Affordable Wedding Invitations

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To say that most weddings require a lot of planning is the understatement of the decade. But besides planning, weddings also require a lot of money, too. Those place settings don’t come cheap, you know. So instead of breaking the bank for no reason, why not start your wedding budget planning now? For example, you can shop affordable wedding invitations from Polka Dot Design and not skimp in quality. Just because we’re interested in saving you some $$$ doesn’t mean that you’re going to be missing out on anything with your invitations. Take a look at a few of our affordable invitations and start your planning today.


Wedding Shower Invitations

The wedding shower is an important pre-party where the bride can sit and relax and enjoy the day. There are a ton of different theme options and ideas to choose from when it comes to throwing the best bridal shower party, and our invitations reflect just that. Considering throwing a couples shower? We have the perfect invites. How about a bridal shower luncheon? We have you covered. Not only do our invitations run the gamut in terms of style, but we also carry some of the most affordable invitations in the biz. Take a look at some of what we carry.


Eggplant Dress Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations

eggplant-maids-invitation-icdd-np58wsc459icdd Affordable Wedding Invitations


Coral Balancing Bride Bridal Shower Invites

balancing-bride-invitation-bmdd-np57ws1210bmdd Affordable Wedding Invitations


Gifts Galore Bridal Shower Invitations

gifts-galore-invitation-bmdd-np57ws1213bmdd Affordable Wedding Invitations

The Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations do not need to be the reason why you can’t afford a honeymoon. You can find a wide variety of wedding invitations at Polka Dot Design that combine both affordability and class. With an arrangement of options to choose from–whether it be photo card invitations, rustic wedding invitations, or simple patterned invites, you can customize any invitations that you find to fit your needs and the occasions perfectly. Here are a few of our favorites.


Fine Bride With Pink Bouquet

fine-bride-invitation-icdd-np58ws3704icdd Affordable Wedding Invitations


Blue Green Garden Floral Shower Invitation

blue-green-garden-invitation-rb-np58ws1102rb Affordable Wedding Invitations


Aqua and Gray Banner Save the Date Cardsaqua-and-gray-banner-photo-card-pmp-pp57sd1220pmp Affordable Wedding Invitations

Engagement Party Invitations

One of the most fun parties leading up to the wedding has to be the engagement party. Not only do you get to celebrate your new coupling with your friends and family, but there isn’t any sort of pressure to plan a wedding just yet. You can still enjoy the potential fusing of two families without having to fork over too much dinero. We have a great assortment of engagement party invitations, both inexpensive and utterly enjoyable. Take a look at some of our favs.


Brunette Fiesta Couple Invitation

brunette-fiesta-couple-invitation-pddd-np57py1220 Affordable Wedding Invitations


Sparkly Hearts Let’s Toast Engagement Invitation

lets-toast-invitation-picpd-np57ws22249ijp Affordable Wedding Invitations


Grill Partners Couple His and Her Shower Invitation

grill-partners-invitation-icdd-np58ws3705icdd Affordable Wedding Invitations


Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Or maybe you’re having difficulty planning to throw all the parties that come prior to the wedding. Between the engagement party, bridal shower, wedding and more, can you really afford to throw a rehearsal dinner, too?! Answer, yes. Especially when you have the affordability of all the invitations just a few clicks away. Take a look at the best rehearsal dinner invitations that we carry.


Barn Buffet Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

barn-buffet-invitation-ob-3a078 Affordable Wedding Invitations


Yellow and Gray Fine Plate Pre-Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

fine-plate-invitation-icdd-np58py3744icdd Affordable Wedding Invitations


A Wildflower Wedding Invitation

a-wildflower-wedding-invitation-picpd-np57py22400ijp Affordable Wedding Invitations


As always, the best part about our inexpensive invitations is that they can be fully personalized as you need. Whether you want to switch up the font, text color, or design, you can step into our Design Studio with just the few clicks of the mouse.


Happy Planning!

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Tea Party Invitations

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Although they may not be as frequent as they once were, tea parties are a great idea to gather friends and family and celebrate together in a chic and sophisticated way. Here at Polka Dot Design, we value time-honored traditions which is why we carry a beautifully curated selection of tea party invitations just waiting to be personalized.

An afternoon tea is one of the easiest ways to entertain with elegance. Despite being a more British social respite, tea parties have spanned the ages in order to honor visiting friends, new neighbors, or even a bridal party. Our collection features classic, polished invitations, as well as more modern invites. Have a look at some of our favorites and get inspired for your next tea party extravaganza.


Blue & White China Cup Invitation

0001114_aw856w-blue-and-white-china-cup Tea Party Invitations


Bright Harlequin Mad Tea Party Invitation

kadd-np57py1509 Tea Party Invitations

Fancy Fleur Kettle Invitation

fancy-fleur-kettle-invitation-pddd-np58ws9147 Tea Party Invitations


Green Sip and See Tea Invitation

green-sip-and-see-tea-invitation-pddd-np58bs8099 Tea Party Invitations


If you’re considering breaking from traditional bridal shower themes, then we may have the right idea for you. More often, women are choosing to throw dignified tea party bridal showers instead of going the more conventional route. We have an amazing array of tea party bridal shower invitations worth perusing in order to spark your creativity for your upcoming shower. Take a peek.


