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{Stuff We Spotted} Soup Swap Set-Up

Soup Swap {Stuff We Spotted} Soup Swap Set-Up

The winter months easily lend themselves to all things cozy. Like this idea that I’m becoming more and more enamored with, even as I write this. Two words. Soup Swap.

What a way to beat the winter blahs…After coming in from the cold, it really doesn’t get any better than sitting down to a bowl of homemade soup. We just spotted Garnish‘s Soup Swap Kit, which includes all the packaging supplies needed for the swap, like plastic soup containers, tasting cups, cello bags and more.

You’ll want to ask guests to bring a quart of frozen soup for each person to take home, along with some soup for taste testing at the party. And if you bake up small loafs of homemade bread in these loaf molds, you’ll have the perfect party favor for them to take home too. More tips and everything you’ll need for the swap can be found here. Happy Slurping.

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