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{Photo Tip No. 3} Dress the Part

Now that photographer Arden Prucha Jenkins has addressed the lighting and location in photo tips No. 1 and No. 2, it’s time to think about what to wear. In the photo, strive for a balance between expressing your personality yet still keeping the focus on you, and not your over-the-top outfit.

For a modern look, there is no need to coordinate with the rest of the family in those tired white shirts and jeans. Arden says matching outfits are definitely out, since we’ve all seen that or done that.

Instead, dress your family in different colors or shades. Consult a color wheel so everyone will be wearing complementary colors. {That’s she and her family, looking perfectly coordinated, in the photos below.}

For your attire, Arden suggests lots of color and your favorite accessories. Colder temperatures are perfect for classic or whimsical scarves, boots, hats or cozy, layered clothing. Or create some interest with patterns and jewelry, just don’t go overboard, she says. Maybe you’re stylish, funky, preppy or a combination of all those things! Now is the time to define your style.

Arden says to wear a color that pops out from the background, and doesn’t blend. So, no wearing green if you’re taking a photo in a grassy field, or no brown if you’ll be in front of a cool, antique rusted door. Arden suggests keeping in mind too that reds and whites are typically not camera friendly, especially in bright sunlight.

What are you planning to wear? Want to run it by Arden? Don’t forget that she will be addressing all your photo questions on Friday. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post or tweet us with your question, and that’s pretty much it.

Yeah, that’s right. Being fabulous just got a little bit easier.


DressthePart {Photo Tip No. 3} Dress the Part


Oh, and check back Thursday for Arden’s Photo Tip No. 4, her final tip on how to pose in the portrait.

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