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{Party Idea} Pop Art Party

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Pop Art Party

This week I have been so colorfully inspired by the 60’s and the current Pop Art trend “popping” up every turn I take. I was obsessed with Katy Perry’s “this is how we do” video and how this trend is making us burst with color explosions as if spring just isn’t getting here soon enough. Pop Art is iconic and playful where simplicity rules and color is everything but a whisper. I was thinking how fun it would be to host a graduation party with this theme or even a “his and hers” couple shower! (Can you feel my excitement?) Here are just a few of my ideas….

I just designed these cards yesterday and got them uploaded today. You can check out the Pop Art Photo Card or the Pop Art Party Invitation and customize your party invitations here.

I just died when I ran across this tutorial on how to make Warhol soup can centerpieces, check out this post by Ashley Ann photography. Can you imagine getting to eat this cake? And I just never get tired of creating photo booth moments at our parties, look at how you can give the party that extra “Pow” with pop art photo booth props. Oh, and don’t forget to have one “Bam” of an outfit!

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this theme. 

Chat soon!