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As the temperatures bounce back from their all-time lows, and as much of the snow melts from wintertime, the warm breeze and Daylight Savings reminders nudge us in the direction of making the ultimate springtime plans. Maybe for you that means hosting a garden party, or perhaps that just means that it is officially time to order your wedding invitations. If you answered the latter, then boy, are you in for a treat.

ss77 Wedding Invitations

Ivory Wedding or Deb Gown Invitation

The thing about Polka Dot Design that we are really proud of…ahem, besides our invitations…is that we carry a ton of invites, stationery, and notecards that you really can’t find anywhere else. We like the idea of being the number one provider of the most exclusive invitations around. Because the best part about it all is that we take that exclusivity and turn it into a product that can be personalized and customized the way that you need. It’s simple, really.

Most people enjoy the idea of having one-of-a-kind products especially when it comes to their wedding. If you’re looking for a little help in terms of exclusivity for your upcoming bridal shower, or pre-wedding party, then we have some true gems for you.

WOFIW-467x600 Wedding Invitations

Wood Floral Wedding Suite Invitation

Are you planning your bachelorette party as we speak? Keep things easy and organized with a unique set of bachelorette invites that can remove the hassle of sorting, inviting, and gathering together friends and family to celebrate. Take a look at some of the best that we carry and start getting inspired for your pre-wedding planning.

ERGIW-467x600 Wedding Invitations

English Rose Garden Wedding Suite Invitation

Maybe you’ve already got your bachelorette party invites covered and now you’re onto the engagement party invitations. Sometimes planning the engagement party can be the most enjoyable part of the pre-wedding fun. It’s lighthearted, free-spirited festivity that doesn’t have the same pressure that say, the wedding holds. Whether you choose to plan a big soirée, showcasing who you are as a couple, or you want to throw a simple rehearsal dinner for a few close friends, we have the invites you need to eliminate any of the unnecessary planning snafus.

Sometimes people find the hardest part of any wedding planning or invitation design process being the pre-wedding party invitation wording. You don’t have to have an English degree, or minor in creative writing to craft a beautifully written or cleverly inspired invitation. We make the invitation-creation process as simple as possible when we combine our wording ideas with your special occasion. Whether you need a quick quip to bring a little bit of fun to the party, or something sentimental to illustrate your feelings to the invitee, we provide all the wording you need to get your invitation in tip top shape.

Let us help you craft and create the best wedding invitations you have ever seen.


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Nautical Birthday Invitations

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We often get contacted by customers looking to switch up their birthday celebration and throw a party that is unique and potentially uncharted in terms of theme. While we have a plethora of ideas and party themes to choose from on our site that stay tried-and-true no matter the gathering, we also want to highlight a particular type of party that maybe you haven’t considered before: The Nautical Birthday Party.


Whether you are throwing a party for your nephew who loves boats, or you yourself are a yachting captain, wanting to set sail on a birthday celebration honoring your hobby, we have the best and bravest nautical birthday invitations you have ever seen.

Take a look at our most popular collection, and find your inspiration to start planning.

evening-afloat-invitation-ob-3-1638-392x600 Nautical Birthday Invitations

sailboat-invitation-pspdd-np58bd235-389x600 Nautical Birthday Invitations













anchors-away-invitation-ss-a844 Nautical Birthday Invitations








cove-invitation-ob-3986-391x600 Nautical Birthday Invitations

























The truth is, nautical themed birthday party invitations can run the gamut on party planing ideas. Whether you are looking to celebrate an engagement party dinner cruise on the open sea, or you want to host a beach party to end all beach parties, nautical themed party invitations can go a long way. Filled with the most detailed and creative anchors, seahorses, and nautical-inspired regalia, hit the high seas with these clever birthday invitations.

Or perhaps you are looking to throw the ultimate crab boil in your neighborhood and need a few printable crawfish and oyster-inspired invites to send to your friends and family. There is nothing like gathering together for a good old fashioned seafood extravaganza, and we have the perfect invitations to get started.


Crawfish Invitation
crawfish-invitation-ob-6027 Nautical Birthday Invitations


















Chesapeake Treasure Invitation

chesapeake-treasure-invitation-ob-3808-600x405 Nautical Birthday Invitations













Crab Invitation

crab-invitation-slc-ss151 Nautical Birthday Invitations













The thing about nautical themed invitations that are so darn fascinating, is that there always is a little bit of nostalgia tied into the mix. Some people revert back to their childhood, playing with their sailboats in endless fascination, while others dream about living on the coast with their family, waking up to the sounds of the sea and surf every morning. There is something so classically timeless that surfaces with each nautical party, it is no wonder why they are celebrated with such class.

Nautical themed parties also allow you to stretch your creative wings and get really clever in decorations and details. Craft elegant centerpieces out of sanded driftwood, or make mosaic sea glass art to adorn each place setting. You can even place name cards inside of bottles in order to direct guests where to sit for dinner. Throwing a party centered around a nautical theme means that you can get lost in another world completely, and allow your guests to experience it all with you.

As always, any questions or ideas that you would like to throw our way, we are all ears! Here at Polka Dot Design, we want your invitation crafting experience to be as flawless as fun as possible. Shoot us an email, drop us a line, or cast your reel in our direction. We are ready to help with all of your nautical birthday invitation needs.

