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College Graduation Announcements

It is almost that time again–time to celebrate all your accomplishments, or those of your children with a fun and festive graduation party. It doesn’t matter if it is your small child graduating from kindergarten or a coworker graduating from technical school–graduating anything is no small feat and should be celebrated accordingly each and every time.


grad-patterned-tutti-invitation-rb-np58gd1224rb College Graduation Announcements
Grad Patterned Tutti Invitation


The thing about graduation announcements is that they are a epic way to let friends and family members know about the accomplishments made throughout the year, and invite them to celebrate along with you. High school graduation deserves to be respected and honored as the completion of a very important goal, which is why graduation announcements are a crucial way to let everyone know just how far you or your loved one have come.


brown-dots-and-confetti-invitation-sldd-np58gddgc516 College Graduation Announcements
Brown Dots and Confetti Graduation Invitation


What are college graduation announcements you may be wondering? Ultimately, they are cards you send out to friends and loved ones letting them know that there is a graduate in your family. Consider is a way of bragging, if you will. Because graduation is such a remarkable moment no matter what it is that was completed or accomplished, it is only right for those achievements to not go without acknowledgement.


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Beach Sunset Party Invitation


We also feature an incredible collection of graduation invitations to choose from as the next step in the process. After the announcements comes the actual party planning process, which is where the party invites come into play. Here at Polka Dot Design, we carry a wide selection of invites cards and party invitations graduation-inspired fit with a cap and gown and unique accoutrements. Make your college graduation invitation really shine with a more personable feel to it–reflecting the character and personality of the person celebrated. Browse a few of our most coveted graduation invites for your elementary or high school graduate students.


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Beautiful Balloons Grad Invitation


Celebrate life and the achievements that come with it. Graduation announcements and graduation invitations are a special way to curate a party for you or your loved one and provide them the keys to success that they deserve. We carry some of the most unique invitations in the game, which only makes the party planning process easier. Show your high school graduate the love and admiration they should receive with a one-of-a-kind celebration honoring their triumphs and victories, no matter how large or small.

Happy Graduation to all!

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