Christmas Photo Cards

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One of the best parts of the holiday season is reconnecting with friends and family through all the incoming and outgoing holiday cards. Although you may not see everyone you care about as often as you would like, a great way to show them that they are in your thoughts is through festive Christmas photo cards!

Gather your family and make it a memorable day posing for your upcoming Christmas card photo shoot.  Polka Dot Design has a wide variety of options for your holiday cards, from funky chevron prints to festive red and white designs. Your Christmas photo cards will be the talk of the town, as you browse through all the options to personalize and customize the best card yet. Take a look at some of our favorites for this upcoming Yuletide season.


Dreaming of a White Christmas Photo Card

Christmas Photo Card

One of our most popular choices for Christmas photo cards is the Dreaming of a White Christmas. This card has a certain subtle element of beauty between the sophistication in the black and white design, to the chalkboard-style text throughout. This is a great option if you’re looking for a contemporary yet chic way to wish all your friends and family a happy holiday.

Reindeer and Ornaments Invitation

Christmas party invitations


Or maybe hosting a holiday event is more your speed. In that case, then you’ll need to choose the perfect invitation from our vast selection of Christmas party invitations. Like the Reindeer and Ornaments invitation show above. This fun holiday card showcases a regal reindeer with decorative and colorful ornaments hanging from its antlers. With the bright red background being pleasantly eye-catching, paired with the delicate white text, this is a great way to extend the invite for the party of the season.


Toasty Santa Invitation

christmas party invitations

Maybe you’re looking for a Christmas party invitation that is a bit more cheeky and clever. In that case, the Toasty Santa invitation would be a great choice! It’s simple in design and graphics, but brings an air of cheer, welcoming everyone to an adults only party they’ll remember.


Blue Hanukkah Chalkboard Card

hanukkah photo cards

Perhaps you are looking for an invitation that is more holiday specific to your needs. If so, then our wide variety of Hanukkah photo cards might be just right. We feature some of the most celebratory photo cards for all occasions, and our Hanukkah cards fit right in. Like the Blue Hanukkah Chalkboard card pictured above. This popular choice features a black and white photo of your choosing, paired with delightful cursive text and festive graphics.

3 Stockings Hung Rectangular Sticker

personalized christmas address label


Maybe for some, Christmas photo cards aren’t in the agenda this year. But, they still want to show off their holiday spirit in some way of another. Our collection of personalized Christmas address labels might be a perfect way to show off your festive side while sending outgoing mail. Like the  3 Stockings Hung sticker shown above, or the Chevron Christmas Scallop label below.

Chevron Christmas Scallop Address Label

personalized christmas address label

Or maybe you are sending out photo Christmas cards this year and instead just need something to jazz up the outside envelope. Our collection of personalized address labels paired with our assortment photo cards will make any holiday celebration more remarkable for both your family and the recipients of your cards. Allow Polka Dot Design to be there every step of the way.

Odd Balls Invitations

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As many of you know, we like to feature some of our favorite brands of invitations from time to time. We want to make sure that when you’re choosing the right stationary, invitation, or address label, you know as much about the collections we carry as possible so that you’re never unsatisfied. This week we wanted to feature a beautiful brand from Arkansas that has remained a popular choice for invitations ever since they began in 1992. Here is a little bit about Odd Balls Invitations.

What makes Odd Balls Invitations unique is the watercolor images on every card, correspondence, or letter. Each watercolor design is filled with vibrant colors and mood setting character, perfect for any occasion of your choosing. The artistic element that is added with every Odd Balls Invitation makes this brand a unique option for those chic, modern yet classic, holidays and events. Have a look at some of our favorite Odd Balls invitations online and see what we mean for yourself.


Tea Cup Invitation

Odd Balls Invitation

Whether you are gathering the gals for an annual tea, or you are looking to jazz up a bridal shower, the Tea Cup Invitation is a phenomenal choice. Not only does it bring a touch of class to the occasion, it also adds a bit of elegance with the watercolor tea cup image, and the pink brush-stroke bordering.


Le Masque Party Invitation


Odd Balls Invitation

Oddballs invitations has the perfect choice for your upcoming Halloween party. Everyone loves a good masquerade, and with the Le Masque Party Invitation, you have a stylishly fun way to extend the invite. Masquerade parties are similar to costume parties, but have a more sophisticated element. This invitation, with the charming mask and bead work, juxtaposing the mustard yellow background make this a great way to start your Halloween holiday planning.


Pumpkin Trio Invitation

Odd Balls Invitation

Another perfect addition to your Halloween selection, or any autumn gathering in general, is the Pumpkin Trio Invitation. The clever riddle inscribed on the card can absolutely be personalized to your liking, as well as the rest of the text content. We want you to be able to fully customize your invitations so that they showcase your personality every time.


