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Baby Shower Invitations

Creating the perfect invitation for your baby shower can be a daunting task. There are so many different themes, colors, and ideas, it’s normal to be overwhelmed. But not when you use Polka Dot Design. We make the process of building and ordering your baby shower invitations so easy, you’ll continue to use us for every invitation occasion.

Baby shower invitations should reflect the joy and eagerness you have in welcoming your unborn child into the family. We carry a wide variety of gender specific invitations as well as gender neutral baby shower invitations if you choose not to know the sex of your child until birth. We cover all bases for our invitations, which is why we’re the number one source for all your celebratory needs.

Take our baby shower invitations for girls, for example. We carry a huge variety of die-cut shapes, like teddy bears and little lambs, as well as floral bordering and pastel colors. Our goal is for you to have as many options to choose from when selecting an invitation, so you can showcase a bit of your personality in the card as well. Have a look at some of our most popular baby shower invites for girls.


Wildflower Pink Bassinet Invitation for Girls

bmdd-np57bs-wbpib Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Girl Banner Baby Shower Invitation

picpd-np57bs22638 Baby Shower Invitations

Sarah LeClere A Lamb with Pink Ribbon

a-lamb-with-pink-ribbon-slc-ss15-2pinkribbon Baby Shower Invitations


Baby Cupcakes Invitations

baby-cupcakes-invitation-bmdd-np57bs1301bmdd Baby Shower Invitations


We also carry baby shower invitations for boys, as well. Our fully customizeable invitations range from soft, contemporary invites to more modern and vibrant in style. Search through our hues of blues and greens and find that perfect invite for your little prince. Have a look at some of our baby boy gender specific invitations.


Blue Strolling Invitation

blue-strolling-invitation-sldd-np58-dprs-24551 Baby Shower Invitations

Angel Boys Invitation

angel-boys-invitation-icdd-np58bsc460icdd Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Mobile Boy Invitation

baby-shower-mobile-boy-invitation-pddd-np57bs1300 Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Blue Cupcake Invitation

baby-blue-cupcake-invitation-pcdd-np57bs1032pcdd Baby Shower Invitations


We also feature an incredible selection of twin specific invitations, perfect if you’re about to see double! Having twins is an amazing gift, and one that should be celebrated the right way. Our curated selection of twin baby shower invitations can be personalized to your liking from font, to text, to varying colors. Browse through some of our favorites and spark your creativity today.


Shake Rattle Roll Invitation

shake-rattle-roll-invitation-sldd-np58-dprs-24586 Baby Shower Invitations

Birthday Lions Invitation

birthday-lions-invitation-pddd-np58bd9004 Baby Shower Invitations

Its Twins Blue Invitation

its-twins-blue-invitation-pspdd-np57bs1280pspdd Baby Shower Invitations

Neutral Twins Perched Owl Invitation

neutral-twin-perched-owls-invitation-pddd-np58tw9126 Baby Shower Invitations

Twin Carriage Gifts Invitations

twin-carriage-gifts-invitation-pddd-np58tw9132 Baby Shower Invitations


We want to be your number one source for all baby shower invitations. This is why we make sure that our variety of invitations cannot be rivaled. It’s important to us at Polka Dot Design that you find everything you need to make sure your invitations are not only unique and fun, but also add a bit of yourself into the details. We strive to leave you a satisfied customer each and every time.