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How to Make Quinceanera Invitations

We have some pretty incredible news for you—you can learn how to make quinceanera invitations in just a few easy steps. Crazy, right? To think that at your disposal you can make the most beautiful, cost-efficient invitations for your daughter’s upcoming party. A lot of people have been getting into more of the DIY aspect of invitations and stationery, and with good reason. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s cost effective. So follow along as we illustrate a few easy steps in how to make quinceneara invitations.

Step One: Choosing a template


You have a few options when it comes to personalizing your quinceanera invitation. Starting with the template  is a great first step, because it allows you to decide what you have time to do, patience to put into, and money to spend. You can choose to either go the complete DIY route and start with plain card stock and print out the invitations yourself, or you can choose one of Polka Dot Design’s many different party templates. A quinceanera only happens once so you better make it special! Polka Dot Design can help you to make the most of this time-honored occasion with our customizable quinceanera invitations and templates. From the ceremony to the quinceanera party after-party, our quince invitation templates are sure to make designing the perfect announcement a breeze.


Step Two: Quinceanera wording

Invitaciones de quinceañeras wording is just as important as the invitation itself. See what we did there?Personalizing your invite with proper wording is a great way to hook your reader, as well as make the invitation feel more like you. We feature a variety of invitation wording options on our website to make the invite flow and sound as easy and relaxed as possible, while also peppering in some fun and creativity. From key catch phrases to more classic, sophisticated prose, choosing the correct wording for your invitation is just as important as designing the invitation itself.


Step Three: Designing is key


So you have your template, whether a blank card from Polka Dot Design, or some cardstock to make your own, and the wording is down pat. What’s next? Design. Choosing the right themes, style, and font is another important aspect of the quinceanera invitation. When you’re making your invitation, you can play around with graphics, different font styles, color schemes, and more! If you already know what type of party, or the color patterns you’re using, then incorporate them into your invites! It’s a simple way to keep everything cohesive.


Step Four: Jazzing up the envelopes


Most people think that with invitations, the buck stops at what is inside. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Oftentimes, the envelope is just as crucial as the invite itself! The envelope for any invitation is the first thing the recipient sees, and guess what? First impression are crucial. You have a few choices when making your own quinceanera invitations—go a classically chic route with your envelopes that which resemble more wedding invitations, or a DIY free for all. You really can adorn anything to the outside of your envelope, or even make your own envelopes, too! You don’t need to stay the traditional route if you don’t want to. Or, if you’re feeling more minimal, then maybe stenciling your information on will be a chic way to make your envelopes pop.


Your little girl begins her journey into womanhood through her quinceanera party. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make memories with your family that will last a lifetime. But it all starts somewhere—the invitations. We’re happy to be your go-to resource for all things quinceanera related, in order to help your party go as smoothly, and as enjoyably as possible.


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