Humorous Baby Shower Games

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Planning the perfect baby shower normally involves implementing some of the craziest, craftiest, and most clever baby shower games that will have your guests laughing for days to come. Believe us when we say there are tons of humorous baby shower games out there to choose from, some of which you probably have heard about (or even participated in yourself!) before. While you make think we’d say that baby shower invitations are the most important part of the planning process, we also think that the baby shower games can make or break the entire day. Take a look at some of the most humorous baby shower games you can plan to play at your shower.


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Don’t Say “Baby”

First and foremost, not saying the word “baby” while attending a baby shower is probably one of the hardest things in the world. Add to that a few glasses of champagne and you’re in for some trouble. For this game, as soon as guests walk through the door, they are given three clothes pins to wear on their clothing. Throughout the day, if someone overhears a guest say the word “baby”, then they are able to take the guests’ clothes pin and add it to their own collection. The person with the most clothes pins at the end of the shower wins! Get ready for some hilarity to ensue.


Bobbing for Nipples

Similar to the tried-and-true Halloween game Bobbing for Apples, Bobbing for Nipples involves guests dunking their faces in a water container filled with floating plastic bottle nipples. You can make things really interesting and fill up 3-5 water containers and dump the same amount of nipples in each. Then ask for 3-5 volunteers to race the clock and see how many nipples they can grab with their mouth in a minute’s time. This one will surely bring on the laughter.


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Baby Bottle Chugging

Chugging alcohol from a baby bottle probably wouldn’t be the easiest thing to do, which is why it is so much fun to watch when guests do it as a race to the finish. Fill each bottle with some sort of alcohol, and have your guests race to see who can chug the fastest. This one is guaranteed to cause a frenzy.


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Dirty Diaper

The Dirty Diaper baby shower game is basically a staple for all baby showers. Much like you will need baby shower invites to even get this party started–you will also need the Dirty Diaper game. Equal parts gross and hilarious, the Dirty Diaper game includes an assortment of open diapers with ooey, gooey melted chocolate candy bars in the center. Guests are then asked to determine what the candy bar is in the center of the diaper. The guest that names the most candy bars correct, wins the prize!


Feed the Baby

This baby shower game will be one your guests will always remember. Get ready for a few drooling messes, as this game spares no one! Have your guests pair up in teams of two. Designate one to be the feeder and one to be the eater. Put baby’s bibs and blindfolds on both team members. Provide a jar of applesauce and two spoons to each team member. Start a timer and have the teams feed each other the applesauce simultaneously until the jar is empty. First team to finish their applesauce wins the game!


These are just a few of the most humorous baby shower games out there to play. Surely though, incorporating these games mentioned above will provide you hours of entertainment and enjoyment, making your baby shower as memorable as can be.

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You Might Want to Skip Sending These Invitations, But Here is Why You Shouldn’t

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Save the Date invitation cards have been around for many years, and carry the importance of allowing guests to hold a place in their calendar to celebrate the wedding of a special couple. This pre-invitation is an important part of the wedding process, believe it or not, and while many people may want to skip sending these invitations, there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t. Take a look.


2450534085_b144c8fc33_z You Might Want to Skip Sending These Invitations, But Here is Why You Shouldn’t


Save the Date Cards Allow Your Guests Time to Plan

Look, shotgun weddings may seem cool in theory, but they actually end up being a bit of a hassle for the guests who need to rearrange schedules just to attend. This is why Save the Date Cards are so awesome. Save the Dates are normally sent out about 6-8 months prior to the wedding, and give the guests more than enough time to plan accordingly. The more people you send Save the Date cards to, the more people will attend your wedding. It is that simple.


768996374_e815d9aa13_z You Might Want to Skip Sending These Invitations, But Here is Why You Shouldn’t


It Lets Guests Know That They Will Be Invited

Save the Date Cards aren’t solely intended to provide the guests with time to plan, or mark off a day on the calendar. They also let the guest know that they will be invited to the wedding. Save the Dates act as a pre-invitation to the wedding, and provide just enough information for the guest to know that they made the cut. It saves you, the bride or groom, the hassle of receiving phone calls and texts asking when an invitation is coming or if they are even invited. Sending out a Save the Date Card will give Aunt Ida the reassurance she needs, so there aren’t any unnecessary guilt trips thrown around.


