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{Photo Tip No. 2} Location, Location, Location

If you’re just tuning in, today marks the second installment of our Photo Tip Week! {So, don’t forget to check out Tip No. 1 Finding the Right Light} All this week, we are so excited to pass along photo guru Arden Prucha Jenkins’s tips on how each of us can take a great family portrait for this year’s Christmas card, no matter your level of photography skills.

Elevate the tired porch, couch or front yard scene, and instead go for the “Wow! Where are they?” reaction. If you do, your loved ones are sure to appreciate seeing a background that fits your personality, and seeing you shine through in your image. Here’s her best tip: Think unique.

We’ve all seen the traditional fireplace or Christmas tree shot. But there are so many more locations to choose from than those. Arden is a fan of anything vintage, urban or contemporary, like cool old boat docks, museums, downtown walls, a pretty field or old church doors. If outdoors, capture your portrait two hours prior to the sunset and take advantage of beautiful golden sunlight (try not to face west if possible.) At all costs, avoid photographs taken between 10-2 p.m., when the sun is overhead.

These images in front of the rustic wall are of Polka Dot Design’s Meredith, Kelly and Kristen and were taken in bright morning sunlight with flash, due to the shadows that the early morning sun caused. The images of the three of them in front of the beyond gorgeous, ornate iron doorway were also taken in bright sunlight, but without a flash. It wasn’t ideal, but we made it work.


Location {Photo Tip No. 2} Location, Location, Location

On Wednesday, we’re talking wardrobe. Yes. It does matter what you wear. Arden will give us tips on how to dress for your portrait. (Hello, shopping trip!)

Also, don’t forget how much we’d love to have you join in Friday’s Q & A session. Comment on this post with any of your photo-related questions or tweet us, and Arden will respond in Friday’s blog post.

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