Evites are Lame: Top 5 Reasons You Should Order Custom Printed Invitations

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Here’s the thing….evites are lame. They always have been. I’m sorry to be the one to bust any online bubble, but evites do not suffice for an invitation, I don’t care what the gathering is. Invitations are meant to connect people, to create warmth and excitement regarding an upcoming gathering or event. Evites take the warmth completely out of the occasion every time.
For all of those technology lovin’ fiends out there, I want to shed some knowledge on evites, why you should never, EVER use them and why custom invitations are where it’s at.
1. Evites do not bode well with the older generations.
Can you imagine sending your grandmother an electronic invitation? I have a hard enough time with my older family members as is, being the resident VCR clock programmer and all. I can’t even imagine walking them through the process of having to open it, trying to RSVP, heck, even figuring out where it came from would be a hassle. Custom printed invitations are easier to understand and way more accommodating than evites.
2. Evites are a rude excuse for an invitation.
The fact that people can even reply with a “Maybe” through an evite is infuriating. The point of printed invitations is to send out word of the event you’re hosting and also see who can attend. An RSVP from that invitation gives you an idea of who’s coming, how many people to plan for, and so forth. When somebody uses an evite to reply “Maybe”….well you may as well just show up with an already opened present and a half eaten bag of potato chips. That is, if you didn’t find something better to do anyway.
3. Evites make it hard to manage who the heck is even coming.
Sending out evites, especially to one email address, makes it hard to know who actually is even attending the party. Think about it, you’re sending one evite to one email address, but what if it’s a family email address? What if it’s a shared email address? How do you even know who’s coming with one RSVP per email? It’s confusing and time consuming, and while albeit convenient, it actually makes things more difficult in the long run. Custom printed invitations allow for you to be more organized in your party planning approach.
4. Evites create a HUGE disconnect.
In a world that is completely consumed by technology, we all think we’re connected to one another, but really we are more disconnected than ever. Evites add to that disconnect by being completely impersonal. There isn’t much planning. It’s like choosing free printable invitations—you just do it because it’s easy and fast and you can check it off your list. But when you take the time to either make your own invitations or find out where to print invitations (ahem, Polka Dot Design) then that already adds more of a personal touch into the mix. Custom printed invitations show that you took the time to create and plan, and indicates that this occasion means a lot to you, and should mean a lot to the recipient.
5. Evites are cheap and less traditional.
The thing about custom printed invitations is that they’re traditional. There is a classy vibe to them. It’s like you’re officially an adult when you send out custom printed invitations. But when you send out an evite? It’s like taking three steps backwards. Heck, even learning how to make invitations online is more acceptable than evites. Evites are officially at the bottom of the rung, my friend.
So there you have it…a few reasons why evites are lame, and custom printed invitations rule. Care to share your own opinion?

