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Theme Party Thursday: Wine Tasting Party

wineandcheese(1) Theme Party Thursday: Wine Tasting Party

Entertain simply this summer at a wine tasting party with a distinctly relaxed and airy feel. Select a few refreshing wines like Sauvignon Blanc {crisp}, Pinot Noir {fruity}, Riesling {floral} and pair each with a complementary cheese. Talk about taste and tannins with your guests, but in the true spirit of summer, remember that there are no rules, and your wine party can be as laidback as you see fit. Be certain to have plenty of wine, which is one bottle per two people per hour. Any leftover wine can always be saved for later or returned unopened, depending on the store’s policy. A few DIY projects of repurposing wine bottles and corks will add eco-friendliness to your party too. Plan on chilling a few bottles of bubbly for a toast to the guest of honor, if there is one. Or simply toast to the summer evening itself. Sounds like pure bliss.

{Fromage} Cheese Plate Presentation

{Invite} Aqua Corkscrew Invitation

{Upcycle} Recycled wine corks as place cards or cheese labels

{Table} Repurposed cork trivets as whimsical serving plate chargers

{Illuminate} Recycled wine bottle torch

{Invite} White Wine Invitation

{Serve} Wine and Dine plates that hold food and cradle a wine glass

{Attire} Currant Events Dress

{Pour} Crystal stemware from Sur La Table

{Decorate} Greet guests at the door with a grapevine wreath

{Serve} Cocktail napkins, dessert plates and table covers