Summer Party Ideas

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Summer is right around the corner, which means the time for summer parties is nigh. That’s right, the summer season brings about warmer temperatures, longer nights, and of course, memorable weekend parties. Polka Dot Design is gearing up for our biggest summer season yet, with our always-incredible collection of summer party invitations. But wait, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start at the beginning with what type of party you’re looking to throw!

There are a variety of different themes and ideas when it comes to planning the right party. If you’re not looking for just a conventional, run-of-the-mill gathering, then maybe these party ideas will start to get your creative juices flowing. Take a look at a few of these summer party ideas…


The Ever-Popular Pool Party

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard oasis with a pool, then maybe throwing a pool extravaganza is the way to go. Or even so, you don’t need to have a pool to throw a beach or lakeside soiree for your neighbors and friends. Our pool party invitations are festive and entertaining, no matter the demographic of your invitees. Whether it’s a few of your children’s friends for a wet and wild day, or maybe some girlfriends for a spritzer and a soak, we have you covered no matter which direction your pool party is planned for. Have a glance at a few of our favorites.


99 Cents Pool Party Invitation

Pool Party Invitations


Beach Ball Pool Party Invitation

Pool Party Invitation


Breezy Palm Tree Invitation

Pool Party Invitation


Fiesta Party

Another great summer theme idea is throwing an authentic fiesta! Picture: guacamole, tacos, margaritas, and colorful lights, what more could you need? Throwing a Mexican fiesta is a cinch and it all starts with your fiesta invitations. We have a few whimsical invitations that are sure to get your invitees in the spirit of celebration. Take a peek for yourself.


Fiesta Couple Invitation

Fiesta Invitation


Fiesta Flag Banner Invitation

Fiesta Invitation


Fiesta Cactus Invitation

Fiesta Cactus Invitation


Cookout Party

Or maybe you’re looking to throw a good old fashioned cookout! With the days getting longer, and the drinks getting colder, it’s time to throw some food on the grill and gather up your neighbors for a BBQ. Our cookout invitations are ever-popular and carry the theme throughout. Whether you’re grilling with the guys, or inviting family over on a Sunday, we have you covered.


Kissing Pigs BBQ Invitation

Cookout Invitation


Apron Invitation

Cookout Invitation


BBQ Grill Die-Cut Invitation

Cookout Invitation


Chuck Wagon Invitation

Cookout Invitation


There you have it! Some of our most popular summer party ideas to get your started planning. Browse through the rest of our themes and invitations and start getting inspired. It’s time to make sure this upcoming summer is your best yet, and Polka Dot Design is here to help you every step of the way.

How to Plan a Baby Shower

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So you’re looking to plan a baby shower…how exciting! Perhaps you have some knowledge already tucked away but need a refresher, or maybe you’re a newbie looking for where to start! Regardless of where you sit on the Professional Baby Planner spectrum, we’re here to help. While normally we pride ourselves on being your go-to source for baby shower invitations, we’ve decided to take it a step further and help you plan the perfect shower. Let’s start at the beginning with the first step….

Step 1) Choose a Theme

Sometimes the theme is the most important part of the baby shower. Choosing the right theme can make or break your planning process. Why? Because choosing an obscure, somewhat difficult theme will make finding invitations, decorations, and more a real pain. Keep it simple, but something that speaks to the guest of honor, or perhaps speaks to who they hope their child to be.

Step 2) Set A Budget and Create A Guest List

These two go hand-in-hand because how many people you choose to invite to your shower will directly influence the budget. By keeping a guest list small, the budget is lower. Inviting everyone from college and their mothers will make the budget explode. But once you set these two….you’re able to…

Step 3) Choose a Venue

While some women choose to keep in conventional in a home or backyard, some women like to have a baby shower brunch and find a worthwhile restaurant. Setting the budget also directly reflects in where you choose to celebrate. If you’re keeping things on the inexpensive side, then an intimate setting may be required where no venue fees are associated. Keep in mind, too, the venue might not be where you want to splurge the most!

Step 4) Pick the Right Baby Shower Invite

Feel free to use Polka Dot Design for this step because really, our collection of invitations can’t be matched. We have some of the most popular gender neutral baby shower invitations to the most intricately designed onesie baby shower invitations. Have a look at some of our favorites:

Baby Shower Umbrellas

Baby Shower invitations


Baby Shower Animals Lime

Baby Shower Invitations


Baby Shower Words Pink

Baby Shower Invitations


Pattern Cutie Onesie Invitation

Baby Shower Invitations


Beautiful Bassinet Green Invitation

Baby Shower Invitations

As you can see, we have a huge selection of unisex baby shower invitations, in case you’re waiting to find out the gender of your bundle of joy.

