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DIY Décor: Paper Lantern Loveliness

PaperLanternsforSpringParties DIY Décor: Paper Lantern Loveliness

In an effort to spruce up the Polka Dot Design production area, we painted the walls turquoise and installed inexpensive white paper lanterns on the ceiling. After living with these lanterns for six months, I am in love! They are fun, classy, festive and versatile. So I started thinking about throwing a spring soiree and using lanterns to help set the mood.

This English Paper Company invitation would be perfect for a spring event. The soft colors and cherry blossoms really evoke the magic of spring renewal.

When using paper lanterns, keep in mind that a grouping of several lanterns will make a bigger impact than individual lanterns spaced apart. And they aren’t just for use after the sun goes down. A cluster of colorful lanterns can create a beautiful focal point above the cake or beverage table during daylight hours. Lanterns come in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. You can also add do-it-yourself embellishments to your lanterns, like faux butterflies, drink umbrellas or glitter. The possibilities are endless!

Inspiration: Garden Picnic Party, Chinese Lantern Invitation, Globe Lights and Mini-Lanterns, Citrus-Colored Cluster, Lavender Puffs and Lanterns, Butterfly-Adorned Lanterns.

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