Who Do You Invite to an Engagement Party?

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Bling Invitation

So you are planning your engagement party–first and foremost, KUDOS! The engagement party is one of the more easy-going and lighthearted pre-wedding parties there will be. In fact, consider the engagement party being the event to kick off the festivities that will encompass your entire wedding planning experience. That is why there is so much emphasis on choosing the best engagement party invitations around–they will be the first thing people see as a representation of you both as a couple, so you have to make it as memorable as possible.

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Calla Lily Invitation

Some people ditch the engagement party altogether and instead, prefer to simply send out engagement announcements. This too, is a perfectly suitable option. Engagement announcements are a great way to keep all the friends and family in the loop about the joining of two hearts, without forcing all the hullabaloo of a party. Keeping it simple and easy with a few engagement announcements is a great way to stay classy without any unnecessary primping or planning.

Most people do, however, choose to throw an engagement party, or have one thrown for them. If so, ain’t no shame in your game folks. Engagement parties can be fun for everyone, even the happy couple. But you might be thinking…”well, who the heck do I even invite to an engagement party?” And to be honest, that is a phenomenal question.

couples-shower-invitation-picp-21470i Who Do You Invite to an Engagement Party?

Couples Shower Invitation

First and foremost, proper etiquette states that everyone who is invited to the engagement party should be invited to the wedding, so keep that in mind when you are thinking long term. You might assume that you should invite a few of the acquaintances to the engagement party but not the wedding, and unfortunately that’s not how things normally go. However, keep in mind that you are the master of this ship, so if you want to throw a blowout engagement party and a simple, small wedding that is entirely up to you. Not everyone invited to the wedding needs to be invited to the engagement party, so keep that in mind, too.

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Ampersand Wedding Shower Invitation

So, who do you invite? The families of both sides should be an obvious list-topper, plus close friends, significant coworkers, neighbors, or of course, wedding party members. These are the people you want celebrating this big moment with you. While many people seem to think the engagement party is the most lax of them all and that dropping an invite for their friendly mailman is a good idea, that’s not usually the way to do things.

It also depends on the purpose of your engagement party and who is throwing it. If your family is throwing the party for you as a way to announce your engagement to everyone, then all major relatives and close friends should generally be invited. However, if your sending out some couples invitations on your own behalf and would like a bit more intimate affair to celebrate your engagement, then inviting close, mutual friends or other couples may be just the ticket.

Tip: there are certain people NOT to invite to an engagement party, which includes exes, children, and people who you have no desire to invite to your wedding. Again, this is different for everyone and for the type of party that is occurring, but just keep these tips and guidelines handy when you start shopping for cute party invitations.

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Top 5 People To Not Invite to Your Bachelorette Party

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A bachelorette party is a gathering of friends and family before a wedding with hopes to let loose and have fun prior to the upcoming nuptials. Truthfully, this gig is all about getting together with your closest girlfriends and wedding party people with one goal in mind: to have fun. But for some, it might get confusing in regards to who you should invite or not invite to your bachelorette party. Let’s be honest, planning a wedding is tough work, especially with all the different types of etiquette and obligations in the way. So we’ve simplified it into one quick blog post for you. These are the top people you do not have to invite to your bachelorette party…no strings attached.


4581850297_4441a59fbb_z Top 5 People To Not Invite to Your Bachelorette Party


Someone Who is Not Guaranteed to Receive a Wedding Invitation 

Let’s say you have that friend who always is a good time, but you don’t really trust her around your male family members after a few cocktails…yeaaah, you probably shouldn’t invite her. We all have those friends who are there for a good time, but can easily get out of hand when say, an open bar pops up. If you know for a fact this person is not guaranteed to receive an invite to the wedding, then it is probably best to not include them in the bachelorette party festivities, regardless of how much fun they may be, or the hook up they have at the local club.


6442699209_a6b42a2992_z Top 5 People To Not Invite to Your Bachelorette Party


Your Soon-to-Be Husband’s Cousin’s Fiancé

You are not required to invite every female in your family or in your new family to the bachelorette party. Sure, will some of them possibly be perturbed that they didn’t receive a invite? Maybe. But do not feel obligated to do so. If you’ve never hung out with them one-on-one without your fiancé there with you, then it probably will be awkward hanging out all night on potentially the wildest night of your life, right? There is plenty of time to get to know your fiancé’s family down the road, starting at the bachelorette party is probably a bad idea.


A Co-Worker you Do Not Really Hang With

Maybe you’ve invited a bunch of co-workers to get wild on your last night of “freedom”, but that doesn’t mean that you need to invite everyone. There is probably a woman in your office who is polite enough to ask about your wedding every-so-often, but you don’t really know her outside of those conversations. It’s totally okay to skip the invite. If you don’t hang out outside of the office, then inviting her to the bachelorette party is probably a bad idea. Inviting someone just to be nice will more often than not backfire.


