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Family Photo Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s almost time to start sending out your family cards. With that said, many different families like to take their annual holiday card and add a unique, creative photo! Family photo ideas are hard to come by, especially when you’re looking for something that’ll make you and your family truly stand out. Gone are the days when matching sweaters were all you need. It’s time to transform those holiday cards into something special, and here are a few ideas to help make that a reality.


Making it an Outdoor Affair

Everyone loves a good family card in an outdoor setting. But before you bust out the snow boots and snap some photos in December, try to plan a bit ahead of time. If you take the family photos outside in fall, not only can you feature some beautiful autumn decor, but you can also create the perfect setting for a few thanksgiving photo cards as well! An outdoor setting can create a truly magical atmosphere for any and all holidays.


A Themed Extravaganza

The best thing about family photo cards is that they don’t need to be traditional. The rules are, there are no rules. You can get as creative or as festive as you’d like. These family party invitations are truly intended to be representative of who your family is and what they are all about. So whether you’re a family that bonds over football, or have a shared love of superheroes, regardless of what you’re into, you can showcase it proudly for all your friends and relatives.


Involving the Family Pet

Never included Fido in your Christmas photo cards? Not to worry. This year is the year where your precious pet will make their debut. Take a family photo and including your pet is a great way to shake things up this year. Many families have even made their family pet the primary focus of their family photo, which can be quite charming.


An Everyday Occasion

The thing about family photos that most people forget, is that they don’t need to be entirely staged. You don’t need to sit around a fireplace and smile in order to capture the essence of your family. To be honest, I can’t recall knowing any families that really sit around the fireplace in matching sweaters. Some of the best family photos come from everyday life. If you hire a photographer, have them capture your life in a normal setting—playing catch outside, BBQing on the patio, watching a movie with some popcorn. Showcasing your normal life is sometimes much more appealing to your family and friends and gives them a glimpse into your day-to-day living.


Throw in Some Photoshop

Some families have been getting extremely creative for their family photos. Whether they’re celebrating the new year with New Year’s photo cards or sending out a family reunion invitation, they opt for a more whimsical approach and pepper in some Photoshop to make it truly stand out. Your family photos can be fun and original, especially if you can add some creativity to the editing process.


Here are just a few family photo ideas for you to get your creativity stirred. Regardless of the avenue you choose this holiday, rest assured that Polka Dot Design is your go-to source for all family photo card invitations. Feel free to share with us a few ideas of your own!