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{DIY} This Year, Create a Holiday Card Display Board

It should come as no surprise that I think holiday cards are like little treasures. No other time of year does your mailbox fill up like it will this month, causing a consequential spring in your step when you head to the mailbox, anticipating the possibility of maybe seeing a photo card that documents just how fast your cousin’s baby has grown in the last year, or reveling in delight at the fact that you’re fairly certain it’s the scent of her signature perfume that you always smell when you open your great aunt’s holiday card.

And it’s this tradition of sending out your holiday wishes that, during the most sentimental season, seemingly acts as both a simple gesture of kindness, along with a method of connection to your favorite people, from your next door neighbor to the childhood friend who now lives four states away.

We know no one wants to stash these gems away or pile them up in a corner on the kitchen countertop, and it only takes a little creativity and about an hour of your time to create a space for them to shine (or at least for some of them to shine, depending on how many you receive or wish to display.)

Take a peak at this simple, DIY project for creating decorative wall tiles that will allow the cards you receive to take center stage wherever in your home that you may have a bit of wall space.


What you will need:

-Cork tiles (such as these and as many as you need for the amount of cards you receive)

-Fabric, in a design that will be both fitting for the holidays and your home décor.



-Ribbon, in a coordinating color to your fabric

-Nails or removable wall hooks (such as these)

-Push pins

DIY Board {DIY} This Year, Create a Holiday Card Display Board


1. Cut fabric out in shapes that are a bit larger than the cork tiles, leaving enough space so the fabric folds over the edges by about an inch on all four sides.

2. Attach fabric to the cork with a stapler (one that’s been unhinged to allow for flat stapling.)

3. Attach the ribbon to the top in an arch pattern so that it can be hung. (Use as many staples as you can.)

4. Use push pins to attach your holiday cards to the cork board.

5. Tie a ribbon to the top of the ribbon to add decoration and mask the nail or wall hook.

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