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polka-dot-design-blog Nautical Birthday Invitations

College Graduation Announcements

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It is almost that time again–time to celebrate all your accomplishments, or those of your children with a fun and festive graduation party. It doesn’t matter if it is your small child graduating from kindergarten or a coworker graduating from technical school–graduating anything is no small feat and should be celebrated accordingly each and every time.


grad-patterned-tutti-invitation-rb-np58gd1224rb College Graduation Announcements

Grad Patterned Tutti Invitation


The thing about graduation announcements is that they are a epic way to let friends and family members know about the accomplishments made throughout the year, and invite them to celebrate along with you. High school graduation deserves to be respected and honored as the completion of a very important goal, which is why graduation announcements are a crucial way to let everyone know just how far you or your loved one have come.


brown-dots-and-confetti-invitation-sldd-np58gddgc516 College Graduation Announcements

Brown Dots and Confetti Graduation Invitation


What are college graduation announcements you may be wondering? Ultimately, they are cards you send out to friends and loved ones letting them know that there is a graduate in your family. Consider is a way of bragging, if you will. Because graduation is such a remarkable moment no matter what it is that was completed or accomplished, it is only right for those achievements to not go without acknowledgement.


kadd-np57py1514-429x600 College Graduation Announcements

Beach Sunset Party Invitation


We also feature an incredible collection of graduation invitations to choose from as the next step in the process. After the announcements comes the actual party planning process, which is where the party invites come into play. Here at Polka Dot Design, we carry a wide selection of invites cards and party invitations graduation-inspired fit with a cap and gown and unique accoutrements. Make your college graduation invitation really shine with a more personable feel to it–reflecting the character and personality of the person celebrated. Browse a few of our most coveted graduation invites for your elementary or high school graduate students.


bmdd-np57gd1400bmdd-429x600 College Graduation Announcements

Beautiful Balloons Grad Invitation


Celebrate life and the achievements that come with it. Graduation announcements and graduation invitations are a special way to curate a party for you or your loved one and provide them the keys to success that they deserve. We carry some of the most unique invitations in the game, which only makes the party planning process easier. Show your high school graduate the love and admiration they should receive with a one-of-a-kind celebration honoring their triumphs and victories, no matter how large or small.

Happy Graduation to all!

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polka-dot-design-blog College Graduation Announcements

Where Can I Get Cute Bridal Shower Invitations?

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See, we’re not the only ones.

Truth be told, we want you, yes YOU, the customer, to feel completely confident knowing that over here at Polka Dot Design, we will always carry the best, brightest, and most unique bridal shower invitations in the game. No matter what your theme is for your shower, or what direction you decided to take in terms of decorations or design, we have you covered when it comes to the specialty invites. With a one-of-a-kind personalization process and online design studio, you can completely customize your bridal showers invites exactly as you need. Take a look at a few of our bridal shower invites and start getting a feel for what we carry.


Pretty Peonies Floral and Chevron Invitation

pretty-peonies-invitation-pspdd-np58ws1174pspdd-194x300 Where Can I Get Cute Bridal Shower Invitations?












Gold Glitter and Mint Invitation

pddd-np57py1618-215x300 Where Can I Get Cute Bridal Shower Invitations?












Calla Lilly Invitation

calla-lily-invitation-ob-3845-203x300 Where Can I Get Cute Bridal Shower Invitations?












But it also goes beyond just sensational bridal shower invitations. We also carry a stellar collection of wedding invitations, too. No matter what you seek to order during your wedding planning process, we want to be your go-to source and get more than one item checked off your list. Think about it–where else can you purchase wedding invites, pre-wedding invites, bridal shower invitations, and rehearsal dinner invitations all in one fell swoop?!

Polka Dot Design, that’s where.

If you don’t believe us, then maybe we need to start back at the beginning with the video above. Let’s press play one more time…

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pdd-logo3 Where Can I Get Cute Bridal Shower Invitations?

Celebrate the Big Day with Customized Graduation Announcements

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Graduation is a significant time in your child’s life. It is that one moment when they can feel the transition from one phase into another. Graduation is the first step towards the independence your child has been so enthusiastic about for the past few years.

On the other hand, it is the time of the year that they can really feel proud of their child’s accomplishments and encourage them in the right direction.

There are so many ideas to celebrate this day. You should start with some creative graduation announcements and graduation invitations.

Graduation Announcements at Polka Dot Design

Polka Dot Design offers a variety of creative graduation announcements. Many designs have bright colors but the range includes something to satisfy all kinds of choices. From minimalist to highly dynamic, Polka Dot Design has some stunning variety for graduation announcements.

Photo Graduation Announcements

One of the creative ways you can make the graduation day even more special for your child is by sending personalized graduation announcements. At Polka Dot Design, you can select the photo designs where you can add a photograph of the graduating child to the announcement.

When selecting a photograph to add, choose a clear one that is focused on the personality of your child.

How to Choose a Graduation Announcement

At Polka Dot Design, as mentioned earlier, has a variety of designs. Many people have difficulty choosing the best graduation announcement. The best tip is to choose a design that matches your graduating child’s personality. Whether you have girl or boy celebrating the big day, you will find cool templates at Polka Dot Design. Talking about the templates, choose carefully according to what kind of information you want to add.

Customized Designs

Polka Dot Design offers quite the convenience to its customers. If you have your own design in your mind, you can customize your very own graduation announcement. Furthermore, you can tweak the existing the design as well to meet your own requirements.

Graduation Invitations

If you are planning a party for the graduation, then you can choose some beautiful graduation invitations at Polka Dot Design as well. The invitations also come in a variety of templates. You can keep it simple, pick neutral colors or go all out with eccentric designs because there is a design for every type of taste.

Polka Dot Design not only offers great variety in graduation announcements and invitations but templates are available at affordable prices as well. We deliver impeccable quality to make sure that the special day can be celebrated with all the grandeur you want for your child.

After you have selected the right template and placed the order with us, we take it as an important responsibility to deliver your stock timely. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being late in sending out the announcements and invitations to all the people you and your child values.