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Etiquette Tidbits: Baby Showers

babyshoweretiquette Etiquette Tidbits: Baby Showers

When it comes to baby showers, not all tradition has gone out the window. Proper protocol is still alive and well in these modern times, and we’ve listed a few common etiquette tips that we have been helping customers with recently.

Here are some basic etiquette tips for baby showers:

Baby showers are typically held only for the first born, when parents-to-be are in need baby basics and pricier items like cribs and strollers. Subsequent babies can be welcomed instead with a Baby Sprinkle, or Sip ‘n’ See after the baby is born, where smaller, more unique gifts are given instead. But, if the new baby is a different gender or if there’s been a long lapse of time in between babies, go ahead and throw another shower!

Baby showers are typically hosted by someone outside of the immediate family, but sometimes practicality will allow a shower be hosted by either friends or family – just not by the mom-to-be herself, since that can be thought of as greedy.

It is now proper to list baby registries on the shower invitation, which takes guess work out of gift giving and ensures that the parents-to-be will get what they need.

Host a baby shower for an adopted baby about two months after the baby arrives home. Be sure to mention the adoption on the shower invitation in case some guests don’t know already.

Help make it easy for the busy mom-to-be to express her gratitude properly by giving her matching thank you notes along with the invitations! This way she’ll be prepared to write out those notes before the baby is born.

What are some other etiquette dilemmas that you can’t figure out? Ask us anything in the Comments section here or we’d love to chat with you about etiquette pertaining to your own baby shower. Please feel free to send us and email or give us a ring!

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