The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide You’ve Been Waiting For

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Believe it or not, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I know what you’re thinking–“I have plenty of time don’t rush me!” But truthfully, it’s about a month away as we speak, and isn’t it better to get some gifts and ideas squared away instead of waiting until the last minute?

We think so, too. Thanks to our friends at Beau-Coup, we have an ultimate gift guide for this upcoming Mother’s Day. If you’re like us, you tend to scratch your head when it comes to gifts or ideas that haven’t been done before. Sure, you’ve given your mom a massage before, or a bottle of wine, or a picture frame with an inspired message. Those are the usual go-to’s. But this year, Beau-Coup decided to jazz up the gifts and throw a little bit of creativity into the mix. Take a look at what they have come up with.

Gifts to Mom from the Kids

Okay, so maybe you are hunting for the best gift to give your spouse on behalf of your kids. Not a problem. We have created the ultimate gift guide for gifts from the kids, so that you don’t need to fret. Show your spouse how much you love her, and how much everyone in the family adores and appreciates her every day with these clever and thoughtful gifts.

70682-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Most Awesome Mom Mug

158151-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Mom Ring Dish

71365-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Letters to My Mom Book

185251-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
So Glad Your My Mom Mother’s Day Greeting Card

185274-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Dear Mom I Love You Coffee Mug


Jewelry and Engraved Gifts for Mom

Truth be told, you can never go wrong with jewelry. The tried-and-true gift of the ages, jewelry on Mother’s Days is ALWAYS a good idea. The versatility of giving the gift of jewelry is always there. Especially when you take the time to customize the jewelry, or add a little bit of personality into the gift. Make your mom, or wife feel extra special with a sparkly showpiece that emits love and affection. Take a look at these jewelry gems and see what we mean.
32083-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Locket – Silver Plated – Large Oval

238-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Engraved Rhinestone Toggle Bracelet

67511-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Engraved Jewelry Box

70303-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Engraved Silver Heart Jewelry Box

2754-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Rhinestone and Pearl Earrings


Fun & Novelty Gifts for Mom

Maybe you want to give a less serious gift this year and simply want to put a smile on your mom’s face. If so, then we have the perfect gift ideas for you. Nothing says “I love you” more than going out of your way to make someone laugh, or feel comfortable in their own skin. These novelty gifts do just that. For the mothers in our lives that don’t take themselves too seriously, and just want to have a little fun, these gift ideas are for them.
41664-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Cart at the Liquor Store Beverage Napkin

165062-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
The Beach Is My Happy Place Glass Cutting Board

153713-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Personalized Floppy Sun Hat

150848-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Pink PomPom Beach Coverup

111770-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Personalized Plush Spa Robe


With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can have your Mother’s Day shopping finished today. It’s that simple.

As always, we hope you have a Mother’s Day for the books!

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polka-dot-design-blog The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For

Mason Jar Invitations

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Part of the charm with Polka Dot Invitations is the fact that we always try to make sure there is an invite for everyone. With thousands of exclusive designs and styles, we encourage people to sort through the proverbial pile in hopes to land on the invite, or stationery of their dreams. For many people lately, that perfect piece of invitation heaven comes in the form of mason jar invitations.

Mason jars have been a big style trend lately. Whether they are used in the kitchen as storage for beans and legumes, or are used to whip up some craft cocktails and add a slightly Southern twist, mason jars have been a pretty neat way to add some modernity to your life. This is why we decided to take a chance and feature some of the coolest mason jar invites around. Picture this, you’re looking for a unique, totally contemporary yet chic way to celebrate your upcoming bridal shower. Yet, you feel like everything has been done already. How about browsing  our mason jar bridal shower invitations for a one-of-a-kind themed celebration? Whether it be a Sunday bridal luncheon, or an afternoon high tea, mason jar bridal shower invites are sure to be a hit. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Mason Jar Invitation in Pink, Mint and Aqua

kadd-np57py1547-1 Mason Jar Invitations


Ball Jar Mason Jar Invitation

ob-ls3464-1-370x600 Mason Jar Invitations


Blue Baby Shower Mason Jar Bouquet Invitation

picpd-np57bs22636 Mason Jar Invitations


Perhaps you’re looking to celebrate your upcoming nuptials and prefer to have a more relaxed, whimsical invitation that celebrates your Southern roots or your more free-spirited style. Our mason jar wedding invitations, too, are a fan favorite. The different styles that each mason jar invite comes with is special unto its own right. Whether you’re looking for something colorful and floral to light up your invitee’s life, or you want something more classic and down-home, mason jar invites are versatile through-and-through. To see what we mean, take a look at these invitations, and how stylistically different they are from each other.