4164251472_5850e06585_z Top 5 People To Not Invite to Your Bachelorette Party


Actually, Any Co-Workers For That Matter…

Look, we understand that co-workers sometimes are the people you spend time with the most, but you do not need to be in your most vulnerable state with people you have to see everyday. If you prefer to keep your work and personal life separate, then a bachelorette party is definitely NOT the time to blur those lines. Believe us, it’s a recipe for disaster.


Your Mother

Okay, okay, we know what you’re going to say. But hear us out. Maybe you have a great relationship with your mother than borders Rory and Lorelai, and totally feel comfortable drinking too much and potentially vomiting by the end of the night in front of each other, and that’s fine. But if you don’t think you can ever erase the image from your memory of your mother getting a dance from the “handyman” that “happened” to show up, then you can politely decline to invite her.

Hopefully this helps in terms of who to invite and not to invite to your bachelorette party. If not, well then just invite everyone and then it’ll be a REAL party.

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How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online

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Starting a blog is no simple feat. Add “making money” to that blog goal and you are in for some work. While many people think being successful off their blog happens practically overnight, they are in for a rude awakening. Blogging takes time, effort, work, and also perseverance. For some, making money off their blogs happens two, three years down the road. Are you ready to make that commitment on a longterm level? If you said yes, then we have good news for you…you can start a blog AND make money AND have fun doing it. With just a few simple steps and loads of commitment, you can accomplish your blog-creatin’, money-makin’ goals in no time.


Start the Blog

Seems like a no brainer first step, right? Starting the blog is a crucial first step though, because well, how the heck can you make money from a blog without a blog?! By starting a blog, this usually means you have an idea churning away in your brain, or a passion that you want to explore. This may be one of the most fun parts of blogging–building your own platform to create content. There are tons of websites and hosting opportunities out there for you to build content, and create a website that you are proud of. WordPress, Weebly, and Squarespace are just a few to start, but make sure you find one that caters to your needs and that you think can help you in a longterm way.


Create Content

The most important part of any blog is the content. People tend to assume that content is the last of your worries with a blog, but believe it or not, the more content you have, the better off your blog with be. We’re talking high quality content, too. Content that is relevant to your blog, and isn’t just littered with keywords for no reason. Google will crawl your blog and verify whether or not it should be searchable for their users. The more relevant content that you blog holds, the higher Google will place your blog in their rankings. So this means–get to writing!


Find a Community

Finding a blog community is an important segue for the next step of the process, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. It is important to find a community for your blog where you can find likeminded creators, garner ideas for new content, share your content, and support one another. Blogging isn’t necessarily a solo-venture, although many people feel that is the case. Blogging itself is a community-driven experience, but when you niche-down and find similar blogs and information like yours, it will help you in a variety of ways. Commenting on other bloggers posts is a great way to not only get your name out there, but show people that you are an “expert” in this area.



Beyond just engaging in a community, you should also engage with everyone that comes to your blog and comments. Comments are pretty huge in the blogging world, and when you engage, you build a rapport with that person. Think about how many times you took the time to actually comment on a blog or article after you read it. Seldom, right? That means that when someone takes the time to comment on your blog, they not only found something of value, but they also went out of their way to share that acknowledgement. Thanking them and responding is a great way to show your respect.



You can’t expect that once you immediately post a blog, thousands of people can find it and start reading. Such is not the case. Once you publish a blog, it shoots out into the inter webs, and you’ll be lucky if someone stumbles across it without any sort of outreach on your part. Outreach is crucial in letting people know you have great content available that is worth checking out. Sending out newsletters each week, starting a social media page, joining forums, and things of that nature are great ways to get start sharing your content with readers.


Start Making Money

So, you built a foundation, you have some great content up, and you’re engaging on a regular basis. What’s next? Time to start making money. This, my friends, may be the hardest part about blogging yet. Making money from your bog isn’t just a one, two, three process. You may have a few different ways that your blog brings in money. Affiliates are one of the most common ways to make money with your blog, as you can write content and link to outside sources, which in turn can help you generate revenue. Affiliate marketing for say, Amazon, can let you link to their products from your content, and if you readers purchase through those links, you will get a percentage of the profits.

Another way to make money from your blog is through advertising and sponsorship opportunities. If your blog is generating decent traffic, then businesses and companies will want to put a banner or ad up on your site for their own benefit. Companies will potentially pay you for ad space or banner space, similar to that of a magazine spread or newspaper. It is important to make sure though, that you have significant enough traffic to offer to the advertiser.

You can also make money from your blog through sponsorship opportunities. There are plenty of companies who are looking for unique, well-read blogs to showcase their products to their readers. Obvious establishing yourself as an expert would be the first step of this process, but it can yield some really big results. People trust an expert, as do companies. And repping their brand on your blog is a great way to garner some extra income.


The-best-healtHow-to-Start-a-Blog-and-Make-Money-Online How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online



Pool Party Ideas

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With summer just around the corner, we are here to tell you that it is about that time to get your pool party planning underway. Consider us your pool party fairies if you will, ready to get you amped and filled with summer party ideas so that this celebration can be as smooth and flawless as ever. Pool parties are a great way to relax and unwind, splashing around with your friends and neighbors and soaking up some summer sun. But throwing the right pool party doesn’t need to take exorbitant amounts of work! Take a look at a few of our pool party themes and ideas to get you started.