New Years Cards

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With one of the best holidays right around the corner, we’re here to share with you our top-of-the-line New Years Cards to make your holiday special. Whether you’re looking to send out a few happy New Years cards, or you want to extend an invitation to the celebration of a lifetime, take a look at our collection of invites and start your party planning today.
Many times, people get hung up on what to write in a New Year Card. But don’t worry, we have you covered. You don’t need to write like Shakespeare in order to get your point across. New Year cards are intended to wish the recipient well and to remind them that a chapter in their lives has closed, and the new year will bring many blessings. Take a look at our favorite New Years cards and start getting inspired.
Jolly Bars Photo Card
jolly-bars-photo-card-fp-pp57hc1004fp New Years Cards
A Bit of Bubbly Gold Photo Card
a-bit-of-bubbly-gold-photo-card-pddd-pp57ny1108 New Years Cards
Is it happy new year or happy new years? It’s a conundrum that boggles the mind. But we’re here to clear up the confusion, just so that you can fill our your New Years Eve Party invitations with confidence. When wishing someone a happy new year, the phrase does not need the possessive apostrophe: Happy New Year is exactly the way it should be read!
We have an impressive selection of 2017 New Year’s card for you to choose from. Some of the best brands in the game have chosen us to represent them and share their word and designs with the world. We have over 8,000 exclusive styles to choose from so that you can always find something you like.
Berry Ring It In Photo Card
PDDD-PP58NY9006 New Years Cards
Blue Peace Love Cheer Photo Card
blue-peace-love-cheer-bmdd-pp57-plcbpch New Years Cards
You don’t need to be a master in New Year photography to get a stylish and creative photo card to ring in the holiday. While many people think that a photo card needs to have professional photos, it’s actually what is in the card that counts the most. From your personalized message to the customized font, style, and text that you choose, your New Year’s cards can add a little bit of your own personality into the mix each and every time.  All you need to do is choose a photograph that you love, select a design from our collection, add a bit of personality and BAM. You have yourself a unique New Year’s card.
Cheers New Year Photo Card
cheers-new-year-bmdd-pp57-chrpch New Years Cards
Dreamy Dot Holiday Photo Card
dreamy-dot-holiday-photo-card-dmdd-pp57hc1115dmdd New Years Cards
Whether you choose to send out invites to a gathering, or simply want to wish your friends and family a happy holiday, we’re here to help. Our superior customer service is standing by to assist you with any of your New Years needs. Be safe, and be satisfied is our motto…
Happy New Years, everyone!
2-300x282 New Years Cards
pdd-logo3 New Years Cards

Custom Gift Tags

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Are you looking to up your wrapping game this year? What about adding a little something extra the next time you wrap a birthday present? If you’re tired of the same old wrapping song and dance, then we have the answer to all your problems: custom gift tags. That’s right folks. Custom tags are the ultimate way to stray from the wrapping herd and make your presents pique with pizzazz every time.

Creating your own personalized Christmas gift tags is a great way to make your packages stand out from the rest. Gone are the days where just skating by on generic gift tags can fill you and your recipient with happiness. We want to introduce you to the ultimate way to jazz up each wrapped present no matter the holiday, with these custom gift tags.

Rustic Christmas Gift Tag

rustic-christmas-gift-tag-pddd-ccsqhc1134 Custom Gift Tags


Traditional Dot Tree Square Sticker

traditional-dot-tree-square-sticker-picpd-stsqdh10am19 Custom Gift Tags


Tagging Around Square Sticker

tagging-around-square-sticker-picpd-stsqdh10tb98 Custom Gift Tags


Prepping Reindeer Square Sticker

peeping-reindeer-square-sticker-picpd-stsqdh10tb20 Custom Gift Tags


Custom stickers come in all shapes and sizes, it doesn’t need to be just holiday specific. In fact, you can use creative and decorative custom stickers for every occasion you want to celebrate! We carry an abundance of stickers for any piece of correspondence you send out, including birth announcements and wedding favor tags. You don’t need to overthink your invites or announcements, but by adding a customizeable sticker, you can add an entirely new level of creativity and whimsy. Take a look at these unique custom stickers.


Baby Boy Bow Square Sticker

baby-boy-bow-square-sticker-pddd-stsqhc1128 Custom Gift Tags


Baby Girl Bow Square Sticker

baby-girl-bow-square-sticker-pddd-stsqhc1129 Custom Gift Tags


Blue Holiday Swag Square Sticker

blue-holiday-swag-square-sticker-fp-stsqhc1100fp Custom Gift Tags


Custom gift tags have never looked better. You don’t need to set up your own sticker printing shop in order to experience what custom gift tags offer. Here at Polka Dot Design, our designs are fresh and one-of-a-kind, featuring some of the best brands in the business. This means that each custom gift tag that you order can be personalized to fit your needs and showcase a little bit of your personality every time.

