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Theme Party Thursday: Mexican Fiesta Rehearsal Dinner

fiesta rehearsal dinner(1) Theme Party Thursday: Mexican Fiesta Rehearsal Dinner

The evening before the wedding day is sure to be filled with fun and festivities at an authentic, Mexican fiesta. Simplify things and host it in the backyard, which is an ideal location for this laid-back and pleasant event. Guests will spend time enjoying cool drinks, hot salsa and {hopefully} some nice evening breezes. Instead of margaritas, serve Mexico’s other popular tequila drink, the paloma. Wear vibrant colors, like this dress with airy ruffles. Red flowers, such as these Ranunculus, look strikingly rustic in a reused tomato can. A fiesta will not only be memorable, but will help everyone relax a bit before the big day.

{Sweet Treats} Margarita Cupcakes

{Snacks} Grilled Corn Salsa

{Partyware} Caspari red plates and napkins

{Eats} Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Tacos

{Label Favors} Fiesta Wedding Brunette Square Sticker

{Sip} Palomas

{Invite} Fiesta Wedding Brunette Invitation

{Centerpieces} How-to found here.

{Snacks} Creamy Guacamole

{Attire} Endless Skies Dress

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