d better.

There is something about getting to look at certain things from the outside. You get to appreciate them. You don’t have to desire them, you don’t have to want them, you get to just appreciate them and learn from them and that’s what I’m gonna do. Today I get to just be loved, just because someone chose to love me, and I am so perfectly content because somehow this feels like trust.


Grandma Ruthie's Robe Grandma Ruthie Me in my Grandmother's Robe Coco Channel Parfum

A Look Inside {Kristen’s Bowling Bash}

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It’s almost my birthday and a few of my closest buddies took me bowling and it was just so fun I had to let you in on it, here are some snap shots and some party ideas too, (check out the Pinterest board we started for even more ideas). I have to admit, I usually think of Bowling Parties for kids, which is such a great kids birthday party idea, but come to find out, it is a grown up bash of an idea too!

We went to a local bowling alley called Spare Time Lanes (thank you spare time lanes!) I was so excited because they turned down the lights a little bit after we got there and it was all neon and black lights, I was so tickled when I realized I had worn white so I was all a glow – literally – for my birthday!

I highly recommend taking a “spare” moment out of your life to “strike” up some fun with the people in your life, just don’t forget the hand sanitizer so you can get past the fact that you are sticking your fingers in those holes! Oh – and most importantly, don’t forget when you get ready to pick out an outfit that goes with your bowling shoes! Thank you to my bowling buddies for giving me a good old fashioned night of fun even though I think I lost every single game I feel like such a winner to have such good friends in my life – I had a “ball”! Chat soon!


Bowling Party Invitations


Blue Bowl-a-rama Invitation

Blue Bowl-a-rama Invitation


Pink Diamond Bowling Invitation

Pink Diamond Bowling Invitation

Here are some personal bowling photos from that night. I hope you enjoy!

Bowling Photo Ideas

Spare Time Lanes
Bowling Ball Return

Bowling Shoes


New Years Eve Invitation Ideas

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One of the greatest reasons to host a party is simply because it’s New Years Eve. One of the busiest and most bustling holidays is almost upon us again, which means it’s time to start planning the perfect party to welcome the new year. Since Polka Dot Design is the leader is all things invitation-wise, we want to help you every step of the party-planning way by offering up some of our New Years Eve Invitation Ideas. Let’s get creative and start the process of choosing the right invitation, right now.

We’ve collectively decided that one of the best ways to extend an invite to your party is with our New Years photo cards. We are huge fans of photo cards in general because they give an extra personalized touch to every invite you send. Whether it’s a photo of your kids and your family pet, or a picture of your entire family together, photo cards send the right message every time. Take a look at some of our favorite photo cards.


Happy Handwritten Holiday Bracket Photo Card

New Years Photo Card


Big Joy Photo Card

New Years Photo Card

A Magical Year Photo Card

New Years Photo Card

If you have opted out of the New Years photo card route and decide to stick to something a bit more traditional, then have a look at our more modern New Years Invitations. We have all different types of color schemes, from vibrant purple and blue, to more classic New Years silver and gold. We also feature sophisticated invitations with cursive text and glitter, to more fun countdown candor. Take a look at a few of our favorite New Years invites.

Glitter Confetti Invitation

new years Invitations

Purple Savvy Cocktail Invitation

New years Invitations

Night of Glitz Invitation

new years Invitations

Perhaps you’ve decided that you want to have a more intimate invite to send; you want to be able to customize everything to your liking so that each recipient feels your presence. If that’s the case, then you should absolutely peruse our collection of personalized New Years cards. Each card is fully customizable, whether with photos, text, or color patterns. You can add a bit of your personality with every decision, so that it fully becomes your invite. We have a wide selection of personalized New Years cards to choose from, so have a gander at some of our faves.


Bright Beginnings Photo Card

personalized New years cards


Bright Holiday Photo Card

personalized new years Cards

Cheers New Year Photo Card

personalized New years Card

So, you’ve found the perfect invitation and can’t wait to personalize the text to your liking. But, you’re drawing a blank! Instead of panicking and giving in to that dreadful writer’s block, allow us to help. We’ve come up with a few terms and ideas in order to inscribe your invite with New Years Eve invitation wording. No need to get fixated on the perfect text. Our wording ideas are clever and fun and can be mixed and matched however you need. Don’t let the invitation text be a roadblock to your success!

