Unique Fall Wedding Ideas For Brides On a Budget

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There is nothing like having an autumn wedding–the crisp air, the changing of the leaves, the easy-to-find color palettes. Fall weddings are truly a magical event, but sometimes they can run one heck of a tab for the bride, groom or the family members. What if we told you that you could have the ultimate fall wedding? Then what if we also told you that you could do so on a budget? Your upcoming nuptials do not need to suffer simply because of a hefty price tag. Take a look at a few of these unique fall wedding ideas for brides on a budget and start getting inspired.


Barn Wedding

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Rather than rent an expensive venue, find a church (make a donation), and all that jazz, why not take this party outdoors for an incredible barn wedding? Maybe there is a local barn in your neighborhood or an old rustic barn on someone’s property that they’ll be willing to offer as the next place to house your wedding. It doesn’t need to be fancy, and sometimes the more vintage-looking it is, the better off you’ll be. String that barn with lights, have the ceremony there, then add a huge communal dining table afterwards for the reception, too! It can easily be charming without having to put in much effort.


Apple Orchard Wedding

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What if you had your wedding in an apple orchard? Sound crazy? Or crazy beautiful? There are probably tons of orchards and farms willing to donate their space to your wedding for much less than a venue or restaurant or church. Not only can you have your reception outdoors under the autumn sun, but perhaps you can even hand out baskets to each of the guests to pick a few snacks along the way. The ideas and opportunities are endless.


Host a Halloween Wedding

Don’t feel like spending money on a dress and tux? Want your guests to be as comfortable as possible? How about throw the ultimate Halloween wedding fit with costumes and decorations?! If Halloween is your jam and you want to have a theatrical wedding that your guests will always remember, then this is the theme for you. Decorations are already inexpensive due to the season, plus there are SO many ideas to incorporate into your wedding you’ll have fun no matter what you do. Keep it simple, but celebrate with a bang. Or a boo!


A Thanksgiving Intimate Gathering

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Since many family members get together over the holidays already, or people fly home to visit with family, this may be your best opportunity to have all your loved ones in one place at a time. This could save thousands on travel expenses. Even dinner is already covered! Host an intimate ceremony locally and then head back to a family member’s house for a celebration of being grateful and being in love.


Elope in the Ultimate Leaf Peeping Road Trip

Everyone knows that autumn is a leaf-peepers time to shine, which is why a road trip to see the country is the ultimate elopement waiting to happen. Make it a road trip to remember, not only with natural beauty at its finest, but also throw in small town charm and fall festivities. Take a few friends and family members along for the ride, or simply have it be just the two of you. It’ll be the trip you’ll tell your grandkids about, that’s for sure.


There are plenty of other ways to have a unique fall wedding on a budget, here are a few decoration ideas to incorporate:

  • Use leaves in the bouquet and hairpieces. Heck, even use leaves down the aisle instead of roses!
  • Give your bridesmaids flannel shirts or sweaters as a gift to wear when then get cold
  • Use pumpkins as decoration
  • Take tree branches to incorporate into the table decor
  • Have mini-pumpkins serve as bowls on the table
  • Incorporate a lot of candles as centerpieces
  • Offer guests easy-to-access snacks like baskets of popcorn, barrels of apple cider, or apple cinnamon donut holes

Hopefully these tips help you have an incredible, memorable fall wedding. Feel free to share with us more unique tips and ideas!

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Ultimate Food Ideas For Your Next Halloween Party

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Don’t let throwing a Halloween Party be a frustration for you. Planning a party sometimes can be just what the doctor ordered (or therapist, whatever floats your boat). While planning the food for a Halloween party may seem incredibly daunting, especially with other things piled on your plate, it isn’t the end of the world. Halloween food ideas are sometimes the most fun to put together because you can really get creative in the process. There are TONS of Halloween food recipes available, some of which are extremely easy to tackle. Take a look.

6094215696_c105e51dde_b-400x600 Ultimate Food Ideas For Your Next Halloween Party

Bobbing For Apples….Sort Of

You don’t necessarily need to set up bobbing for apples in order to have apples available for guests to eat. Let’s be honest, unless you’re that first bob, you probably don’t want to line up after anybody to give it a go. But you can still find a nice metal bucket (Home Depot, Lowes, etc) and fill it up with ice water and fresh apples for people to grab throughout the party. This gives guests a nice, healthy option for a quick snack on-the-go.


