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Theme Party Thursday: Cotton Candy Birthday Party

cottoncandy Theme Party Thursday: Cotton Candy Birthday Party

Just the sight of cotton candy can make anyone envision the melt-in-you-mouth flavor that is like nothing else in this world.

Cotton candy is both a treat for the taste buds and for the eyes. So, even if the sugary stuff is not a favorite treat of yours, everyone can agree that there is something blissfully beautiful about the pink confection. Many remain delightfully mystified about how something with such a fluffy, light-as-air quality can pack such flavor.

Why not play up the fun treat for your next birthday party, and have a cotton candy theme? It would be very cheerful at a sweet sixteen party, and could also translate well for a little girl’s birthday party.

{Sweet Treats} Cotton Candy Cupcakes

{Note Cards}

Pink Candy Store Stripe Note Card

Pink Back to Basics Thank You

Pink Damask Monogram Thank You

{Favor} Cotton Candy Soap

{Decorate} Baker’s Twine

{Decorate} Party Poms

{Favor Labels}

Twin Girl Color Blocks Square Stickers

Elegant Pink Blocks Square Stickers

Twin Girl Simple Ribbon Square Stickers

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