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DIY Free Printable Sign: We’ve been BOOed Sign

Boo1(1) DIY Free Printable Sign: We’ve been BOOed Sign

Have a little seasonal fun with a pre-Halloween “BOOing,” also known as a Ghosting. The BOOing tradition involves surprising a neighbor by secretly delivering a Halloween treat basket to their door, with a notice stating they’ve been BOOed by an anonymous neighbor. Most of the fun will be them trying to figure out who left the surprise!

Most BOOing occurs about a week before Halloween, and is usually done at night or when the neighbor is not home. The treat can be something simple like festive candy and these yummy candy-inspired cookies, or Halloween novelties like toys, decorations, games, glow sticks and more – all to get folks ready for the holiday.

Getting this started in your neighborhood is easy. First, pick two different neighbors to BOO. After putting together two baskets, just click here to download the free printable sign to include with each of your treats. (Simply print it off as two pages, or double-sided.)

Once you BOO them, the sign will also explain all the rules for your neighbors to keep it going, and how it’s their turn to BOO two other neighbors who haven’t been BOOed yet. They will also post the sign, so everyone can see who has already been BOOed.

It’s basically just a chain letter. But with candy. Have you ever heard of this tradition? Think you may try it this year? If you do, be safe out there BOOing your neighbors, especially at night. Hopefully it will spread quickly!

Click here to print off the BOO notice and get it started in your neighborhood!

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