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Theme Party Thursday: December Graduation Party

Plaid Grad Theme Party Thursday: December Graduation Party

Amid the upcoming hustle-and-bustle holiday season, don’t forget to take the opportunity to commemorate the accomplishment of the December college graduate. This woodsy and preppy plaid theme is perfect for the winter season, but it takes on a distinct feel from other traditional holiday décor. Let the graduation invitation set the tone for the party, and select a classic plaid pattern like Plaid Grad in Pink  or black from Paper So Pretty. From there, the possibilities are endless. A cupcake station can take center stage on the table setting and it is also a nice way for everyone to feel like part of the party. You might even have some go-getters that really take the theme to heart and whip up some tartan cupcakes. Otherwise, if you have the time, try creating festive plaid patterns with icing yourself. Plaid pinwheels can be placed in bud vases on the buffet table, or in cakes or cupcakes as well. And plaid coasters are an easy do-it-yourself project, and they can actually be used throughout the holidays. Vases of red roses embellished with tartan plaid ribbon will tie the tabletop together. Green, yellow and red paper party supplies will look great, and will make clean-up a breeze. After the event, a modern flat note card serves as the perfect thank you note.