Imagine adorning your Christmas photo cards with a unique and exclusive custom sticker. Our orders are processed faster than lightning (okay, maybe not that fast) and are delivered with care and precision each time. We even offer Quick Ship products when you’re in a bind and need some quick items sent off! For example, you never actually sent Christmas correspondence to family and friends but told them it was lost in the mail. You still have time to order! Our Quick Ship products have a 1-2 business day processing time after approval, so you can get what you need sent off in no time.

Custom gift tags are available for order with just a few clicks of the mouse. Our promise to you is to deliver exactly what you want, with the detail and professionalism that you deserve.

Wish you and your family a very happy holiday!

2-300x282 Custom Gift Tags

pdd-logo3 Custom Gift Tags


Christmas Address Labels

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Does your outgoing mail require a bit of pizzazz? Are you tired of the same old mail being sent out, with nothing fun or festive on the outside? Well then you have come to the right place. We understand the importance of festively crafting the outside of your outgoing mail to showcase holidays, birthdays, or just-because. But more importantly, when the holidays roll around, we just have to talk about the different Christmas address labels make. I mean, think about it. You’re going to all the trouble to send out these beautiful, festive photo cards featuring your family, but the envelope of the card looks a bit dull. Have no fear, Polka Dot Design is here.


Merry Christmas Tree Round Sticker

merry-christmas-tree-round-sticker-pcdd-strdhc1381pcdd Christmas Address Labels


Grey Holiday Spirits Address Label

grey-holiday-spirits-address-label-pddd-strchc9026 Christmas Address Labels


Wishing You Joy Holiday Label

pcdd-strd-hl1500 Christmas Address Labels


We carry an incredible selection of all different types of address labels for you to add a little bit of personality and flair into your mail. Our holiday address labels are always a hit, especially because of the simplicity that just sticking on a label entails. No more hand cramps from writing out your address, no more blank space in the top of the envelope corner. Return address labels keep things fun and fresh each and every year, but most notably during the holidays.


Merry Santa Round Sticker

merry-santa-round-sticker-pmp-strdhc1136pmp Christmas Address Labels


Christmas Memories Address Label

christmas-memories-address-label-pddd-strchc8049 Christmas Address Labels


Peace, Goodwill, and Happiness Holiday Label 

pcdd-strd-hl1523 Christmas Address Labels


Here at Polka Dot Design, we also carry an incredible collection of personalized address labels, too. You can do your very own customization to tailor make these labels a part of who you are. From snapping a family photo and adding it to the corner, or simply selecting the font, color, and style, creating a personalized address label will save you time and stress all year long.


Abstract Tree Envelope Wrap Address Label

abstract-tree-envelope-wrap-address-label-fp-ewlghc1000fp Christmas Address Labels


Kraft Wishing You Holiday Label

pcdd-strd-hl1533 Christmas Address Labels


3 Stockings Hung Rectangular Sticker

3-stockings-hung-rectangular-sticker-picpd-strcdh10kb4 Christmas Address Labels


Or perhaps you’re looking for unique gift ideas for your friends and loved ones. If so, then you’ll fall in love with our collection of personalized stationery, which makes for a thoughtful gift during the holidays. Our stationery store is jam-packed with goodies to choose from, whether it be kids stationery or calendar pads for the entire family. There is a little something for everyone, which adds a tender touch to each gift idea you purchase.


Colors of the Rainbow Weekly Calendar Pad

colors-of-the-rainbow-weekly-calendar-pad-pddd-calpev1108 Christmas Address Labels


Mountain Family Calendar Pad

pddd-calpev1502 Christmas Address Labels


Colorful Chevron Calendar Pad

colorful-chevron-calendar-pad-pddd-calpev1112 Christmas Address Labels



Maybe you are thinking about a quick DIY project to get your hands dirty this Christmas season. If you’re wondering
how to make return address labels, then look no further. There are so many different ideas that you can use to carefully craft your own address labels and make a one-of-a-kind project a blast. Gather up some resources, hone in on a few ideas, get the kids together, and make address labels that the whole family will enjoy.