Daisies in a Jar Bridal Shower Invitation with Glitter

ss-aw1034-1-535x600 Mason Jar Invitations


Masonade Mason Jar Party Invitation

ob-3a281 Mason Jar Invitations


Jar of Fall Brights Mason Jar Invitation

ob-3a233-392x600 Mason Jar Invitations


Another exclusive invitation style we started carrying recently that started flying off the shelves, are our chalkboard wedding invitations. People seem to love the more modern approach that chalkboard invites hold, while also not taking themselves too seriously. Here are a few of our chalkboard favorites for you to take a gander at:


CHFIW-233x300 Mason Jar Invitations picpd-np57bs22625-215x300 Mason Jar Invitations


Gone are the days where stuffy, traditional invites are a requirement. Pepper in parts of your personality no matter how fun or funky that may be. Allow Polka Dot Design to tailor each invite to fit your needs so that you and your invitee will forever be satisfied.
2-300x282 Mason Jar Invitations

polka-dot-design-blog-copy-190x28 Mason Jar Invitations

The Top Wedding Traditions From Around the World

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Have you ever stopped to think about all the different types of weddings and wedding traditions from around the world? Sure, we get so caught up in our own wedding planning that we tend to overlook how many varieties of traditions there are throughout the globe. While some cultures and countries spend more time on fertility spells and less time on choosing the right wedding invitations, it’s fascinating to see what types of traditions are out there for other people. Take a look at this awesome infographic below from our friends at


Wedding_Superstitions The Top Wedding Traditions From Around the WorldMarital traditions and superstitions aren’t just found in the United States. There are plenty of other countries around the globe that incorporate certain cultural expectations into their big day. Here are some of the strangest traditions or superstitions that you may have never heard about.


Wearing a White Dress

Nowadays, most Western countries adorn their beautiful brides in white dresses, but this wasn’t always the case. This tradition actually started as a trend in the 1840’s by Queen Victoria, and has been popular ever since! Believe it or not, some countries have a traditional color of red for their wedding dresses as white can represent something entirely different.


Carrying Across the Threshold

Surely this is a custom you’ve heard from a few western countries, including the United States. But have you ever wondered why the groom is supposed to carry his new wife across the threshold of their home? This custom is intended as a form of protection, as for the groom to carry his bride in his arms is an act of warding off evil spirits through strength.


Wearing a Veil

This is not just a fashion trend, as one might assume. Wearing a veil means something entirely different. What originated in Ancient Greece and Rome, is a tradition that is intended to protect the bride from any evil spirits during her wedding.


Weekly Food Preparation 

A custom in Egypt (that we can totally get behind by the way) is that for the entire week leading up to the wedding, the bride’s family does all the cooking for the future newlyweds. Sounds like a dream come true for us!


Rainy Wedding

While most people tend to curse a rain storm on their wedding, some cultures actually believe it is good luck. Hindu cultures for example, think that when it rains on your wedding day, your marriage will be blessed and filled with good luck and good health.


Spiders in the Dress

For many people, finding a spider in a dress would probably result in a lot of screaming and potential tears. Heck, maybe even in extreme cases, the postponement of nuptials. But for the English, finding a spider in your wedding dress is a sign of good luck! Either that, or a really jealous younger sister.


Body Adornment

You probably have seen before many Middle Eastern-style weddings, where the women are adorned with henna all over their hands and feet. Believe it or not, there is a reason for this body art, beyond just looking beautiful. The henna is said to have protective purposes, that when on the hands and feet of a women, will keep them safe from the evil eye, which is said to leave women unable to have children.


