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Gift Guide: Stationery-Inspired Gift Duos

stationeryinspiredgifts(1) Gift Guide: Stationery-Inspired Gift Duos

During summer, it seems that we all find just a little bit more time to squeeze in some fun projects that may not get as much attention during the busier seasons. And if you’re like me, being creative with gift giving is always something I really appreciate making time to accomplish. If you’re looking for a great gift idea, try finding inspiration from a stationery gift and then pair it with a coordinating item also.

The combination of two items with the same theme will truly express the thought that you’ve put into the gift. For a housewarming, pair a bird mailing address self-inking stamp with a unique birdhouse. Or, pair a set of new kitchen utensils with a recipe card like the Modern Bubbles design. And, we love the idea to give a Green Bee Note Pad with a bottle of fine quality specialty honey. Whatever gift duo inspires you, each will without a doubt convey a sentiment that won’t soon be forgotten.

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