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{Photo Tip No. 4} Strike a Pose

Today marks the fourth and last of photographer Arden Prucha Jenkins’ simple tips on taking a great photo for this year’s holiday photo card. Arden says that posing is probably the most difficult part of the photo process.


She says to think outside the box, and try to be as natural as possible.

Do you have a cool vintage or streamline sofa or chairs? If so, use it in the photo! Check out how cute and out-of-the ordinary those two chairs look in the photos below. What a fun way to make your image that much cooler, and it gives you places to pose people. 

Arden suggests that if you have a lot of people, separate them in groups, just like the family of four photographed below is posing with the two kids separate from the adults.

Her first priority is always to make sure all the subjects are in the photo. That’s right. No more strategically hiding behind your children or your dogs. Why send a photo card to your friends if you aren’t in it? Exactly.

Make sure that people are in “windows” – nice open spaces so that everyone can be seen. Change up poses or adjust the zoom every couple of minutes to create variety.

Or set up your camera on a tripod with the self-timer and see what candid, sweet expressions you can capture. Family members casually interacting with each other will make for a great image, and it won’t be the typical cheesy pose.


StrikeAPose {Photo Tip No. 4} Strike a Pose


Tomorrow, Arden will address all the questions that we’ve been compiling from readers all week. So check back here Friday for her answers.

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