Free Printable Calendar

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With the new year officially in full swing, it’s time to start planning out the rest of your days with our free printable calendar. That’s right, folks, we said FREE. Most of the calendars we carry are able to be customized in their own right, which let’s be honest–that’s pretty darn cool. However, we decided to make the beginning of 2017 a bit easier on your budget with these incredible printable cal options.


We came up with a beautiful calendar template that all you need to do to use is print this puppy out. It’s that simple. We wanted to allow you the same luxury and creative design that you would normally get through our personalized calendars, but instead give you the chance to download and print and experience what we have to offer before you commit to a particular product. We are so proud of the items we carry, not to mention completely confident in the fact you’ll end up failing in love with our products, too, that we’re giving this one away for free. In order to access the free printed calendars section, save the image below, or view the image in entirety here:


Free-Printable-Calendar-012417 Free Printable Calendar


Besides this free beaut above, we also carry a huge assortment of custom calendar pads for you to enjoy as well. Not only do these customizeable calendars make for the perfect way to start getting organized this year, but they also can make truly stellar gift options. Need something for your child’s favorite teacher? Here you go! A custom calendar that you know they’ll get a ton of use out of.


Another great gift option idea we carry is a set of personalized stationery. Keeping in touch with loved ones can be a chore at times, especially when life seems to get in the way. But communication is more important that ever, and the perfect way to keep friends and family in the loop with your life is through our personalized stationery sets. Add your own text, a particular quote you love, or simply your name and boom–the ultimate correspondence with your own personal flare.


Browse through our online stationery store and get a feel for the products we carry. Our stationery knows no bounds, whether it be a bunch of thank you notes that you can keep on hand, recipe cards that you can fill out with every culinary creation, or just a notepad to hang on your fridge and keep reminders, we have it all. Take a look at a few of our favorites below and start getting excited!


Khaki Savvy Cocktail Notecard
khaki-savvy-cocktail-note-card-fp-ty35py1106fp-300x195 Free Printable Calendar


Baby Safari Blue Thank You
bmdd-fo58bsbsbtyb-300x233 Free Printable Calendar


Ornate Wreaths Notepad
ornate-wreaths-notepad-pddd-nn58pn9011-194x300 Free Printable Calendar


Carrie High Heel Notecard
carrie-high-heel-note-card-fp-ty35ev1122fp-300x195 Free Printable Calendar


Mod Pear Recipe Card
mod-pear-recipe-card-pddd-recpkt9028-300x200 Free Printable Calendar


As always, if you have any questions or inquiries about any of our products, or if you just want to drop a line and tell us how insanely awesome our free printable calendars are, then we’d love to hear from you!
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Pre Wedding Party Ideas

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One of the most enjoyable parts of planning a wedding are the pre-wedding festivities. Planning a wedding can be tough, and oftentimes frustrating. However, the pre-wedding fun, such as the bridal shower or bachelorette party, are normally when the bride and groom can let loose with their friends and loved ones and enjoy the journey toward marriage.

Coming up with wedding invitations or the pre-wedding party ideas is no easy feat, yet it can be an incredibly enjoyable portion of the planning process. We have quite a few ideas that can help you along the way to create a unique, one-of-a-kind party that both you and your guests will never forget. Take a look and see for yourself…


Watercolor Blue Blossoms Invitation

bmdd-np57wswbbiw Pre Wedding Party Ideas

The bridal shower is always a fun way to gather the girls together and celebrate your upcoming nuptials. There are quite a few bridal shower ideas to toss around in order to create a memorable and special occasion. We have the perfect invitations for each and every theme or idea, so don’t be afraid to think a bit outside the box! Here are a few bridal shower party ideas for you to consider and use to get the ball rolling.


Kitchen Shower

Many couples look to fill up their kitchen with a kitchen shower theme. This type of bridal shower means that guests are encouraged to bring kitchen gadgets and gifts for the couple to use and display throughout their new home. Also, it could indicate a family recipe swap, a kitchen congregation for the party, or even a cooking bonanza where food and fun is traded with ease.

Kitchen Canisters Invitation

kitchen-canisters-invitation-pddd-np49ws9013 Pre Wedding Party Ideas


Lingerie Shower

If you’re looking for a more lighthearted and risque bridal shower theme, then a Lingerie Shower will be the perfect option. Guests will be able to spoil the bride with gifts of lingerie and sexy sleepwear. A Lingerie Shower may feature more flirty gifts and clever ideas, perfect for the new couple to indulge.

