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Post No. 1: House Rules

HouseRulesPostNo11 Post No. 1: House Rules

In our Pink Polka Dot Corner of the world, I am referred to as “Mom.” Outside of the office I am also the breathlessly grateful Mother of two extraordinary children – a son and a daughter. My delightful daughter is 12 and this Mom is digging in deeper than ever to invest in her character, it is go time. This age truly sets the stage for the rest of her life. I will be writing a little bit about this entry into the adolescent journey of raising a daughter in a series of blog posts. To give you a quick overview, my daughter is a horse riding, boot wearing, blue-eyed girl, she is just as pretty as can be and will sock you if you cross anybody that she loves while sipping on her pink lemonade. Only until recently could I get her to wear a dress (Thank you, Taylor Swift.) I adore these qualities about her, and I always want her to know how to create beauty in her own life, as this, in my book, is essential.

The foundation to raising both of my children is simply our House Rules. House Rules are wonderful as they are the go-to whenever conflict arises, I can simply say, “What is the House Rule?” and one of them will search the posted list of rules and spout it out in resignation. It is a wonderful tool as it guides them in creating their life. I hope you find these helpful; it is a little window into what makes our house tick. So here they are…

House Rules:

  • Treat each other with love and kindness. (Don’t be mean.)
  • Use the power of your words to plant truth and love. (No gossip – no drama.)
  • If you are upset take a break and don’t take anything personally. (Respect others if they need a break, they may need alone time too.)
  • Take good care of your own business. (And keep your nose out of others’, it is not yours to worry about.)
  • Communicate clearly and calmly to avoid misunderstandings. (No screaming.)
  • Always do your best & have courage to ask questions. (Remember, your best is going to be different each day.)
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