Wicker Pram Invitation

Odd Balls Invitation

Because a baby shower can be such a delicate experience, the Odd Balls baby shower invitations adds the perfect touch. With the Wicker Pram invitation, you get the smoothness of the white background with the refined watercolor stroller to add the perfect touch. However, there also is an added bout of character with the white bow tied to stroller, fastened onto the invitation. It’s a simple invitation that adds a nice, polished finish.


Snowman Invitation

Odd Balls Invitation

One of our favorites for the upcoming winter season, has to be the Snowman Invitation. It’s such a fun and festive invitation, perfect to get every invitee into the holiday spirit. There is a simplicity to this invitation, that when paired with the smiling watercolor snowman, you can’t help but become overjoyed for the presented occasion. Odd Balls Christmas Cards are a wonderful choice for all your holiday needs.

Odd Balls Invitations are a more cultivated way to extend the invite for any occasion. What makes them so unusual and fun is the added creative element with every watercolor design. But this brand doesn’t just stop with invitations. Odd Balls Fine Stationary is also an option when you’re looking for the right way to keep in touch with friends and family members. Take a look at our rich assortment of Odd Balls products, and add a more cultivated aesthetic to your invitation and stationary needs.

Party Invitations

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One of the best parts in throwing a party is the planning process. Also seemingly the most stressful at times. But being able to employ your creative prowess and bring together your family and friends is one of the greatest joys in life. This is why we want to be a part of your party planning every time with our extensive collection of party invitations! Every occasion should be celebrated the right way, which is why we are your go-to source for all party invite needs. Let us guide you through picking the right invitation so that your guests are as thrilled about receiving as you are in sending it. Take a look at some of our favorites.


Harvest Topiary Invitation

Party Invitations

‘Tis the season to celebrate all things autumn, so why not take a gander at one of our most popular fall party invitations? Fall is the perfect time to plan a soiree with friends and family and mix up some creative cocktails by the firepit. Our Harvest Topiary Invitation is the perfect choice for all your autumn party gatherings. The fall-inspired colors paired with the harvest graphics make this a fun choice for your next fall party.


Dunking for Apples Invitation

Party Invitations

Or maybe you’re shopping for fall birthday party invitations. Perhaps your son or daughter is celebrating a harvest birthday and you need an invitation to reflect the seasonal highlights that everyone loves. The Dunking for Apples Invitation is a clever and enjoyable way to get the kids excited for a special birthday celebration. It’s a simple and modern approach to a day filled with fun and laughter.

Aqua Chevron Fiesta Invitation

Party Invitations

Or maybe you’re planning an upcoming birthday and need the ultimate invitation to wrangle your friends. We’re here to help! Our selection of birthday party invitations is comparable to none, starting with the popular Aqua Chevron Fiesta Invitation. As you can see, the colors and designs are what make this invitation pop! It’s the perfect invitation to prepare your friends for a unique, entertaining celebration that they’ll never forget.

Bright Harlequin Mad Tea Party Invitation


Party Invitations
Speaking of party invites, have you checked out the Bright Harlequin Mad Tea Party Invitation? Another invitation in the realm of amazingly merry choices, the bright colors and fantastical touch, make this invite unusually special. Whether you’re having a tea party or not, each party invite is fully customizeable, so that you can fill in the details of your party no matter the occasion of theme. How about that for a personalized touch!
If you’re just starting out in planning your next party and need a few party invitation ideas, then it’s a good thing you came to us. All of our invitations can be customized to your liking, because we want you to be a satisfied each time you visit. Hosting a party is a memorable and delightful time, and we want to make sure you’re covered with anything party invitation related. Here at Polka Dot Design, we do the invitation legwork, so that you can happily cross one thing off your party planning list.


Bonnie Marcus Collection

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There’s something to be said about a woman in her last trimester spending the majority of her time dedicated to designing the perfect stationery. That was Bonnie Marcus, and here at Polka Dot Design we are ecstatic to bring you the latest in the Bonnie Marcus Collection.

Starting out as a wedding planner in New York City, Bonnie was very familiar with the industry and always considered something to be “lacking” in the market for party invitations. For years she kept a close eye on the market, waiting for fresh, contemporary designs that reflected the fashion-forward metropolitan lifestyle of her clientele. Since most of the invitations available were at a retail level, Bonnie decided to custom design her own invitations in order to bring the vision of her customers to life.

After becoming pregnant and entering her third trimester, Bonnie ceased her tireless commute to Manhattan and eagerly launched Bonnie Marcus Collection, with the catchy tag “where fashion meets paper”. It’s interesting to note, all of this was done from her dining room table in Connecticut. Being able to spend a number of years in the fashion industry working for top designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Bonnie was able to make her dream of sophisticated, stylish stationery a reality. Take a look at her latest collection and prepare to be inspired.