Dunking in Milk

While you may be more accustomed to dunking cookies in milk, you probably will find it a bit strange to dunk your entire body. However, this is a pre-wedding ritual for Moroccans. Before the wedding, Moroccan women take a milk bath, mixed with argan oils in order to purify themselves before the big day. Although cookies aren’t allowed in the tub with you, it sounds like a great way to stay soft before the wedding!


Something Borrowed, Something…Green

Bet you expected us to say blue, huh? Well in Japan, blue is not the lucky color of choice for a wedding. In fact, in Japan, green is the lucky color of choice. Green gifts and green clothing are given to the couple in order to prepare them for eternity together.


A Spit of Good Luck

For many of us, spitting is a dirty habit that we’ve been groomed as children to avoid at all costs. However, in Kenya, spitting is something that happens at a wedding as a blessing. Can you believe that?! The father of the bride will spit on his daughter’s head and chest in order to bless her and her new union.


The Tooth of a Whale

It is common for many cultures to ask the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. While in Fiji, that is still the case, there is something else that accompanies this question. When a man wishes to wed a woman, he must ask her father for permission, while also presenting him with a whale tooth. This signifies the man’s commitment to the daughter, and the seriousness of his request.


A Walk Across the Relatives

I’m sure many of you have considered stepping on your relatives or in-laws at one point or another. The good news is, that if you’re getting married in French Polynesia, your dreams will become a reality! After the wedding, the relatives of both the bride and groom lay on the ground, facedown, and allow the couple to walk across them. Good luck, perhaps? Or maybe just a free chiropractic adjustment.


Giving a Gift

One of the most popular, and most coveted wedding traditions across the globe involves giving a gift to the bride and groom. Honoring the couple and their commitment to one another is truly a magical thing, and what better way to reward them in their commitment than with a gift?! Our friends over at have an incredible collection of wedding gifts for different countries and cultures, perfect to send along to the new couple. Take a look at their arrangement of wedding gifts and see for yourself.

Why It’s Okay to Not Invite Coworkers to Your Wedding

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Before you start shopping around for wedding invitations, there is another task you probably should tackle first–the dreaded wedding guest list. While some people find it simple to construct a list of all the people they wish to observe and honor their nuptials, others find it to dang near impossible to narrow everything down to one final list. There is that ever-present feeling of forgetting someone, hurting somebody by excluding them, or simply having to put finances over invitees. Of course it’s easiest to come up with the main contenders (family members, close friends, wedding party-duh) but once you get to that “gray area” part of the guest list, things can get a little dicey. For example, what about coworkers? Here you are, most likely spending more time with your coworkers than the actual person you’re marrying, so should you invite them to your big day? What if you’re closer to some coworkers and not others?! What do you do?!?!

The good news is, we’re here to help. It is totally and completely find to not invite coworkers to your wedding. So before you go feeling all guilty about not including them, continue reading in order to understand a bit more of the wedding invitation etiquette…

27369145646_0e38470be9_z-600x400 Why It’s Okay to Not Invite Coworkers to Your Wedding


If you don’t really have coworkers with whom you are close outside of work, then it is fine to leave them off your wedding guest list.

For most people, they connect with certain coworkers but probably not all. Maybe you all go out for Happy Hour on Friday, but there are only a few who really know you and who you communicate with regularly outside of work. If you do not dedicate any free time to any of these people, then you do not need to invite them to your wedding. Plain and simple.

If you do invite a few coworkers, make sure they know not to make a big deal about it at work.

If you really want to avoid hurt feelings, then make sure the invitees know that talking about the wedding at work is off-limits.  It is unnecessary to whisper about it, make it known who was invited and who wasn’t, and make people feel bad for no reason. Keep it under wraps, and you can gush about the excitement through text.


12588047395_ed2bcabe2b_z-600x400 Why It’s Okay to Not Invite Coworkers to Your Wedding


Consider the fact that in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, you will want to know who is in those wedding photos and why.

