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A Single Gal’s Guide To Throwing The Best Halloween Party

Throwing an incredible Halloween Party does not need to be left up to couples. All you single gals get ready, because it’s time to throw a Halloween Party that all your friends will remember for years to come. Halloween is the best time to meet people, as most single friends-of-friends gather together for one wild and fun night of letting loose and having fun. For those single gals out there looking to potentially meet someone this Halloween, or for the girls who just want to have a good time with their friends, here is the ultimate guide to throwing the best Halloween Party.
The Guest List
It all starts with the guest list. This is ultimately what can make or break your entire Halloween party. Halloween is about letting loose, wearing costumes, and having a good time. Some may think it’s a silly holiday, and so be it! We should be able to relax and be silly every once-in-a-while, right? Which is why choosing the right people to come to your part is a must. Surely you don’t want to invite people who have no interest in the holiday, or those who refuse to dress up because they think it is childish. Invite those friends who are down to have a good time no matter what, and if you have room for it, tell them to bring their friends, too. The more the merrier.
The Halloween Party Invitations
After the guest list is all sorted out, it’s time for the Halloween Invitations. These should be planned a bit in advance, so that guests can have time to RSVP and figure out their schedules. You also should have enough time to sort out whether or not you want a generic invitation or if you prefer to customize your own! The easiest way is to design custom Halloween invitations online at Polka Dot Design. With a ton of unique designs, texts, and Halloween-inspired invites, you’ll surely find an invitation worth sending out to friends.
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Blonde Here Kitty Halloween Invitation
The Drinks
Part of the fun of planning a Halloween part is decorating and finding unique, clever ways to spruce up your home. You can outfit your bar situation with a few of the fan favorites, plus mixers and garnishes, but you can also have a few Halloween-inspired cocktails as well. There are plenty of Halloween drinks that can be made, or even situated for guests to make themselves. Even if you have one Halloween cocktail that is the signature drink, make sure it’s a special one. Pinterest is a GREAT resource for Halloween cocktail recipes
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Witch’s Brew Jello Shots
The Decor
Decorating the house for your Halloween party may just be the most fun of all. There are so many different things to do to decorate and make your home as spooky as possible. Depending on your preference, time, and budget, you can go all out on your decor options. Or, if you want to keep it as simple as possible, then get a ton of candles, fake spider webs and some purple lightbulbs and you’re in business. Have fun with the decorations, and your guests will certainly have fun enjoying them.
The Food
As much fun as the decor and the drinks are to plan, there are so many light bites to incorporate for your Halloween party that are simple and scary to boot. Keep in mind that if you’re throwing a low-key party for friends, then a huge spread isn’t necessary. You don’t need to make a four-course meal for everyone, especially because they should be more focused on dancing and having fun! Create a few holiday-inspired quick bites that guests can enjoy on-the-go and then get back to the dance floor.
The Entertainment
So it’s important to ask yourself before throwing a Halloween party, what do you want to do to entertain your guests. Sure, you have the food, the drinks, the decor, but what else can you do to keep them busy? For instance, musical selection is imperative to keep the party going. Creating the ultimate playlist beforehand can be a simple way to keep everyone’s spirits up and having fun. You’ll want those Halloween fan-favorite songs like “Thriller” and “Monster Mash” but also incorporate some upbeat, fast-paced dancing numbers, too. Then what about any games?! Halloween is the perfect time to unleash Bobbing for Apples and other speciality games. What about costume Twister? Or maybe a pumpkin carving station? Now’s the time to get as creative as can be.

Remember that throwing a Halloween party as a single gal does not need to be about finding the special someone. Have fun with the planning and make it about creating memories with your friends that’ll last you a lifetime.

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