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{Party Idea} Popsicle Party

popsicle-party-ideas {Party Idea} Popsicle Party

Some of my best memories of when my kids were little ones, was when we would sit on the back patio in their little play pool eating popsicles, literally, we would do this just about every day when they were little bitty.  I remember it like it just happened yesterday, the warm sun, all of us in our little bathing suits just taking in the summer time bliss that is like no other time of year, it felt like nothing in the world could be more fun that just sitting around eating a fruity sweetie treatie with the ones I loved the most.  Today my kids are so grown up, I can’t believe it, but the good news is, we still love popsicles.  My son gets so excited to make homemade ones, it makes me giggle with the anticipation he has over the whole process, he loves concocting strange little flavors and having a tasting ceremony after the freezing is complete to see which one blows our minds the most!   Have you noticed too, that there are gourmet popsicle stands popping up all over the place!  I am so excited about this trend so I just had to create this Popsicle Invitation with Sprinkles and Chevron for this tasty treat on a stick.


Here is one of Josh’s favorite recipes as well – it’s crazy!

(1)    Package of gummy bears
(1)    Bottle of orange soda
(1)    Bottle of strawberry/orange smoothie juice or regular juice
(4)    Ice Pop Molds


Add equal amounts of orange soda and smoothie juice into a pitcher, stir it well and then pour the mixture into the ice pop molds, add your desired about of gummy bears and freeze overnight or (8) hours.  You can make about (16) popsicles with these ingredients.


You can also find a recipe here on Lauren Conrad’s site.


Try them out and have your favorite crew come over to just “chill” out, and just soak up summer – I hope you do, and that you find it takes you to a place that only red tongues and grape stained lips can…summer smiles all around!

Let us know what your favorite popsicle flavors are – we are kind of obsessed!