4774303469_4f35569d95_o You Might Want to Skip Sending These Invitations, But Here is Why You Shouldn’t


The Save the Date Cards Announce the Actual Wedding

Another important function of Save the Date cards, is to announce the actual wedding to guests! The Save the Date Card can replace any wedding or engagement announcements, and provide the date, along with the fact that there will definitely be a wedding taking place. Compile two tasks which you may feel are begrudgingly assigned, and complete them with a few quick clicks of the mouse–it’s that simple. Save the Dates don’t need to be as intricately planning as wedding invitations either. Especially with the latest photo card Save the Dates, you can slap on a picture of you and your honey, and send them on their way.


8806872241_3d4ae45630_z You Might Want to Skip Sending These Invitations, But Here is Why You Shouldn’t


Save the Dates Are Integral if Your Wedding Falls on a Particular Day….Or Country

Save the Date cards are crucial if your wedding doesn’t fall on any old regular day. Or location. If you are planning on having a destination wedding, then Save the Date cards are an important as the invitation itself, if not more. Since Save the Date cards let people know in advance when the wedding will be, this allows more than enough time for the guests to get their planning underway. This is also important for weddings that falls on a weekend, or for summer weddings. Since the ultimate goal is getting everyone you know and love in one place to celebrate you and your new adventure with your partner, giving them enough time to plan and work things out is necessary. And also respectful.

Save the Dates are an important part of the wedding planning process, and while some people feel like they should skip these invitations all together, hopefully this article has given them a few reasons why it is okay to reconsider.

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Unique Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day With Little-to-No Planning

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If you are looking to celebrate Memorial Day but simply don’t feel like putting in the time and effort to organize everything, then we have a few solutions for you. Celebrating Memorial Day shouldn’t be a hassle, and in fact, Memorial Day should be one of those holidays where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the upcoming summer season. If you are ready to celebrate but prefer not to exert yourself, then take a look at a few unique ways to celebrate the holiday with little-to-no planning.


Don’t Host at Home

This may be one of the more obvious tips, but if you choose not to host a party at your house, then you’re already halfway there. Hosting at home means you’re responsible for everything–making sure guests are happy and having fun, food, drinks, music, and more. If you choose another venue, say a lake, park, or community pool, then your hosting responsibilities are cut in half.


2639830315_eea63cd13f_z Unique Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day With Little-to-No Planning

Go In on a Joint Celebration With Neighbors

Talk to your neighbors and see if you can collectively throw a joint neighborhood Memorial Day party. When more people are involved, you can delegate accordingly and not have all the responsibility fall on you. Check with your local area park and see if you can reserve a pavilion or picnic area, and then split up the responsibilities for each neighbor involved. This way, you can still be barbecuing outdoors, enjoying the summer sunshine, and not have to be the only one charge.


558259020_fef1ff46f7_z Unique Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day With Little-to-No Planning

Find a Theme and Stick to It

If you hone in on one particular theme for your Memorial Day party, then you will be organized in your planning process. For example, you can choose a luau themed party, which means that food, decorations, music, and drinks will all follow the luau theme. This helps in the planning process as you won’t need to come up with ideas or a menu on your own. Luaus usually require tiki-inspired decor, tropical drinks and food, Hawaiian music, and more! Keeping in line with a particular theme for your Memorial Day party will take a lot of the guesswork out of the planning process.


2826122625_4d4a2e2fec_z Unique Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day With Little-to-No Planning

Make it a Memorial Day Potluck

One easy way to throw a Memorial Day party with little-to-no planning is by making it a potluck party. Asking guests to brings specific dishes or contributions will mean that certain things will be off your plate completely. Create a list of the items needed and delegate accordingly. This will not only lighten your planning load, but it will also keep things balanced in terms of what is needed for the party and what will be provided by someone else. You can even delegate things like mixed CDs, drinks, decor, and more! Don’t be afraid to make it an entirely collaborative affair.


