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Top 5 People To Not Invite to Your Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is a gathering of friends and family before a wedding with hopes to let loose and have fun prior to the upcoming nuptials. Truthfully, this gig is all about getting together with your closest girlfriends and wedding party people with one goal in mind: to have fun. But for some, it might get confusing in regards to who you should invite or not invite to your bachelorette party. Let’s be honest, planning a wedding is tough work, especially with all the different types of etiquette and obligations in the way. So we’ve simplified it into one quick blog post for you. These are the top people you do not have to invite to your bachelorette party…no strings attached.


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Someone Who is Not Guaranteed to Receive a Wedding Invitation 

Let’s say you have that friend who always is a good time, but you don’t really trust her around your male family members after a few cocktails…yeaaah, you probably shouldn’t invite her. We all have those friends who are there for a good time, but can easily get out of hand when say, an open bar pops up. If you know for a fact this person is not guaranteed to receive an invite to the wedding, then it is probably best to not include them in the bachelorette party festivities, regardless of how much fun they may be, or the hook up they have at the local club.


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Your Soon-to-Be Husband’s Cousin’s Fiancé

You are not required to invite every female in your family or in your new family to the bachelorette party. Sure, will some of them possibly be perturbed that they didn’t receive a invite? Maybe. But do not feel obligated to do so. If you’ve never hung out with them one-on-one without your fiancé there with you, then it probably will be awkward hanging out all night on potentially the wildest night of your life, right? There is plenty of time to get to know your fiancé’s family down the road, starting at the bachelorette party is probably a bad idea.


A Co-Worker you Do Not Really Hang With

Maybe you’ve invited a bunch of co-workers to get wild on your last night of “freedom”, but that doesn’t mean that you need to invite everyone. There is probably a woman in your office who is polite enough to ask about your wedding every-so-often, but you don’t really know her outside of those conversations. It’s totally okay to skip the invite. If you don’t hang out outside of the office, then inviting her to the bachelorette party is probably a bad idea. Inviting someone just to be nice will more often than not backfire.


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Actually, Any Co-Workers For That Matter…

Look, we understand that co-workers sometimes are the people you spend time with the most, but you do not need to be in your most vulnerable state with people you have to see everyday. If you prefer to keep your work and personal life separate, then a bachelorette party is definitely NOT the time to blur those lines. Believe us, it’s a recipe for disaster.


Your Mother

Okay, okay, we know what you’re going to say. But hear us out. Maybe you have a great relationship with your mother than borders Rory and Lorelai, and totally feel comfortable drinking too much and potentially vomiting by the end of the night in front of each other, and that’s fine. But if you don’t think you can ever erase the image from your memory of your mother getting a dance from the “handyman” that “happened” to show up, then you can politely decline to invite her.

Hopefully this helps in terms of who to invite and not to invite to your bachelorette party. If not, well then just invite everyone and then it’ll be a REAL party.

2 Top 5 People To Not Invite to Your Bachelorette Party






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