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{Party Tip} Ensure Guests Dance the Night Away!

HowToEncourageDancing {Party Tip} Ensure Guests Dance the Night Away!

There’s much more to consider when planning a party than simply choosing beautiful decorations and delicious desserts. There’s always the question of what you and your guests will do – and what better way to celebrate than dance?

Through my personal experience in dancing, I’ve realized how relaxing and fun social dancing can be, and what a natural fit it is with celebrations. By renting a local dance studio or dance hall to host your party, you’ll be certain to make your next party a night to remember for you and your guests! Many studios can provide you with a dance floor, special lighting, tables and chairs, a kitchen, an instructor, a DJ, a wide music selection, and even an introductory classes of whichever dances you prefer, from Salsa to Line Dancing, Swing to Merengue, or my personal favorite: Social Tango (also known as Argentine Tango.)

Party Tips:

  • Try keeping the lights slightly dimmed for your guests. People, especially men, are much more likely to dance if they feel like they’re not on display.
  • Placing a list of etiquette tips or general information regarding “the basics” of social dancing on each table can help to create a more comfortable and pleasant experience for everyone.
  • Remember that social dancing isn’t about being perfect. It’s about opening your heart, feeling the moment with someone else and learning new ways to make that moment feel better together.
  • Try not to distract yourself or your partner by making conversation. Just dance. And always avoid correcting your partner or teaching on the social dance floor.
  • To overcome nervousness or “stage fright,” put your entire focus into trying to feel what your partner is feeling – every moment. If your mind is completely focused on what your partner is feeling (as it should be), then you won’t be able to wonder what everyone else is thinking!
  • Whatever happens… let it go. Dance the moment. Don’t think, just feel. Relax your mind. Melt into the moment. Listen to the music, feel what’s there, and trust yourself to intuitively find new ways to make every moment feel even better.
  • Lastly – remember to dance! Avoid the trap of just shuffling through the step or the pattern. Listen to the music, let it move you, and whatever “step” you are doing – dance it!
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