There you have it! You’ve not only found the perfect New Years invitation, BUT you also have the invitation wording down to a science. All with a few clicks of the mouse, you’ve got the ball rolling full speed ahead toward a memorable New Years gathering. Thank you for allowing Polka Dot Design to guide you through, and be a part of your festivities each and every year.

Calendar Pads

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With January right around the corner, it’s high time you prepare for the new year ahead. We want you to be at your best for 2016, which is why we are featuring a great way to get organized and coordinated with our collection of calendar pads! Stay one step ahead of the game and get things situated with our uniquely designed selection of calendars, perfect for any desk or den.

Colorful Chevron Calendar Pad

Calendar Pad

Organize your schedule weeks in advance with this chevron printed calendar. Each pad contains 50 pages, which makes it an absolute must for anyone looking to keep their dates and duties in line. Calendar pads are also a wonderful gift idea! You can personalize the calendar for each recipient which creates a more intimate gift this holiday season. Like the Exercise Pad below!


Exercise Log Calendar Pad

Exercise Log Calendar Pad

This is the perfect gift idea for anyone looking to get in shape after the holidays and stay on top of it! The funky colors, and polka dot design…..wink, wink…. makes this one of the most popular personalized calendar pads in our collection. Keep your exercise routine on the right track, and celebrate your training regimen daily.

We also feature an extensive arrangement of personalized note pads, perfect for the list-maker in us all. We’ve all been there– desperate to get organized, too much on our minds, in need of a few lists just to get everything straightened out. Why not have a personalized note pad on deck for such a dilemma?


Simply Organized Notepad

Simply Organized Notepad

The Simply Organized Note Pad would make a great gift idea, as it can be personalized however you’d like. A wonderful note pad to just stick on your refrigerator and keep grocery needs organized, or reminders jotted down. The fresh design work and pattern detail make this a welcomed addition to any home or work space.

Speaking of personalizing gifts this upcoming holiday season, why not peruse our assortment of personalized stationery? What better way to connect with people through correspondence than by adding a bit of your own personality into the mix. From folded cards to thank you cards, letterheads to address labels. Polka Dot Design has you covered on all your personalized stationery needs.

Boho Sunflower Folded Notecard

personalized stationary

One of the more popular choices in our personalized stationery collection is the Boho Sunflower Folded Notecard. It’s simple in design but packs a powerful punch with beautifully illustrated sunflowers on the front. Send your gratitude with a touch of class with this floral inspired thank you card.

If you’re looking for a great gift for your child this holiday, then take a look at our collection of personalized kids gifts. It’s never too early to start your child writing and with personalized stationery at their disposal it will make them more excited to do so. Allowing your child the opportunity to write notes to friends, family, or even school teachers at the end of the year will be a great way to teach them the importance of staying connected.


Bamboo Swizzles

personalized kids gifts

The Bamboo Swizzles card is very minimal in design and color, but would be an excellent choice for your child. You can personalized the card with your child’s name so that they’re proud to send out every card and correspondence. It’s a great gift idea that will continuously give back every time your child expresses thanks.

In the spirit of making this holiday as easy and lighthearted as possible, we also carry a fantastic lot of personalized gift tags that will make wrapping gifts an absolute cinch. Forget the boring cardboard blank cards that you’ll spend an arm-and-a-leg on at the store. It’s time to take your gift wrapping up a notch with our personalized tags. Take a look at some of our favorites this season.


Be Jolly Ornaments

personalized gift tags


Christmas Wishes Holiday Label

personalized gift tags


You can never go wrong with giving a personalized gift this holiday season. From our note cards to our stationery collection, we have a large selection of personalized products to choose from. Allow Polka Dot Design to lighten your holiday shopping load with just a few clicks of a button.

Happy shopping!



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