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Valentine’s Day Crafts We Love: Crayon Hearts

ValentinesCrayonHearts1 Valentine's Day Crafts We Love: Crayon Hearts

Away from home for the first time as a college freshman, I discovered crafting. Back then, picking up the newest issue of Martha Stewart’s magazine felt as good as acing an exam. For Valentine’s Day that year, these Crayon Hearts were the object of my affection. They made my dorm room feel cheery, and best of all, cozy.

Things haven’t changed too much. Earlier this morning, I actually just put up the same hearts to decorate my desk here at the office.

Here’s how to make these super simple lovelies for your own Valentine’s Day décor. All you’ll need is wax paper, crayons in colors of your choice and an iron. So budget friendly. And all the cool kids are doing it…

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