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Unique Fall Wedding Ideas For Brides On a Budget

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There is nothing like having an autumn wedding–the crisp air, the changing of the leaves, the easy-to-find color palettes. Fall weddings are truly a magical event, but sometimes they can run one heck of a tab for the bride, groom or the family members. What if we told you that you could have the ultimate fall wedding? Then what if we also told you that you could do so on a budget? Your upcoming nuptials do not need to suffer simply because of a hefty price tag. Take a look at a few of these unique fall wedding ideas for brides on a budget and start getting inspired.


Barn Wedding

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Rather than rent an expensive venue, find a church (make a donation), and all that jazz, why not take this party outdoors for an incredible barn wedding? Maybe there is a local barn in your neighborhood or an old rustic barn on someone’s property that they’ll be willing to offer as the next place to house your wedding. It doesn’t need to be fancy, and sometimes the more vintage-looking it is, the better off you’ll be. String that barn with lights, have the ceremony there, then add a huge communal dining table afterwards for the reception, too! It can easily be charming without having to put in much effort.


Apple Orchard Wedding

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What if you had your wedding in an apple orchard? Sound crazy? Or crazy beautiful? There are probably tons of orchards and farms willing to donate their space to your wedding for much less than a venue or restaurant or church. Not only can you have your reception outdoors under the autumn sun, but perhaps you can even hand out baskets to each of the guests to pick a few snacks along the way. The ideas and opportunities are endless.


Host a Halloween Wedding

Don’t feel like spending money on a dress and tux? Want your guests to be as comfortable as possible? How about throw the ultimate Halloween wedding fit with costumes and decorations?! If Halloween is your jam and you want to have a theatrical wedding that your guests will always remember, then this is the theme for you. Decorations are already inexpensive due to the season, plus there are SO many ideas to incorporate into your wedding you’ll have fun no matter what you do. Keep it simple, but celebrate with a bang. Or a boo!


A Thanksgiving Intimate Gathering

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Since many family members get together over the holidays already, or people fly home to visit with family, this may be your best opportunity to have all your loved ones in one place at a time. This could save thousands on travel expenses. Even dinner is already covered! Host an intimate ceremony locally and then head back to a family member’s house for a celebration of being grateful and being in love.


Elope in the Ultimate Leaf Peeping Road Trip

Everyone knows that autumn is a leaf-peepers time to shine, which is why a road trip to see the country is the ultimate elopement waiting to happen. Make it a road trip to remember, not only with natural beauty at its finest, but also throw in small town charm and fall festivities. Take a few friends and family members along for the ride, or simply have it be just the two of you. It’ll be the trip you’ll tell your grandkids about, that’s for sure.


There are plenty of other ways to have a unique fall wedding on a budget, here are a few decoration ideas to incorporate:

  • Use leaves in the bouquet and hairpieces. Heck, even use leaves down the aisle instead of roses!
  • Give your bridesmaids flannel shirts or sweaters as a gift to wear when then get cold
  • Use pumpkins as decoration
  • Take tree branches to incorporate into the table decor
  • Have mini-pumpkins serve as bowls on the table
  • Incorporate a lot of candles as centerpieces
  • Offer guests easy-to-access snacks like baskets of popcorn, barrels of apple cider, or apple cinnamon donut holes

Hopefully these tips help you have an incredible, memorable fall wedding. Feel free to share with us more unique tips and ideas!

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