4775545269_4dcceea4c8_z Unique Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day With Little-to-No Planning

Keep it Simple

Just because it’s Memorial Day, doesn’t mean your party needs to be a gigantic event for the whole neighborhood. If you want to just sit back and relax, then keep it simple and small. Invite a handful of people, have them bring things to contribute to the party, and just enjoy a smaller gathering. When you keep your party small, you are able to control things more–like the mess that is made by guests and all the cleanup involved. You also have less to shop and prepare for when you keep it simple.

As always, make sure you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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The Classiest Way To Not Invite Someone To Your Wedding

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10218912636_7a62e90771_z The Classiest Way To Not Invite Someone To Your Wedding

Planning a wedding means that a slew of decisions are heading your way and FAST. Between decorations, pre-wedding festivities, dresses, and the like, the last thing you want to do is feel the burden and guilt of having to exclude someone from your special day. Whatever the reason may be, if you’ve decided to not invite someone to your wedding, then keep in mind there is a right and wrong way to handle the issue. If you’re looking for the classy way to take care of the situation, then follow along carefully.


Explain that you’re keeping things intimate.

This is always a good go-to explanation if someone wonders why they aren’t invited to your wedding. Instead of inventing some elaborate story, just let them know that you’re keeping it a more intimate affair for your own peace of mind. Honestly, most couples do want to keep things small and intimate, so it’s not all that far-fetched. Unless you’re throwing a gargantuan party and inviting everyone you’ve known since pre-school. Then you may want to consider another option…


33887741275_22bc30a37a_z The Classiest Way To Not Invite Someone To Your Wedding


Yes, budget is a huge reason many people cull their wedding invitation list. While some plates nowadays are costing upwards of $100 per person, it’s easy to use the excuse that your budget just isn’t allowing everyone to be invited. You can explain to them that you would love to have them at your special day, but unfortunately the budget is tight and reserved for mostly family members.


16562836934_47a66a8748_z The Classiest Way To Not Invite Someone To Your Wedding

Let them know the venue is a bit on the small side.

If you have decided on a smaller wedding venue, then this isn’t a terrible way to break the news. Simply let the un-invited know that while you would love to have them there, the wedding venue just won’t allow it. Explain that while the list has already been cut in half, most of it is filled with family, and the venue just cannot accommodate much more.


12362152113_fb994cd42c_z The Classiest Way To Not Invite Someone To Your Wedding

Man up and be gentle.

If you’d rather not lie, or make up excuses to save their feelings, you could always man up and be honest in your decision-making process. Something obviously happened in order for them to get the axe from the invite list, and explain to them that it wasn’t something you could easily recover from. Truth be told, if what happened between the two of you was painful enough for them to not be invited to your wedding, then chances are they probably already know there is a good chance they won’t be invited. Just make sure that if you’re choosing this option and manning (or womanning) the heck up, then make sure you’re gentle about it and you do it the right way. Nothing is worse than a text message or an email, or (GASP) finding out from another friend or family member. Be as honest as possible, and who knows, you may just be able to hash things out prior to your big day anyway.


As always, happy planning from your friends at Polka Dot Design!

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Biography: Jessica Glass

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Meet the Author:

blog.post_.img2_-225x300 Biography: Jessica Glass

This current photo of Jessica was taken in 2017 at the University of Texas at Arlington, outside of Carlisle Hall and the University Science Building.

An Introduction:

Jessica Glass is an up and coming author that has a lot to offer the writing world. She has a diverse educational background and some interesting career experience.  Jessica is excited to be working for Polka Dot Design as a product description writer, because of the creative opportunities it gives her to express herself in her writing, and in building her brand. She is looking forward to working with Polka Dot Design on many projects to come.