Wedding photos last a lifetime. So if you’re debating over whether or not your coworkers should make the cut, then ask yourself this: will you really stay in touch with them 5, 10, 20 years from now? Will you remember who they are in the photos? Sure some people lose touch, but when you’re reminiscing with your partner on the 10th anniversary and can’t quite fathom why that stranger is in your photo, then you probably already know the answer.

Think about the money.

For many couples, wedding planning comes down to dollars and cents. Weddings can be extremely costly, and since they are mostly a sit-down affair, paying per plate is the norm. So think about this, are you willing to spend oftentimes over $100-200 per plate for someone to come and enjoy your special day?

6528081483_e455fa2e5d_b-600x338 Why It’s Okay to Not Invite Coworkers to Your Wedding


You don’t have to invite your boss. Really.

It is common wedding etiquette to NOT invite your big boss. Weddings are supposed to be relaxing (mostly) with a lot of fun, celebration, and letting loose! You won’t want to have to worry about how your big boss feels about….I don’t know, kissing your partner so much, dancing with your family, being silly in a photo booth. The last thing you want is your boss seeing you getting a little bit tipsy at the reception and you feeling guilty about it the next day.

Always remember, try not to discuss the wedding too often in the office, especially if you aren’t planning on inviting anyone from the office. It’s easy to get caught up in the conversation, especially when people ask how the wedding planning is going. But try to be mindful of their feelings, and keep is brief and casual.

And don’t forget, if you’re getting too stressed about inviting or not inviting coworkers, you can really always just elope 😉

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When to Send Out Save the Dates

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So your big day is coming up, faster than you could have imagined. Maybe panic is starting to set in–maybe you’re unsure of whether or not you checked certain items off your To-Do list. Or perhaps your calendar is overflowing with so many different items to tackle, you don’t even know where to start. The good news is, each task needs to be completed within a certain time-frame, so as long as you have a calendar or agenda book and a pen, you’re in business.

Wedding invitations are normally an easy thing to check off your list, primarily because there are so many options, you’re always guaranteed to find something that fits both you and the occasion perfectly. Before you can finish typing “wedding inv” into your search bar, remember that Polka Dot Design has more invite cards and save the date cards than you could ever imagine.

But the key component for most who shop weddings and wedding invite cards is to understand when to actually send out the invites. Sending wedding cards or an invite wedding card should actually happen 6-8 months prior to the wedding itself. You want to give each invitee enough time to save the date so that nothing else may interfere with your big day. Here are a few of our favorite Save the Date Cards for you to start planning ahead for:


Bridal Palm Tree Invitation

bridal-palm-tree-invitation-picpd-np58ws21910i-389x600 When to Send Out Save the Dates


Aqua Elegant Photo Collage Photo Card

aqua-elegant-photo-collage-photo-card-pcdd-pp57sd1101pcdd When to Send Out Save the Dates


Blue Bird Tree Invitation

slc-ss141 When to Send Out Save the Dates


Chalkboard Floral Wedding Suite Save the Date

CHFSD-467x600 When to Send Out Save the Dates


Think about your save the date invites before sending them out, as to avoid any unnecessary mistakes. Believe it or not, there are a few different mistakes that are normally made when figuring out save the date invites. For example, some people choose to send more stuffy, non-personal invites which don’t really showcase who they are as a couple. Save the dates are a perfect way to illustrate who you are as a a pair, and get the invitee excited to experience this union with you.

Another mistake people make when sending out save the dates is simply sending them out way to see to the actual wedding date. If you’re the type of person that likes to fly by the seat of their pants, that’s great….for you. However, many people find being regimented a bit more practical to their lifestyle and prefer as much advanced notice as possible. Sure, if you decide to elope, that’s one thing. But make sure you give people enough  notice ahead of time in order for them to completely reserve that day for you.

For a true customized experience for all your prints or stationery needs, Polka Dot Design is here to help. We feature a wide array of designers and design invitation opportunities for you to choose from, so that you always find something to fit what you want. First, try to find the perfect set of invitations, customize them exactly to your liking, and then send them out to all you wish to attend your gathering. Simple, easy, 1-2-3.

2-300x282 When to Send Out Save the Dates

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