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Our Brands: Inviting Company

IC header Our Brands: Inviting Company

We recently had the opportunity to hear a little from Inviting Company about what new products will debut for the holiday season and about the source of inspiration that goes into the design process. The always fashionable Inviting Company is known for its trend-forward invitations and stationery that feature color combinations and stylish patterns that are extremely popular with the Polka Dot Design customers. Read on to find out what else we learned from Inviting Company.

1. How would you describe the brand’s personality and what makes it unique?

Inviting Company is a brand that has evolved as a result of the collaboration of our creators, retailers and customers. At the core of Inviting Company is a consumer who loves fashion, decorating, color and fun – and loves to utilize those elements in her lifestyle whether it be for correspondence, entertaining or gift giving.

2. How long has Inviting Company been working with Polka Dot Design?

July 10, 2006

3. What do you like most about working with Polka Dot Design?

Their quick response time and of course working such a fabulous team especially Kristen!

4. What are some sources of inspiration that Inviting Company designers seek when developing new designs?

Fashion is always a source of inspiration for our designers. Often fresh color combinations on the runway make their way into Inviting Company creations. Interior design blogs and magazines are also a source of inspiration, especially for our gift products, as we want them to look great in our customers’ surroundings. We are constantly looking for ways to express a new trend or inspiration on our paper and gift products to inspire our consumers.

5. What current trends are currently being incorporated into the company’s new products?

A fresh take on vintage style is one of our current developments, another one will be a product line that will definitely speak to our Southern customers – you will have to stay tuned to find out! Also, with the introduction of our new collegiate collection featuring college licenses and college team colors – look for new products to expand our already popular patterns.

6. We know Inviting Company is all geared up for the holidays. What are your favorite new items?

Cocktail napkins are always a top seller for us, but it’s been a lot of fun to expand our paper tableware collections into gift-able items. If you liked our napkins and invitations, you can now buy wine glasses, melamine trays & kitchen towels to enjoy yourself or give as gifts!

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