Formative Years and Current Background:

Jessica is originally from Chicago, Illinois. She grew up as an only child in culturally rich, ethnic neighborhoods of the city, like Beverly. She was deeply involved in the Beverly Art Center’s programs and theater productions as an actor, stage manager, and assistant director. She served on the art center’s Teen Advisory Board, which was responsible for generating classes, creating literature, programs, advertising, and events targeted towards teens at the center. Jessica also performed with the Chicago Children’s Choir in the Lyric Opera’s production of Turandot, and with local jazz bands around the city, where she would sing vocals in bebop jazz ensembles. She studied for many years with serious operatic and jazz vocal teachers, and still performs regularly at dinner parties and weddings. Her vocals have been featured on podcasts with local artists and musicians.

She moved to Texas after finishing high school in 2012. She has performed as an opera singer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area while going to school, and working on other writing projects. She is currently living in the suburbs around Dallas, with her husband, Cody, and her two rescued cats, Charlotte and Louis. Jessica prides herself on building strong relationships with family and friends, and balancing those relationships with her career and work. She enjoys going out with her Mother, Dad, and Mother-in-law on lunch dates, and spending quality time with her husband on the weekends.

Education and Training:

Jessica is currently on the dean’s list as a student at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is working towards getting  her Bachelor’s in English, with a writing minor. She’s expecting to graduate in spring 2018, and then, she wants to start on her teaching certification. Jessica comes from a long line of teachers, which made school and education extremely important to her. She has taken advanced writing classes targeted towards technical writing, multimedia authoring, and rhetoric. This training has helped prepare her for her position at Polka Dot Design, and for her growing career as a writer. Her experiences in college have prepared her for understanding different perspectives, and successfully interacting with several discourse communities both on and off campus. She enjoys and prefers working with people that come from a variety of diverse and different backgrounds, as she values different feedback and opinions in the workplace. She considers her educational upbringing to be an important experience that has helped to form her strong work ethic and determination. She strongly believes in a well-rounded liberal education, and is very interested in coursework and educational programs that focus on multidisciplinary approaches to learning.

Career as a Writer:

Jessica is a published short story author with The Writer’s Coffee Shop. She published her first work of fiction in 2014, which was titled, In the Bed of Roses which was available as an eBook on iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Kobo. She is still currently under contract with TWCS, but will soon be looking to publish more works of fiction at other publications as well.

Her position as a product description writer at Polka Dot Design has been an enriching and fulfilling experience. She has enjoyed learning how to work efficiently with the guidance of Phillip Vanarsdel as a freelance writer. She felt deeply satisfied knowing that a lot of the skills she acquired in her coursework at UTA was being put to good use in the business world, and is extremely grateful for this new and exciting opportunity.

In addition, Jessica is currently on assignment for the upcoming summer/fall issues of Prepared Foods magazine. She is, in general, looking to expand and explore her career as a creative writer, technical writer and copy editor. She will be continuing with college in the summer, but is also endeavoring to expand her career as a freelance writer. She hopes this will broaden her horizons after graduation.

Other Hobbies and Interests:

Jessica is an impassioned nature enthusiast. On weekends, when she is not working or writing, she likes to hike and take long walks around her neighborhood and at local forest preserves.  In Chicago, Jessica volunteered to help build and maintain walking paths, and bike trails.  Jessica is also strong believer and patron of the arts. She enjoys performing as a vocalist, visiting art galleries, seeing plays, and working on her creative writing in her spare time.

Jessica is very passionate about folklore and mythology as well. She draws on these texts for inspiration in her fiction writing. She is currently working on a novel that would be a retelling/re-imagined version of a Grimm’s Fairytale called Snow White and Rose Red. Jessica also wants to write a full-length novel on the history and mythology of mermaids someday, when she has enough time to do the proper research.

  She also enjoys reading and researching the lives and works of William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Emily, Anne, and Charlotte Brontë in particular. She has written many academic papers on the literature, characters, and life of all three of these authors. Her goal is to make it to England after graduation to do some more research on the Brontë sisters by visiting the Haworth house, where the sisters grew up and spent most of their lives.


Attached below is Jessica Glass’s current resume.