Beautiful Baby Pink Baby Shower Invitation for Girls

Bonnie Marcus Collection

What makes this invitation so unique is the element of chic fashion that is added through the artwork. Bonnie Marcus invitations always have a fun, artistically celebratory element aiming to please for every occasion. The colors used for the Beautiful Baby Pink Invitation are light and whimsical, with a very delicate element brought through the cursive text. Bonnie Marcus made sure to incorporate the feeling of fashion in order to reach a more modern, contemporary audience.


Baby Shoes Baby Shower Invitation

Bonnie Marcus Collection

Another in the collection of baby shower invitations for girls, is the Baby Shoes Baby Shower invitation. Here we find the artwork to have more of a maternal force, combining with a dreamlike watercolor design. The baby girl’s shoes paired with the mother’s springtime flats, make this an elegant choice for any upcoming baby shower party.


Beautiful Bridal Banner Invitation

Bonnie Marcus Collection

Or perhaps you’re looking to peruse through some Bonnie Marcus bridal shower invitations. Maybe you want a more elegant, inspired theme that adds a feminine touch to your upcoming bridal shower. With the Beautiful Bridal Banner Invitation, you get all that plus more. Each Bonnie Marcus invitation brings you a modern, polished design with graceful, more refined text. It is an invitation for the woman who wants to represent her fashionably cultured side.


Blush Rose Dress Bridal Invitation

Bonnie Marcus Collection

Another fan favorite among our fashionably fierce females, is the Blush Rose Dress Bridal Invitation. Here we see true Bonnie Marcus design in the dainty dress sketched on the front. The colors from this invitation add a softer, more tender feel while incorporating more ladylike flora into the mix.

Whatever your reason may be, whether a chic bridal shower invitation, or a more fashion-forward baby shower invitation, Bonnie Marcus has you covered. The elegance in her designs and feminine quality in every invitation make this an obvious choice for any occasion needing a little more splendor.

Fall Party Invitations

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Today officially marks the first day of fall, and here at Polka Dot Design we could not be more thrilled. Sure, we’re going to miss the allure of summer, and sending out summer soiree invitations, but today denotes a brand new season for all types of new gatherings. We’re talking about fall party invitations. The air gets a bit crisper, you start to incorporate more sweaters and scarves into your wardrobe, and a new season means new reasons to gather with friends and family. Take a look at the kind of fall parties we mean, and start to imagine the possibilities.


Fall Baby Shower Pumpkin Invitation

Fall Party Invitation

What better way to gather your friends and family then for the autumn baby shower of your dreams. The Fall Baby Shower Pumpkin is a fun, seasonally celebratory invitation perfect for any fall baby shower occasion. With playful dots lining the border of the invitation, and a combination of sophisticated and whimsical text throughout, this invite is a great way to extend the welcoming of your new bundle of joy.


Harvest Hayride Invitation

Fall Party Invitations

Or maybe your bundle of joy is now full grown and celebrates a harvest birthday every year. If so, the Harvest Hayride is a great choice for all upcoming fall party invitations. The card is simple in design, yet honors the best parts of the upcoming season with hayrides and pumpkins artistically incorporated. The horizontal shape and the spirited artwork make this invitation a cheerful way to celebrate both the fall season and your child’s birthday.


Fall Leaves Chalkboard Invitation

Fall Party Invitations

Perhaps you’re looking for a great way to gather your neighbors and friends for a potluck dinner. Whip up some fall-themed delights like pumpkin soup or apple pie and invite your friends and family to bring their favorite recipes in recognition of the upcoming season. Our Fall Leaves Chalkboard Invitation is a more modern approach to seasonal invites, and has a chalkboard background with red and orange leaves outlining the top. It’s contemporary and cultured and makes planning a potluck a cinch.


Chevron Tailgate Invitation

Fall Party Invitations

But maybe the fall season means one thing and one thing only–football. Perhaps you celebrate the big games with friends and family, and need a way to personally extend the invite. The Chevron Tailgate Invitation is an awesome choice, not only because it’s a more light-hearted way to capture the fun frenzy that is football season, but also because you can personalize this fall party invitation. While creating the invitation, you can customize it with your school’s, or your favorite team’s colors. How cool!


Fall Leaves Invitation

Fall Party Invitations

Another important holiday during the fall season is Thanksgiving, and we have you covered on all your Thanksgiving dinner party invitations. If you’re looking for a chic, sophisticated way to invite your family and friends for the upcoming holiday, then check out the Fall Leaves Invitation by Rosanne Beck. The illustrations of the leaves along with the text and design are very delicate, and provide a practical approach to invitations.

Happy first-day-of-fall, everyone! We love autumn so much and want to pay homage to the season by being your go-to source for all fall party invitations. Whether it’s an annual Halloween party, or you’re just looking to gather on a Sunday for some football festivities, allow Polka Dot Design to take care of the invitations, so you can focus on the fun.


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