Step 5) Plan the Menu

Almost as important as the baby shower invitations are the food options! Make sure the food meshes with what the guest of honor wants, after all it is her day. This maybe where you want to splurge the most. Consider serving mini portions or a few different foods in order to make it easier for guests to manage eating, drinking, and also taking part in the festivities!

Step 6) Games and Party Favors

Games are what make the day unique and memorable, while the favors are a special way to remind the guests that you appreciate their attendance. There are a few popular baby games that people play at shower, like guessing the inches of the guest of honor’s belly or drinking wine from a baby bottle! There are so many different types of games that will surely make the day a blast. You can tie those games, along with the party favors, into the chosen theme!

There you have it! A few easy steps to planning a baby shower…do you feel more prepared? At least we’ve started you on the right track, not to mention given you some adorable baby shower invites to choose from. Happy planning!

How to Write a Thank You Note

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Thank you notes are such a wonderful way to express your gratitude and send words directly from the heart. While some people tend to rely solely on technology as a thank-you-note-substitute, there’s still nothing like receiving a custom thank you card acknowledging your generosity. Try to think back to a time when you received personalized thank you cards in the mail. It was heartwarming, right? To know that somebody took the time to think of you, or an act of service or present that you bestowed upon them, and wanted to return the favor in a genuine way. That is why we cannot let the art of thank you cards die. It brings people together!

For some, though, it’s the actual writing of the card that is the trickiest part. How to write a thank you note can overwhelm some to the point of just scrapping the idea altogether. This is where Polka Dot Design comes in to play. Not only do we have a substantial collection of personalized stationery to choose from when selecting the perfect thank you note, but we also share some of our greatest tips in how to properly write one. Let’s start with the first step, acknowledging when to send a thank you note.

Au Contraire Note Card

Thank you Card


Answer: Always. Hah! That was easy. But in all honesty, there is never a wrong time to send a thank you card. If you feel compelled to thank someone, then you should. When you receive a gift, whenever someone helps you either personally or professionally, when you establish a new professional contact, send a thank you note! Let’s move on to step two: choosing the right thank you note to send.

Here at Polka Dot Design, we have a ton of different types of thank you cards. From custom baby thank you cards, to graduation thank you notes. We cover the gamut of occasions, because thank you notes are always prevalent! Take a look at a few of our favorites to get a feel for what we carry.


Baby Banner Note Card

Thank you Note


Argyle Folded Notecard

Thank You Card


Baby Shower Umbrella Shower Note Card

Thank You Card


There are so many other different occasions for a thank you note, it’s important to find the right design for you.

Next, let’s talk about the inside of the card. Handwriting a message certainly adds a bit of elegance that some situations require. Grab a pen and start writing. Normally, it’s best to address the person “Dear _____” then follow that with “Thank you so much for ______________”. If it’s a gift you received, mention how much you enjoyed the gift and how you plan to use it. If it’s an opportunity you had, then say “Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the sales manager position”. Or maybe some friends had you over for dinner. In that case, say something along the lines of “Thank you so much for the beautiful dinner party you hosted”. These types of messages are direct, but also heartfelt.

The next step in writing the perfect thank you card, is ending the card properly. What’s a proper way to end a thank you card, you ask? It involves continuing the connection you have with that person. This could be something along the lines of acknowledging the next time you will see them, or inviting them to your own function. Facilitating a connection or bond is also a main component of why thank you cards are so important.

Finally, the signature. Sign off in a friendly, pleasant manner. It’ll leave the recipient feeling appreciated and cared for.


Bird Tribal Thank You Card

Thank You Card


So there you have it. A few great ways to guide you through your thank you note process. Don’t let the anxiety of choosing the right card, or writing it out stop you from acknowledging those who care about you. If ever you get stuck, you can always rely on Polka Dot Design to help you through.


Graduation Party Invitations

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The time is fast approaching where friends and family are finishing the completion of huge milestones in their lives—graduation. Whether it’s your nephew in college, or your daughter from Kindergarten, graduating is a momentous occasion and deserves proper recognition in a fun and lighthearted way. Here at Polka Dot Design, we have always been fans of the art of celebration, which is why we have such an extensive collection of invites and stationery to choose from. Celebrating with the right graduation party invitations is easy than you think, and we’re here to show you why. Take a look at some of our best graduation invitations and start the party planning process today.


