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Mason Jar Invitations

Part of the charm with Polka Dot Invitations is the fact that we always try to make sure there is an invite for everyone. With thousands of exclusive designs and styles, we encourage people to sort through the proverbial pile in hopes to land on the invite, or stationery of their dreams. For many people lately, that perfect piece of invitation heaven comes in the form of mason jar invitations.

Mason jars have been a big style trend lately. Whether they are used in the kitchen as storage for beans and legumes, or are used to whip up some craft cocktails and add a slightly Southern twist, mason jars have been a pretty neat way to add some modernity to your life. This is why we decided to take a chance and feature some of the coolest mason jar invites around. Picture this, you’re looking for a unique, totally contemporary yet chic way to celebrate your upcoming bridal shower. Yet, you feel like everything has been done already. How about browsing  our mason jar bridal shower invitations for a one-of-a-kind themed celebration? Whether it be a Sunday bridal luncheon, or an afternoon high tea, mason jar bridal shower invites are sure to be a hit. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Mason Jar Invitation in Pink, Mint and Aqua

kadd-np57py1547-1 Mason Jar Invitations


Ball Jar Mason Jar Invitation

ob-ls3464-1-370x600 Mason Jar Invitations


Blue Baby Shower Mason Jar Bouquet Invitation

picpd-np57bs22636 Mason Jar Invitations


Perhaps you’re looking to celebrate your upcoming nuptials and prefer to have a more relaxed, whimsical invitation that celebrates your Southern roots or your more free-spirited style. Our mason jar wedding invitations, too, are a fan favorite. The different styles that each mason jar invite comes with is special unto its own right. Whether you’re looking for something colorful and floral to light up your invitee’s life, or you want something more classic and down-home, mason jar invites are versatile through-and-through. To see what we mean, take a look at these invitations, and how stylistically different they are from each other.


Daisies in a Jar Bridal Shower Invitation with Glitter

ss-aw1034-1-535x600 Mason Jar Invitations


Masonade Mason Jar Party Invitation

ob-3a281 Mason Jar Invitations


Jar of Fall Brights Mason Jar Invitation

ob-3a233-392x600 Mason Jar Invitations


Another exclusive invitation style we started carrying recently that started flying off the shelves, are our chalkboard wedding invitations. People seem to love the more modern approach that chalkboard invites hold, while also not taking themselves too seriously. Here are a few of our chalkboard favorites for you to take a gander at:


CHFIW-233x300 Mason Jar Invitations picpd-np57bs22625-215x300 Mason Jar Invitations


Gone are the days where stuffy, traditional invites are a requirement. Pepper in parts of your personality no matter how fun or funky that may be. Allow Polka Dot Design to tailor each invite to fit your needs so that you and your invitee will forever be satisfied.
2-300x282 Mason Jar Invitations

polka-dot-design-blog-copy-190x28 Mason Jar Invitations