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{Our Brands} New Envelope Wrap Mailing Address Labels

EnvelopeWrap {Our Brands} New Envelope Wrap Mailing Address Labels


A wraparound mailing address label will add instant interest to your envelope, making it precisely the only piece of mail people will want to tear into as soon as possible, disregarding the fact that they haven't made it from the mailbox to inside yet to set down that heavy grocery bag they're somehow managing to carry in one arm and the cell phone they're talking on with the other.

Each of these stylish return address stickers will fold over the side of an envelope, adhering to both the front and the back. The back will feature your return address information, in whichever font you find fitting. And on the front, the perfect frame for you to write in each of your recipients' mailing addresses.

Coordinate these with the matching holiday stationery, or you can use many of the designs to simply jazz up the everyday envelope.

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