1806326769_adb0f17b17_b-600x439 Ultimate Food Ideas For Your Next Halloween Party

1801169100_7de5554842_o-600x592 Ultimate Food Ideas For Your Next Halloween Party

Creative Cupcakes

The best thing about making cupcakes is that you can do anything and everything with them. Much like Halloween invitations, hmm? Cupcakes are sugary, sweet, and decorative which is really a lot of what Halloween is all about. There are so many different recipes for cupcakes out there, plus ways to decorate them, you can easily get your guests in the spirit of Halloween simply by putting a few of these bad boys out on the tables.


6365078261_e17d7acce4_z-600x450 Ultimate Food Ideas For Your Next Halloween Party

Mini Pizzas

You probably need a bit more sustenance than simply loading everyone up on sugar, which is where mini pizzas come to the rescue! Mini pizzas are easy to make, easy to bake and easy to serve. You can make them ahead of time and keep them heated, or simply pop them in the oven during the party and have them ready to go when everyone gets hungry. This is an inexpensive way to feed a bunch of people at once without having to spend the whole evening in the kitchen.


Chips & Dip With a Twist

You really can’t go wrong with having chips and dip on the table. People can munch throughout the night whenever they feel inclined and all you have to do is refill. Whether it’s salsa, guacamole, bean dip or more, you can go the extra mile and fill up a scooped out pumpkin! Buy some of the dark tortilla chips to mix with the light, plus maybe even an orange-colored cheese dip to make it extra festive. Place a few votive candles around the table and you’re set!


10602952733_f92ea71b89_k-e1505496817916-600x450 Ultimate Food Ideas For Your Next Halloween Party

Mummy Hot Dogs

Pigs in a blanket is always an easy, go-to appetizer during parties. Yet, when you add a little bit of Halloween flair to the mix then you’re able to make the pigs turn into mummies and fit right in with your decor. Pig mummies are easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time. To find the recipe for these Mummy Hot Dogs, click here.


These are just a few Halloween food ideas to get you started, but we promise there will be much more out there to make any party perfect.

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How To Throw A Friendsgiving No One Will Ever Forget

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So, you’ve decided this year that you don’t want to go home for Thanksgiving…the endless questions about your relationship status, the badgering for when you’ll get married, the constant setting you up with a friend’s son who’s a dentist–you’ve had enough. Instead of the long, drawn out family dinner that is Thanksgiving, you choose to instead throw the ultimate Friendsgiving. Maybe you have more friends that are staying local for the holidays and together want to throw a Friendsgiving no one will ever forget. If that sounds like something you’re into, then we have a few How-To tips that can help you along the way…


Create a VIP Guest List That You’ll Enjoy

Friendsgiving is not the time to invite those people you feel sorry for but know that you have nothing in common with. Unless the holiday is making you feel extra generous, then by all means. But don’t feel obligated to invite people you won’t enjoy the company of. Friendsgiving is still a way for you to enjoy the holiday, and not be surrounded by people you don’t have to be. That’s what family Thanksgiving is for, amiright? Friendsgiving is a way for you to carefully curate the guest list for you to be surrounded by those people that you love. And if you need a way to extend the invitation, then create your own fall party invitations online at Polka Dot Design for the fanciest way to gather those guests.

Autumn Cutlery Invitation

autumn-cutlery-invitation-icdd-np58fh477icdd How To Throw A Friendsgiving No One Will Ever Forget

Be the Hostess With the Mostess…Drinks Possible

Some of the fun from hosting a Friendsgiving comes in the form of the cocktails provided throughout the meal. Everyone wants to let loose and let go of all the unnecessary stress that a holiday can bring. So make sure that you have enough libations for everyone. If you’re keeping it an inexpensive affair then you can ditch the clever cocktails and instead hit up your local Costco for bargain bottles of red and white to keep the party flowing. Also, snag a few bottles of champagne if you wish to have a toast before dinner, and maybe some mineral water to keep everyone hydrated.


