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{Polka Dot Pointers} How to Take Your Christmas Card Photo!

Arden {Polka Dot Pointers} How to Take Your Christmas Card Photo!

Problem: Need to take a family photo + No way your packed schedule can fit in a professional portrait session, even if you actually got your husband to agree to that = This year’s holiday photo card dilemma.

Solution: Useful photo tips from us! No, seriously. These will make it so very easy.

Next week, our own photo guru extraordinaire, Arden Prucha, will dish out tips on how to tell your story with a unique photograph for this year’s holiday photo card. {That’s she and her adorable family in the photos above!} Arden, a professional portraiture photographer will break down the components of great portrait photography into four simple tips that she will reveal once a day, through Thursday. Then on Friday, Arden will address your own personal photography questions that you submit to us.

Sure. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. And her handy tips will help you get past that pesky writer’s block, so to speak, that holds you back from capturing the perfect photo.

So, check back here Monday for the first of her four tips. And leave a comment or tweet us with your personal questions that we’ll compile all week and publish on Friday.

We promise, these tips will definitely all add up in the end.

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