Vintage Bride Stripes Invitation

bmdd-np57ws-vstiw Tea Party Invitations


Under the Stars Lanterns Shower Invitation

picpd-np57ws22627 Tea Party Invitations

Or perhaps it’s a bit less of a sophisticated affair, and you’re hosting a princess party for your little one! Children love tea parties, just as much as they love a sweet princess party, so why not combine the occasions and create the ultimate event with our princess tea party invitations? Throw a party that your child will always remember with some of our best princess-themed party invites.


Green and Pink Tea Party Invitation

green-and-pink-tea-party-invitation-dmdd-np57bd1030dmdd Tea Party Invitations

Girls Tea Party Invitation

girls-tea-party-invitation-picp-21841i Tea Party Invitations

Sweet Pink Tea Time Invitation

sweet-pink-tea-time-invitation-pmp-np57bd1204pmp Tea Party Invitations

Perhaps you’ve settled on the idea of a tea party, whether it’s an event for your child, or simply a unique gathering for your girlfriends. But what the heck do you write on the invite? Besides assisting in the invitations process, Polka Dot Design takes their dedication to you a step further with tea party invitation wording. Maybe being a master of words isn’t your forte, and that’s quite alright. We don’t want you to get stuck on the text, when you could be focusing on the actual party planning. This is why we’ve come up with wording ideas that you can use verbatim, or pepper in with a bit of your own personality. No matter the choice, we want the invitation selection and wording process to be easy and straightforward.

Tea parties can be such regal, opulent occasions that certainly have been undervalued in today’s scope. You can gussy up the tables with beautiful, fresh flowers and classic tea sets, bake some biscuits or scones, and have your favorite friends over to catch up on their lives. Or maybe your annual tradition is around the holidays and you seek Christmas tea party invitations to continue the custom. No matter the celebration, Polka Dot Design is a reliable source to carry out all your invitation needs.

The Complete Guide to Avoiding Drama By Not Inviting Family to Weddings

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In the wonderful world of fairy tales, we all have the perfect family members and we can live happily ever after in complete harmony. Yet, in reality, sometimes the only bond that links us to certain family members is the sharing of a last name. Planning a wedding can be a crucial time in which you need to make some pretty harsh decisions–like whether or not certain family members are invited to your special day. Truth be told, you really don’t need to invite anyone that you don’t want to. This is your day and it should not be filled with guilt or obligation. Celebrating one of the most momentous occasions in your life should not be shrouded in drama, right? So, it’s time to cut the cord on some of those family members that you know are nothing but trouble.


Untitled-design The Complete Guide to Avoiding Drama By Not Inviting Family to Weddings


Make sure you know why you’re not inviting them.

This is pretty important. Nobody but you needs to know why you aren’t inviting them. Okay, and maybe your partner. But truthfully, make sure it’s a valid reason. Not inviting certain family members because of a silly or frivolous circumstance will probably result in more drama than if they were invited in the first place. Also keep in mind, your goal in this wedding is to never have to get married again, right? So you’re aiming to only have one wedding in your lifetime. If you know that you’re upset with a family member but will eventually get over it, make sure that you don’t regret not inviting them over a disagreement that just happens to have occurred around your wedding date.


Make sure you are comfortable with your decision.

Not comfortable like “ahhh not inviting them feels like sinking into a warm, bubble bath”. Although that might be pretty nice. But comfortable in the fact that you made a decision and it’s the right one and it’s not entirely uncomfortable to live with. Make sure you know that regardless of what this family member did to you, it is ultimately your decision to not invite them. That means you played a part in this decision making, and you need to take responsibility in it. This isn’t the blame game, this is all about removing toxicity from your special day.


2972037785_810a83e24b_z The Complete Guide to Avoiding Drama By Not Inviting Family to Weddings


Communicate your feelings and why you made the decision you did.

Whether it be with the person with whom you are having issues with, or with other family members who should probably be in the loop, be open and honest with why you aren’t inviting said drama-causer. Let them know in a mature fashion what led you to this decision. Don’t place blame, don’t point fingers, and don’t use this time to whine and complain about the person. Be honest with why you made the decision you did, and make sure they know it is in your best interest.


Don’t give in to the drama that may unfold over not inviting a family member.

Maybe other family members won’t want to come, maybe people will reach out to you beforehand to discuss the situation, or maybe you’ll look like the bad guy. These are all possible outcomes of your decision that you need to prepare for. But don’t give in to the drama. Decisions have repercussions, and while sometimes harsh, it’s simply a part of life. Try not to get involved in the drama that may envelope this situation, and instead focus on the rest of the wedding planning and all the love, laughter, and light that are heading your way.

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polka-dot-design-blog The Complete Guide to Avoiding Drama By Not Inviting Family to Weddings

Proper Wording Ideas For Your Party Invitations

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book-drive Proper Wording Ideas For Your Party Invitations


Not everyone can have the finesse and suavity of say, William Shakespeare when it comes to their word choice. We can’t all carry around a mental collection of wit and wisdom with wordage, ready to drop our knowledge quickly in conversation. Same goes for invitations. It isn’t easy to craft the perfectly worded invite, especially when you’re more of an artist than a wordsmith.