Have Enough Food for Everyone…Including Snacks

Dinner can take a while. Especially if you decide to have everyone bring a dish (highly recommended so you don’t pull your hair out). So, instead of getting frustrated that people are incredibly late and the important dishes are missing (damn millennials) make sure you have some snacks on hand, or some appetizers to hold everyone over. Don’t just throw out a bowl of peanuts and call it a day, but instead have a few easy, simply appetizer dishes that can keep everyone at bay while they enjoy the preamble before the meal.


Keep Your Guests Entertained

Music, of course. Good stories, a must! But also as the hostess of the ultimate Friendsgiving, you can also incorporate a few games or entertainment ideas to keep everyone busy. Maybe pass out notecards before dinner for all your friends to write down two things they are thankful for. Or maybe turn the card game into a drinking game and get a little wild. Regardless, this is your chance to create something fun and memorable for everyone to enjoy.


Leftovers for Daaayyyyys

A cute way to send all your guests off with a little something is with their own Tupperware of leftovers from the meal. We all know that leftovers from Thanksgiving is often even better then the meal itself, so buy a few glass Tupperware containers from the $1 store and send your guests home with a little love and a great meal to remember you by the next day.


We hope you have the ultimate Friendsgiving this year. For more tips on fall party ideas and other autumn gatherings, feel free to click through our archives!

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A Single Gal’s Guide To Throwing The Best Halloween Party

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Throwing an incredible Halloween Party does not need to be left up to couples. All you single gals get ready, because it’s time to throw a Halloween Party that all your friends will remember for years to come. Halloween is the best time to meet people, as most single friends-of-friends gather together for one wild and fun night of letting loose and having fun. For those single gals out there looking to potentially meet someone this Halloween, or for the girls who just want to have a good time with their friends, here is the ultimate guide to throwing the best Halloween Party.
The Guest List
It all starts with the guest list. This is ultimately what can make or break your entire Halloween party. Halloween is about letting loose, wearing costumes, and having a good time. Some may think it’s a silly holiday, and so be it! We should be able to relax and be silly every once-in-a-while, right? Which is why choosing the right people to come to your part is a must. Surely you don’t want to invite people who have no interest in the holiday, or those who refuse to dress up because they think it is childish. Invite those friends who are down to have a good time no matter what, and if you have room for it, tell them to bring their friends, too. The more the merrier.
The Halloween Party Invitations
After the guest list is all sorted out, it’s time for the Halloween Invitations. These should be planned a bit in advance, so that guests can have time to RSVP and figure out their schedules. You also should have enough time to sort out whether or not you want a generic invitation or if you prefer to customize your own! The easiest way is to design custom Halloween invitations online at Polka Dot Design. With a ton of unique designs, texts, and Halloween-inspired invites, you’ll surely find an invitation worth sending out to friends.
blonde-here-kitty-halloween-invitation-dmdd-np57hw1050dmdd A Single Gal's Guide To Throwing The Best Halloween Party

Blonde Here Kitty Halloween Invitation

The Drinks
Part of the fun of planning a Halloween part is decorating and finding unique, clever ways to spruce up your home. You can outfit your bar situation with a few of the fan favorites, plus mixers and garnishes, but you can also have a few Halloween-inspired cocktails as well. There are plenty of Halloween drinks that can be made, or even situated for guests to make themselves. Even if you have one Halloween cocktail that is the signature drink, make sure it’s a special one. Pinterest is a GREAT resource for Halloween cocktail recipes
10457911196_367fac5672_b A Single Gal's Guide To Throwing The Best Halloween Party