A Little Something Blue Invitation

a-little-something-blue-invitation-sldd-np58-dprs-14296 Pre Wedding Party Ideas
Bridal Luncheon

Or if you’re looking for a more chic and sophisticated bridal shower, then a Bridal Luncheon is an excellent choice. This traditional choice showcases a more classic bridal shower theme, with a gift exchange, games, and whimsical banter over a wonderful meal celebrating the bride.

Celery Wrap Invitation

celery-wrap-invitation-ob-3926 Pre Wedding Party Ideas
Bridal Brunch

Similar to the Bridal Luncheon, you can also host a Bridal Brunch! This just means that the meal would be a bit different (ie: probably more pancakes and mimosas), and can even feature an afternoon of tea. The Bridal Brunch is a more modern party which specifically fits into a particular time of day.

Mimosa Invitation

mimosa-invitation-ss-aw895 Pre Wedding Party Ideas

Around the Clock Shower

Another great idea for a bridal shower is the Around the Clock Shower. For this popular shower idea, every guest is assigned a specific time of day. According to that particular time, guests are asked to bring a gift that equates to that time. For example, 6am-7am can be a coffee maker, yoga mat, or sexy sleepwear! 9am can be a new waffle maker, or juicer! The Around the Clock Shower can be a great way to get creative and add a mix of unique fun into the occasion.

Around the Clock Invitation

around-the-clock-invitation-picp-21893i Pre Wedding Party Ideas

No matter what type of bridal shower theme you land on, we are here to help every step of the way. We want each occasion and gathering to be as special and unique as you are, especially allowing for your big day to be one for the books.

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Free Printable Fall Baby Shower Invitations

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Life can be quite busy at times, especially toward the end of the year. Fall and winter are the busiest of months, between school starting, more weddings than ever, and the holidays rapidly approaching. We decided to ease up a bit of your end-of-year burden by releasing a few free printable fall baby shower invitations. If you just don’t have the time or desire to curate your own perfect invitation, then a few free printables will help. Check out this featured baby shower printable that you can use for your next hosting gig.
Fall-Baby-Shower-Invitation-1321-429x600 Free Printable Fall Baby Shower Invitations
What makes free printable invitations so desirable? For starters, they are a simple way to invite your friends and family to your next gathering without any of the extra fuss. There is no need to take the time to browse all the invitations, find one that fits your need, customize it to your liking, then wait for them to arrive. With free printable invitations, you can have your invites with a few clicks of the mouse and a solid printer, it’s that easy. Heck, you can even take your design to your local FedEx Kinkos and have it printed there! Easy, free invitations without having to wait. It’s that simple…
Remove a few steps out of your next hosting gig with free baby shower invitations. Throwing a baby shower tends to be quite a bit of work, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can still find beautiful, creative, and special invitations without going to all the hassle of personalizing them.
The good news is, too, that if you love the printable design shown above, then you can absolutely take the time to customize it to your liking. Click on the custom invitation like here and begin the process of creating your very own, personalized fall baby shower invite.
If you’re looking for more custom printed baby shower invitations, then you’ve also come to the right place. Here at Polka Dot Design, we feature an extensive, and exclusive array of baby shower invitations that can be customized exactly how you like. For those expectant couples who are looking to jazz up their upcoming baby shower extravaganza, you can browse our collection of invites for a one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia to share with friends and loved ones. Here are a few of our favorites to pique your interest…
Watercolor Blossom Wreath Chalkboard Invitation
bmdd-np57bswbwcib Free Printable Fall Baby Shower Invitations
Baby Safari Pink Invitation
bmdd-np57bsbspib Free Printable Fall Baby Shower Invitations
Diaper Pins Shower Invitation
diaper-pins-invitation-picpd-np57bs21971i Free Printable Fall Baby Shower Invitations
Chevron Elephant Onesie Invitation
chevron-elephant-onesie-invitation-pddd-nponbs1316 Free Printable Fall Baby Shower Invitations
Whether you choose a free printable invitation or wish to go the whole nine yards and customize your invitations as you need, Polka Dot Design will be here to make sure the process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.
2-300x282 Free Printable Fall Baby Shower Invitations
pdd-logo3 Free Printable Fall Baby Shower Invitations

Tea Party Invitations

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One of the classiest, most sophisticated parties someone can throw is a classic tea party. Here at Polka Dot Design, we carry a variety of Tea Party Invitations, which feature a wide array of designs and styles in order to fit any occasion presented to us. Whether you’re hosting a few of your child’s friends for a birthday party filled with delightful dish, or gathering the gals for a chic afternoon of tradition and elegance, we have the tea party ideas for you.


