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Big Game, Big Celebration!

Super Bowl Party(1) Big Game, Big Celebration!


With the holiday season now drawing to a close, it’s the perfect time to give people a new reason to celebrate. On Sunday, February 6, professional football fans everywhere will turn their eyes to the championship game, which just so happens to be played this year in Polka Dot Design’s nearby Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. In fact, for an entire week, ESPN’s production headquarters will be located just minutes from our offices in downtown Fort Worth.


So, accordingly, we have all started to make big plans for watching The Big Game! And what better reason for a party than to invite over all your football-loving friends, and even the ones who are just there to watch the commercials.


Here are some of our best tips for hosting the perfect game watching party:

Make sure you have appropriate space around the TV for people to sit down or comfortably stand without blocking the game. Rent chairs, if need be, and arrange them appropriately.

Start the party about 45 minutes before kick-off, and by doing so you’ll be able to set everyone up around the TV and get them a bite to eat.

Arrange food in a few different stations, within ear shot of the play-by-play if you can.

Be mindful not to serve food that is hard to handle or will stain easily, such as chicken wings. And have plenty of club soda or upholstery cleaner around for when stains happen anyway.

For a unique spin, plan your menu around hometown foods that represent each team’s city, just like last year when top chefs from New Orleans and Indianapolis shared recipes for local favorites.

Dish out dessert at halfime, when your guests will have had their fill of finger foods. Easy-to-serve desserts like brownies or cookies a la mode will help you not miss too much of the second quarter prepping in the kitchen. Also, this will ensure that after the game guests don’t feel obliged to stick around, since many will be working the next morning.

Keep it laid back, and let the game be the star of the show!


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