With the holidays right around the corner, browse our calendar pads and Christmas address labels for a unique gift that keeps on giving. If you have any questions, make sure to send us a note!

Happy Holidays!

2-300x282 Christmas Address Labels

pdd-logo3 Christmas Address Labels


How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party

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Throwing a stellar cocktail party is surely no easy task. For those who have attempted it already, we applaud you, you brave souls. And for those of you who are looking to host a beautiful, memorable, one-of-a-kind holiday cocktail party this year, all you need are a few quick tips. And guess what? We’ve got them all right here.


First things first—the drinks. 

You can’t throw a holiday cocktail party without drinks, right? So, the best place to start is with the cocktails themselves. You have some options in selecting which tasty beverages you’re going to carefully curate your entire party around, so no pressure. Obviously you can throw a mish-mash of cocktails in the mix and just have your guests bring their own bottles and mixers, but really, what fun is that? The best part about a holiday cocktail party is that there are holiday-specific cocktails! If you’re looking for a few killer cocktail recipes, then Pinterest is an incredible resource. Check out a few of these insanely tasty cocktail recipes and start creating your own cocktail menu!


Christmas Sangria

b3858446ca57a6a945dbacfe2c2ec95f How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party


The North Pole

477825a773b4ff1456ff8373fb67799f How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party


The Lit Reindeer

434e42574489e444bbe018b54b321911 How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party


The Pomegranate Ginger Paloma

dd36c13064411625f984b1228ba24e01 How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party


Choose the right holiday cocktail party invitations.

Lucky for you, we have some of the best cocktail party invitations in the business. Once you have your cocktail menu squared away, it’s time to start sending out holiday invites. You can choose to keep your gathering small, or make it a big to-do. Regardless, sending out the invitations is the best way to know who is coming, who can’t make it, and who will be on your naughty list until your next cocktail party. Take a look at a few of our favorite holiday cocktail party invitations.


Toasty Santa Invitation

toasty-santa-invitation-dmdd-np57hc1250dmdd How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party


Celebrate Champagne Invitation

celebrate-champagne-invitation-pmp-np57hc11105pmp How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party


Christmas Cocktail Invitation

christmas-cocktail-invitation-pddd-np57hc1138 How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party


Cherry Liquor Invitation

cherry-liquor-invitation-ob-ls7001 How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party


Cocktail Time Invitation

cocktail-time-invitation-dmdd-np55hc1118dmdd How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party


Cocktail Napkin Holiday Invitation

cocktail-napkin-holiday-invitation-dmdd-np55hc1123dmdd How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party


Snacks are just as important as the cocktails.

If you’re serving up a slew of alcoholic beverages, then food will be extremely important to help keep your guests in check. After all, nobody wants to throw a party where everyone feels like garbage the next day. Snacks are a great way to keep things simple, while also making sure all your guests are fed. Trays of appetizers, or a big table with snacks will help keep stomachs filled and guests happy. In fact, you can even look up which Hors D’oeuvres pair well with your cocktail menu!


Choose the ultimate cocktail party music.

With mobile apps like Spotify, Pandora, or Apple music, you can personally curate your own sounds to fit the theme or dream of your perfect cocktail party. Creating a music playlist for your party will alleviate any stress that accompanies dead silence, or even that dreaded song you know is secretly stuffed in the depths of your library that will pop on if you simply rely on shuffle. Avoid yourself any embarrassment when The Little Mermaid Soundtrack comes on, and choose your cocktail party playlist ahead of time. Take a listen to this example below by clicking on the photo.

Untitled-600x481 How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party


Throwing a great cocktail party doesn’t need to be stressful, nor break the bank. With a few tips and tricks and some careful planning, you’ll be on your way to an incredibly memorable gathering with friends and loved ones.

2-300x282 How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party

pdd-logo3 How to Throw a Great Holiday Cocktail Party