Purple Sip and See Tea Enclosure Card

purple-sip-and-see-tea-enclosure-card-pddd-drecbs8100 Tea Party Invitations


Stacked Cups Invitation

stacked-cups-invitation-ss-ad776 Tea Party Invitations


If you’re searching for proper themes for parties, then a tea party is the perfect choice. The way tea parties are traditionally held includes no more than 8 guests, as it intends to be a more cozy affair—plus a few varieties of teas to choose from. Tea party invites are sent out to the guests and RSVP is required. The host then gathers proper tea supplies, such as spoons, napkins, small plates, tea cups, and pots, and starts to organize the party. Setting the table for a tea party is an important step, as it usually is the focal point of the entire day. Make sure anything necessary for the tea party is on the table, such as lemon, honey, milk, or sugar.

In order to throw a tea party, there are certain things to plan in advance. For example, what to serve at a tea party is one of the most common questions asked. Traditionally, tea parties include many different pastries, breads, crackers, or cookies which pair nicely with tea. You can choose from scones, muffins, tea sandwiches, or jams—just make sure to keep it light but also accessible. Tea parties don’t necessarily serve meals, but more of a light bite in between meals.


Pink Tea Cup Invitation

0000839_aw965w-pink-tea-cup-with-glitter Tea Party Invitations


Green Sip and See Tea Invitation

green-sip-and-see-tea-invitation-pddd-np58bs8099 Tea Party Invitations


Green and Pink Tea Party Invitation

green-and-pink-tea-party-invitation-dmdd-np57bd1030dmdd Tea Party Invitations


While tea parties were a more a popular social event in the early 1800s, to this day they still enchant and delight each and every guest that participates.  For those who were looking to host a kids birthday party and decided on a tea party, we have an assortment of invitations that’ll fill each recipient with the wonderment of what is to come. Take a look at our elegant and adorable tea party birthday invitations, and start your party planning today.


Fancy Fleur Kettle Invitation

fancy-fleur-kettle-invitation-pddd-np58ws9147 Tea Party Invitations


Blue Pattern Tea Cup Invitation

blue-pattern-tea-cup-invitation-pcdd-np57ws1181pcdd Tea Party Invitations


Our online party invitations are perfect for any occasion. We feature a collection of invitation templates for you to choose from, in order to find something that’ll represent your occasion or gathering perfectly. Regardless of if you’re searching for kid’s birthday party ideas, or need an event for the gals in your life, a tea party is a great way to unite friends and loved ones in a classic, traditional setting.

For any of your tea party needs, Polka Dot Design is here to help you host one heck of a party.

2-300x282 Tea Party Invitations

pdd-logo3 Tea Party Invitations


How to Create Party Invitations

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In today’s day and age, most people are all about DIY. Doing something yourself, not only provides you with personal fulfillment, but it also allows you to pick and choose and tailor invitations exactly how you want them and need them every time. Making your own party invitations can be an extremely rewarding, yet oftentimes frustrating process. However, we have a few steps in which you can learn from, in order to create your own birthday invitations.


Find a Theme or Style

Figuring out a theme, or deciding on party invitations ideas are a great place to start. There are so many different types of parties someone can throw, it can be a bit overwhelming to some. For example, are you looking for invitations to kids parties, or are these wedding invitations? Are you throwing a Mexican Fiesta party, or an elegant brunch? Deciding on the theme and style of the party can help you narrow down ideas and designs, which will make creating the invitations that much more of a snap.


Get Inspired

Creating party invitations doesn’t necessarily mean you need to put in all the original imaginative ideas and creative road maps. In fact, we encourage you to peruse our party invitations online first, in order to get inspired! Here at Polka Dot Design, we pride ourselves on having one of the biggest and most comprehensive collections of invitations in the game, which is why we have ideas a’plenty. Browse our invitations online and start getting creatively motivated today.



Start Customizing the Process

One of the best parts about creating your own party invitations is the fact that you can customize each invite exactly how you need. Pepper in some of your own personality into the mix. By using some of our own design templates, you can create a unique, one-of-a-kind invitation fit with your own choice of text, design, and font. Being able to customize birthday invitations is something we pride ourselves on here at Polka Dot Design, as we understand the importance of both creativity and individuality.

Be your own party invitations maker and create special invites for any occasion. Each online creation from our website comes with a free online proof so you can perfectly tailor each invitation to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to create a house-warming invitation like no other, or all your bridal party invitations in one fell swoop, Polka Dot Design is here to help you every step of the way. With over 8,000 designs, all created exclusively for our customers, we take pride in knowing that you won’t find these fresh designs anywhere else.

Happy crafting!

2-300x282 How to Create Party Invitations

pdd-logo3 How to Create Party Invitations