If you are looking to celebrate Memorial Day but simply don’t feel like putting in the time and effort to organize everything, then we have a few solutions for you. Celebrating Memorial Day shouldn’t be a hassle, and in fact, Memorial Day should be one of those holidays where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the upcoming summer season. If you are ready to celebrate but prefer not to exert yourself, then take a look at a few unique ways to celebrate the holiday with little-to-no planning.


Don’t Host at Home

This may be one of the more obvious tips, but if you choose not to host a party at your house, then you’re already halfway there. Hosting at home means you’re responsible for everything–making sure guests are happy and having fun, food, drinks, music, and more. If you choose another venue, say a lake, park, or community pool, then your hosting responsibilities are cut in half.


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Go In on a Joint Celebration With Neighbors

Talk to your neighbors and see if you can collectively throw a joint neighborhood Memorial Day party. When more people are involved, you can delegate accordingly and not have all the responsibility fall on you. Check with your local area park and see if you can reserve a pavilion or picnic area, and then split up the responsibilities for each neighbor involved. This way, you can still be barbecuing outdoors, enjoying the summer sunshine, and not have to be the only one charge.


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Find a Theme and Stick to It

If you hone in on one particular theme for your Memorial Day party, then you will be organized in your planning process. For example, you can choose a luau themed party, which means that food, decorations, music, and drinks will all follow the luau theme. This helps in the planning process as you won’t need to come up with ideas or a menu on your own. Luaus usually require tiki-inspired decor, tropical drinks and food, Hawaiian music, and more! Keeping in line with a particular theme for your Memorial Day party will take a lot of the guesswork out of the planning process.


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Make it a Memorial Day Potluck

One easy way to throw a Memorial Day party with little-to-no planning is by making it a potluck party. Asking guests to brings specific dishes or contributions will mean that certain things will be off your plate completely. Create a list of the items needed and delegate accordingly. This will not only lighten your planning load, but it will also keep things balanced in terms of what is needed for the party and what will be provided by someone else. You can even delegate things like mixed CDs, drinks, decor, and more! Don’t be afraid to make it an entirely collaborative affair.


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Keep it Simple

Just because it’s Memorial Day, doesn’t mean your party needs to be a gigantic event for the whole neighborhood. If you want to just sit back and relax, then keep it simple and small. Invite a handful of people, have them bring things to contribute to the party, and just enjoy a smaller gathering. When you keep your party small, you are able to control things more–like the mess that is made by guests and all the cleanup involved. You also have less to shop and prepare for when you keep it simple.

As always, make sure you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

2 Unique Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day With Little-to-No Planning





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