Confetti Glitter Grad Invitation

Graduation Party Invitations

Flying Grad Caps Gray Invitation

Flying Grad Caps Gray Invitation

Fiesta Grad Invitation

Graduation Party Invitation

Books Invitation

Graduation Party Invitation


No matter the type of party or celebration, we have invitations for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a set of graduation announcements, or you’re ready to invite your family and friends for an extra special day of fun, our invites and cards run of the gamut of what our customers need. Our graduation photo cards for example are always a huge hit between the littlest one graduating pre-school, to your teen saying farewell to their senior year. When you design the photo card, you’re paring your graduate in a stellar photo, with a fun, decorative invite that best represents their personality.

Have a peak and see for yourself.


Pink Chevron Dots Grad Photo Card

Graduation Party Invitation


Blue Hats Off To You Grad Photo Card

Graduation Photo Cards


B+W Plaid Grad Photo Card

Graduation Photo Card


Banner Year Photo Card

Graduation Photo Card

The grad photo cards also add a bit more personality into the mix when you’re sending out invites or announcements. Another great way we’ve found for your graduate to announce their huge achievement is with their very own personalized stationery. Our stationery ranges from thank you cards, to folding note cards, to notepads. Whether it’s a graduation gift, or how they will spread the word about their big day, personalized stationery is always a major hit with the family. Have a glimpse into some of our favorites from our collection.


Chevron Pink Folded Note Card

Personalized Stationery


A Big Hello Flat Note Card

Personalized Stationery


Act of Kindness Slab Pad

Personalized Stationery


Whatever it is you decide on through Polka Dot Design, make sure you take the design process a step further and personalize it. Add a bit of your own character with each photo card you send, or piece of stationery your mail, by customizing your order to suit your needs. You can choose the font, color scheme, and wording however you’d like. Once you’ve taken a look through our graduation party invitations, we guarantee you’ll walk away with something you absolutely love. We carry such an array of choices in terms of stationery, personalization options, and design that you will surely find something that represents the best of who you are. The good news is, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Kentucky Derby Invitations

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The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports.

That’s what people call The Kentucky Derby. This monumental horse race held in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the top events in both socially and athletically, and draws crowds from around the world each and every year. But you don’t need to be in Kentucky to appreciate the excitement and allure of this horse race. You can simply throw your own Kentucky Derby Party! Here at Polka Dot Design, we want your Derby experience to be as enveloping as if you were in the stands. Don’t know where to start? Here is a step-by-step guide to throwing your own Kentucky Derby Party, including some of the best Kentucky Derby Invitations around.

Step One: Understand the Game

To truly throw a Derby party, you need to understand what the heck it’s all about! Impress your guests with fun facts about the historical race. Know your stuff way ahead of time and make the party as informative as it is entertaining!

Step Two: Kentucky Derby or Western Invitations

Amp up the enjoyment factor by sending out official invitations. Take a look at some of our most popular invites and stay ahead of the party-planning race.

Horse Race Invitation


Kentucky Derby Invitation

Chevron Derby Invitation

Kentucky Derby Invitation

Mint Julep Invitation

Kentucky Derby Invitation

Horse Invitation

Kentucky Derby Invitation


Derby Clothing Invitation

Kentucky Derby Invitation


Now that you have the Derby invitations covered, what’s next?


Step Three: Drinks & Food

Ahhh, the Mint Julep. The Kentucky Derby is one of the best reasons to learn how to make mint juleps. Impress your guests with some different modern twists on this classically-cultivated cocktail. As far as food is concerned, you can incorporate any Southern dishes into the mix: Kentucky hot browns, biscuits and gravy, pecan pie—the world is your culinary oyster.

Step Four: Dress Code

Nothing says Derby more than flowery or pastel ensembles. Don’t forget the floppy hats for gals! For guys, normally light light colored linens and bow-ties. As far as themed parties go, Kentucky Derby dress code should be strict, although the color scheme does allow flexibility for your guests.

Step Five: Decorations

Flowers, music, perhaps some horse-inspired regalia throughout. You can get as fun and festive as you please. Like the Kentucky Derby invitations above, you can have room to choose what fits best for both your personality and your party.

And there you have it! You’re ready to throw your very first Kentucky Derby Party. We’re so glad you allowed Polka Dot Design to help with what will be an exhilarating event for both you and your guests.


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