Witch’s Brew Jello Shots

The Decor
Decorating the house for your Halloween party may just be the most fun of all. There are so many different things to do to decorate and make your home as spooky as possible. Depending on your preference, time, and budget, you can go all out on your decor options. Or, if you want to keep it as simple as possible, then get a ton of candles, fake spider webs and some purple lightbulbs and you’re in business. Have fun with the decorations, and your guests will certainly have fun enjoying them.
The Food
As much fun as the decor and the drinks are to plan, there are so many light bites to incorporate for your Halloween party that are simple and scary to boot. Keep in mind that if you’re throwing a low-key party for friends, then a huge spread isn’t necessary. You don’t need to make a four-course meal for everyone, especially because they should be more focused on dancing and having fun! Create a few holiday-inspired quick bites that guests can enjoy on-the-go and then get back to the dance floor.
The Entertainment
So it’s important to ask yourself before throwing a Halloween party, what do you want to do to entertain your guests. Sure, you have the food, the drinks, the decor, but what else can you do to keep them busy? For instance, musical selection is imperative to keep the party going. Creating the ultimate playlist beforehand can be a simple way to keep everyone’s spirits up and having fun. You’ll want those Halloween fan-favorite songs like “Thriller” and “Monster Mash” but also incorporate some upbeat, fast-paced dancing numbers, too. Then what about any games?! Halloween is the perfect time to unleash Bobbing for Apples and other speciality games. What about costume Twister? Or maybe a pumpkin carving station? Now’s the time to get as creative as can be.

Remember that throwing a Halloween party as a single gal does not need to be about finding the special someone. Have fun with the planning and make it about creating memories with your friends that’ll last you a lifetime.

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Right and Wrong Wording Ideas For Your Wedding Invitations

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Whether you realize it or not, the right wording for your invitations–birthday, wedding, anniversary party or otherwise–can make or break the entire event. Harsh, I know. But true? Absolutely. Believe it or not, most invitations require a certain amount of etiquette, or finesse if you will. That’s why we decided to come up with a few of the right ways and wrong ways to address your guests on the inside of your invitation. Take a look…


5997835332_e38ede2e54_z Right and Wrong Wording Ideas For Your Wedding Invitations


Wedding Invitations

First and foremost, ask yourself if these invitations are formal or informal. If they are informal, then by all means have a blast. Throw in an Aerosmith quote. Go big or go home. But if your wedding invitations are intended to be on the more formal side, then there are a few rules which you may need to follow.

•    Make sure all names are written out in full. Middle names, too! Unless you don’t like your middle name, then simply use an initial.

•    Avoid abbreviations of any kind. We’re talking date, year, hour, time, addresses. And my goodness if you don’t spell out “street” or “road” then you are in big trouble.

•    Always use Roman numerals if you or your future partner is a “Future Partner the third.” <—See what we did there, don’t do that.

•    If you’re getting hitched in a church, say “request the honour of your presence.” If you’re getting hitched elsewhere, say “request the pleasure of your company.”


6238044733_b5d6718e81_b-e1494373886749 Right and Wrong Wording Ideas For Your Wedding Invitations


Wedding Announcements

Wedding announcements are sent out to people who did not attend the wedding to let them know you tied the knot. Whether the friends or family live too far, or simply could not attend, these announcements keep them in the loop still, and also open up the potential for them to express their best wishes or even send a gift. The type of wording you would use on this type of announcement card would be something like…


Mr. and Mrs. James DuBois
announce the marriage of their daughter

Jennifer Margaret
Mr. Allen Hamster

on Saturday, May the second
two thousand and seventeen


Again, this is the more formal option. If you’re choosing to go informal…well then it can contain something like…


We did it!! After eleven longs years of waiting for Allen to pop the question, we finally walked down the aisle on May 2, 2017. We wish you could have attended, although I’m sure you were there in spirit….yada yada yada…


Now with the wording choice out of the way, a few more tips to add to the invitations themselves. Wording is what ultimately sets the tone for your entire wedding and invitation. By saying something like “request the honour of your presence” it has a completely different energy, than say “With joy in their hearts, Jennifer and Allen hope you will join them…”. See the difference?

Also, make sure NOT to include your wedding registry on the invitations. Just. Don’t. This should be something mentioned by the couple’s wedding website, or word of mouth. NEVER on the invitations themselves.


4663043621_630f0648aa_z Right and Wrong Wording Ideas For Your Wedding Invitations


If you’re also hoping for a more personalized touch to your wedding invitations and announcements, then simply address them by hand. This takes time, and energy, and a good hand massage afterwards, but it is totally worth it in the end. Your guests will feel important, loved, and honored to be invited.

If you have any etiquette questions for us, make sure you drop us a line and we’ll try our best to be your wedding invitation gurus.

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