The good news is, we can help. Here at Polka Dot Design, we have created proper wording ideas and sample texts that you can use for all of your party invitations. You don’t have to be an English major to come up with a clever card that will make your invitees excited to attend. Personalize each invite as you need with our wording ideas and sample texts and get inspired to create your next card.

Our wording ideas run the gamut in terms of your gathering and your needs. For example, we provide proper wordage for things like, attire. If you have an attire-specific event and need to dictate that properly to your guests, then we provide a few sample ideas for you to choose from, such as White Tie, Black Tie, Creative Black Tie, Black Tie Optional and Formal Attire. Or maybe you’re throwing a surprise party for a loved one and want to keep it a secret. How would you verbally illustrate the secrecy and delicate nature of the event to guests? Our wording ideas suggest a phrase like: Please arrive at 7 p.m. sharp! Or The Guest of Honor is arriving at 7:30pm, so you must arrive thirty minutes prior. There are plenty of wording ideas to choose from in order to get the slang and verbiage just right.

Screen-Shot-2017-06-03-at-2.25.56-PM Proper Wording Ideas For Your Party Invitations


There are even wording ideas that come in the form of verse or poetry if you’re looking for something a bit more whimsical and lighthearted. Maybe rhyme isn’t really your forte, and that is okay. We can come up with a few verses for you to add to your card that will showcase the spirit and fun that your event holds. Even more holiday-specific wording ideas will capture the specificity that the season and soiree holds.

You never have to be at a loss for words again with our invitation wording ideas. Take a look at all of the tips and tricks that we offer at Polka Dot Design in order to craft the most perfectly worded invite around. Just browsing our selection of wording ideas may even get your inspiration percolating, so that you can come up with a more personalized approach to your word creation. The opportunities are endless in creating the type of diction or language necessary to make your invite stand out from the rest. As always, if you need a bit of help in terms of creating the perfect invite, then shoot us an email and we can help you craft a style of parlance that will knock your guests’ socks off.

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Polka Dot Birthday Decorations Ideas

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So you have the Polka Dot invitations covered…perfect! Now, we’re moving onto the next step: party decorations. Choosing the right birthday decorations for your party can make or break the type of ambiance you are trying to evoke. This is why it’s important to know a few things beforehand, for example, what the theme of your party will be. If you choose a specific theme such as a luau, or Mexican fiesta, or nautical party, then you have your work cut out for you in terms of decorations. At least with a theme, you’re aware of the direction that you’ll be going in and have more cohesion for narrowing down how to decorate. If you don’t have a theme, or if your theme is simply a good old fashioned birthday party, then there are a quite a few ways in which you can decorate.

First and foremost, what’s a birthday party without a ton of insanely colorful, wonderfully vibrant balloons?! One of the best party decorations for any occasion revolves around a ton of balloons, and we have the perfect place you can order from. Whether you’re looking to fill your house with random colors everywhere, or have a color theme that you would like to follow, has you covered. These balloons range in color, size, shape, and type. Just perusing through their huge assortment may just provide you with a few great ideas regarding how to decorate for your birthday party.

Party Supplies

Next up, supplies. We’re talking about plates, napkins, serving dishes, candy, pinatas…you name it, you need it. Wouldn’t it be nice after you got your invitations squared away that you could visit one website and shop it all in one place? Well, you can. If you take a look at, you’ll see that you can order up all your party decorations in one fell swoop. They even break their website down into categories, from themed party ideas to party decorations based on color. This is the place where you can get all your party planning done with just a few clicks of the mouse. It’s that simple. See for yourself a few of the ideas we love.


Moana Standard Tableware Kit

detail Polka Dot Birthday Decorations Ideas

Cupcake Supplies

042817_BIAB_GW_PtySuplyFav_Cake_D_Supplies Polka Dot Birthday Decorations Ideas


Games and Kits

BIBBalloons_2_D1_062016 Polka Dot Birthday Decorations Ideas


Personalized Party Favors

Another way to jazz up your party decorations for your upcoming birthday is with some personalized party favors! Online birthday store Beau-Coup has some truly stellar party favors for those looking to leave a lasting impression on their guests. Browse through their collection of favors, while also taking a glimpse throughout their party supplies as well. By just meandering through their website, you can potentially be inspired to create and craft your own birthday party decorations.  Who wouldn’t want a one-of-a-kind celebration to usher in another year?! Take a look at a few coveted birthday decorations we adore from Beau-Coup.


Floral Happy Birthday Napkins

192414-500 Polka Dot Birthday Decorations Ideas


Neon Party Plates

176775-500 Polka Dot Birthday Decorations Ideas


Tissue Confetti Circles

157610-500 Polka Dot Birthday Decorations Ideas

Hopefully you’ve seen enough to get inspired for your own party planning. As always, feel free to shoot us an email or drop us a line if you have any birthday decoration questions!

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