• IMG_2686-unicorn-party-invitations-600x600 HomeUnicorn Party Invitations
    Lately, unicorns are all the rage. Because really, why not? Unicorns are colorful, creative and clever creatures that are easy to love and admire. So when your child suggests a unicorn party for his or her upcoming birthday extravaganza, you will be well-prepared. A unicorn party can highlight some of the greatest components of life: magic, whimsy, playfulness, and fun. So why not incorporate all of these things in order to create the most wonderful party of all? And guess what…it all starts with the invitations. Selecting a Unicorn Invitation that’ll knock everyone’s socks off… What makes a good unicorn invitation? Perhaps it’s best to ask, what do you think of when you hear the word “unicorn?” Usually color comes to mind, along with rainbows, and a majestic horse with a spiral horn. Choosing the right unicorn party invitation means finding the right one to provide your guests with their first glimpse into what this party will entail. If you’re throwing a colorful, brightly decorated, wildly inventive shindig, then it is only right that your unicorn party invitation showcases just that. Take a look at a few of our favorite unicorn invitations and see for yourself. Pretty Haired Unicorn Party Invitation Lavender Unicorn Party Invitation The decorations for a unicorn party are key… One of the ways to elaborate on the theme of a unicorn party is through the decorations. Short of having a real, live unicorn there to Read More

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  • IMG_2686-unicorn-party-invitations-300x300 HomeUnicorn Party Invitations
    Lately, unicorns are all the rage. Because really, why not? Unicorns are colorful, creative and clever creatures that are easy to love and admire. So when your child suggests a unicorn party for his or her upcoming birthday extravaganza, you will be Read More
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    Ahh, the First Communion. This time-honored tradition is an important moment in a child’s life. Not to mention an exciting time for the parents! Hosting a First Communion can be a simple and straightforward experience with just a little bit of Read More
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Polka Dot Invitations3 weeks ago

Do you have a little one who is about to undergo their Holy Communion? The Blue Cross Banner Invitation is available on Polka Dot Design online stationery store. The same design is also featured on address labels, gift tags, square stickers, and folded note cards. Get all five items to impress guests with a charming communion stationery set. This card features a blue backdrop with white crosses printed on the front and back of the card. Feature your own personal wording on the card, using polka Dot Design’s online printing services. Personalizing stationery for such a commemorative and unique occasion is always good idea. This card would also be acceptable for baptisms, confirmation and reconciliation ceremonies. Discover everything you will need for religious celebrations on the fabulous website. From address labels to thank you notes:: Polka Dot Design has you covered. Order your Holy Communion stationery today, and make sure everything is special.

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Polka Dot Invitations shared a memory.3 weeks ago

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Polka Dot Invitations4 weeks ago

Is your daughter going through her fanciful unicorn phase? If your house is covered in pictures of rainbows, unicorns, and flying horses, then you will have to throw a themed birthday party to commemorate the occasion. You are going to have some much fun decorating for this whimsical party theme. Send out some rainbow unicorn birthday invitations to all her family and friends to make the event even more special. Check out this fun and Pretty Haired Unicorn Party invitation available on Polka Dot Design’s online store. This charming card features a shy white unicorn on the front and center or the invitation. Her lovely pastel pink, purple, and blue hair matches the glorious rainbow on the back of the card. Feature your own creative party wording and informative text underneath the bottom of the card. Earn your parent of the year award when you send out these fun rainbow invitations. Order now!

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Polka Dot Invitations1 month ago

Being young is such a wonderful and exciting time. Anything seems possible when you are young and happy. Do you know a little one who loves the mystical creature called the unicorn? Find some great rainbow unicorn birthday invitations Polka Dot Design’s online store. The Lavender Unicorn Party invite will have all your kid’s friends squealing with delight. Everyone will be scrambling to find their horses and pony figurines to bring to the party, so everyone can play in the backyard after ice cream and cake. This whimsical card features a lavender colored unicorn posing under a pastel rainbow. Feature your own magical party wording on the front of the invite as well. You will want your child’s birthday to be a wonderful and happy occasion and nothing says that better than a visit from the elegant mystic creature. Order these rainbow invitations today, and plan an amazing birthday celebration.

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