11334240825_84b25c7700_z Pool Party Ideas


Graduation Pool Party

There is no better way to celebrate the end of one chapter, and the beginning of summer, than with a backyard pool party. Gather together your loved ones and have a pool party/cookout that blends the outdoors, a nice swim, and some delicious barbecue all in one shot. Whether your child is graduating from elementary school or from high school, a graduation pool party can be an awesome way to celebrate together and welcome warmer days, too.


2847941206_091d5d798d_z Pool Party Ideas


Luau Party

Everyone loves a good luau party, right? We’re talking tiki torches, flowered leis, and fresh coconuts galore. A luau is one of the most enjoyable pool parties you can throw, especially because the decorations are so darn festive. Jazz up your backyard with balloon palm trees, make sure your guests wear their best floral or Hawaiian shirts, throw on your Blue Hawaii album, and dance the night away! There are so many different ideas for tropical cocktails and luau-inspired foods, the planning and decorating options are a’plenty.


11434353664_8b25f521fc_z Pool Party Ideas


Nautical Pool Party

Another fun way to send pool party invitations with a theme is by throwing a nautical pool party! This theme is especially great when you are looking to combine a child’s birthday party with a poolside splash, and need some festivity to go with it. You can decorate in red, white and blue, fit with anchors, boat regalia, and life preservers everywhere. A summer nautical party is a great kid’s theme that will provide endless amounts of seasonal fun.


183383099_0c12856954_z Pool Party Ideas


4th of July Party

If you’re looking for the ultimate 4th of July party idea, then how about a throwing a pool party? Combine this fabulous holiday with some refreshing fun right in your own backyard. Fourth of July brings together family and friends to celebrate the Independence of our country, and with a backyard pool party, the fun and festivity stays right in your home. Put out some sparklers, light up the grill, and get your swim trunks on. This 4th of July party will be the most memorable to date.


Here at Polka Dot Design, we carry summer party invitations in abundance. Summer is one of our favorite seasons, simply because it allows most people the opportunity to cut loose and enjoy the outdoors. If ever you need a few more pool party ideas of your own, don’t be afraid to drop us a line!

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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide You’ve Been Waiting For

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Believe it or not, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I know what you’re thinking–“I have plenty of time don’t rush me!” But truthfully, it’s about a month away as we speak, and isn’t it better to get some gifts and ideas squared away instead of waiting until the last minute?

We think so, too. Thanks to our friends at Beau-Coup, we have an ultimate gift guide for this upcoming Mother’s Day. If you’re like us, you tend to scratch your head when it comes to gifts or ideas that haven’t been done before. Sure, you’ve given your mom a massage before, or a bottle of wine, or a picture frame with an inspired message. Those are the usual go-to’s. But this year, Beau-Coup decided to jazz up the gifts and throw a little bit of creativity into the mix. Take a look at what they have come up with.

Gifts to Mom from the Kids

Okay, so maybe you are hunting for the best gift to give your spouse on behalf of your kids. Not a problem. We have created the ultimate gift guide for gifts from the kids, so that you don’t need to fret. Show your spouse how much you love her, and how much everyone in the family adores and appreciates her every day with these clever and thoughtful gifts.

70682-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Most Awesome Mom Mug

158151-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Mom Ring Dish

71365-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Letters to My Mom Book

185251-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
So Glad Your My Mom Mother’s Day Greeting Card

185274-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Dear Mom I Love You Coffee Mug


Jewelry and Engraved Gifts for Mom

Truth be told, you can never go wrong with jewelry. The tried-and-true gift of the ages, jewelry on Mother’s Days is ALWAYS a good idea. The versatility of giving the gift of jewelry is always there. Especially when you take the time to customize the jewelry, or add a little bit of personality into the gift. Make your mom, or wife feel extra special with a sparkly showpiece that emits love and affection. Take a look at these jewelry gems and see what we mean.
32083-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Locket – Silver Plated – Large Oval

238-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Engraved Rhinestone Toggle Bracelet

67511-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Engraved Jewelry Box

70303-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Engraved Silver Heart Jewelry Box

2754-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Rhinestone and Pearl Earrings


Fun & Novelty Gifts for Mom

Maybe you want to give a less serious gift this year and simply want to put a smile on your mom’s face. If so, then we have the perfect gift ideas for you. Nothing says “I love you” more than going out of your way to make someone laugh, or feel comfortable in their own skin. These novelty gifts do just that. For the mothers in our lives that don’t take themselves too seriously, and just want to have a little fun, these gift ideas are for them.
41664-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Cart at the Liquor Store Beverage Napkin

165062-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
The Beach Is My Happy Place Glass Cutting Board

153713-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Personalized Floppy Sun Hat

150848-0 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Pink PomPom Beach Coverup

111770-500 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
Personalized Plush Spa Robe


With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can have your Mother’s Day shopping finished today. It’s that simple.

As always, we hope you have a Mother’s Day for the books!

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