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Top Free Fonts for Your Holiday Party-Invitations

Holidays are just around the corner! Which means that if you’re anything like us where you prefer to get a jumpstart on planning, then it’s time to start thinking invitations. Holiday parties are one of the highlights of the season, where people can let loose and release their stresses from planning for one night. So it’s no wonder that everyone wants to make their holiday invitations are perfect as possible. But before you jump into the libations and decorations and playlists that will make your spirit bright, it is always best to start at the beginning. Which obviously means holiday party invitations.

Hosting your own holiday celebration means that you need to send out invites and gather together your friends and family for a night they’ll never forget. Here at Polka Dot Invitations, we pride ourselves on the choice we give to customers to create a one-of-a-kind holiday invitation that speaks to all their wants and needs. This means that each holiday invitation that we provide can be fully customized as needed. Not only can the invitation be customized to fit the customer’s design scheme and wording, but also the fonts can be chosen to jazz up the invitation, too. There are a variety of free fonts that can be chosen to make any holiday invitation special, and we have some of the best to choose from right here.

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It’s worth noting that there are different kinds of typestyles that can be used within an invitation from Polka Dot Invitations. As seen above, the typestyles vary depending on need and wording used. For example, the Accent Typestyle is preferable for accented names or events, while text styles with an M next to it work for the main body of the invitation. Take a look at some of the best typestyles we offer and the occasion for which they work best.


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Amazone is one of the more versatile fonts we offer, as it can be used for a variety of invitation reasons. Amazone can be used as a Script Typestyle, an Accent Typestyle, an Exclusive Collection as well as for Wedding programs. That kind of versatility is important and can provide more of an option for customers to cover all their bases.


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CAC One Seventy can be used for a variety of purposes, but it also it pretty darn cool to look at. This particular font can be used as a main font for the bulk of the invitation, or for exclusive invites, too. But also, the CAC One Seventy is a popular choice for children’s invitations. There is something delightfully whimsical about the font type that makes everything lighthearted and fun.


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The thing about this fabulous font is that you can find both refinement and class without the use of script or cursive. Many different customers want sophistication, but they do not want to use a cursive font. Centaur is the perfect meeting point. Not only is there something more classy about this font, but it is simple to read and elegant to see.


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Got That Bling is a very common font used, because not only is is easy to read, but also very enjoyable to look at. There is something extremely fun about this font that exudes an attitude of whimsy and delight and can make any invitation an experience unto itself.


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Pupcat is another unusual font, but unique in its own right. With lowercase letters mixed with uppercase letters, something about Pupcat just works for an invitation that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Whether it’s a cocktail holiday party, an ugly sweater Christmas event or something lighthearted and fun, Pupcat is your answer.


Polka Dot Invitations has a variety of typesets and fonts to choose from for your next holiday adventure. If you want to take a gander yourself, then click here. Otherwise, you can start shopping for holiday invitations and then move on to fonts from there!

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