DIY: Odd Balls Frosting Cupcake Invitation

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Odd Balls Frosting Cupcake Invitation

When I get the urge to tackle a do-it-yourself invitation, there are few designers that compare to the whimsy and utter awe factor of Odd Balls. One of my all-time favorites is their Frosting Invitation. It is a sweet little colorful cupcake iced with loops of elegant bubble gum pink French silk taffeta ribbon. One afternoon my daughter and I had little tea party of our own and put a big stack of these together for a twins birthday party, it was their 1st birthday so it had to have extra princess appeal. We created the loops using drinking straws, cut in 2 inch sections, to hold the ribbon in place as the ribbons were strung and looped one by one (the thicker the straw the better to make the frosting look extra scrumptious). We were just tickled pink as the finished cupcakes appeared, each one different from the next. It just made our hearts jump to see how cute they turned out. You have to order Odd Balls Invitations at least once in your life!

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