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Etiquette Tidbit: Wedding Thank You Notes

courtesy quote Etiquette Tidbit: Wedding Thank You Notes

There is so much that can occupy a bride’s time during the wedding planning months, but thank-you note writing is one task that especially should not be overlooked. Many brides may believe that finding time to write a thank you for each engagement party, bridal shower and wedding guest might not seem like a top priority compared to finding the perfect wedding dress or choosing the tastiest cake flavor. However, it is the one thing that makes everything else truly more special. And, even in the digital age, there is nothing that can compare to the art of the handwritten thank you note. Here are a few tips to help make note writing simple, practical and polite.

Keep all the cards that require a thank-you note in a designated place, and then store them away after the note has been written.

Send a thank-you note as soon as you receive the gift, and at the very latest, send the note within three months after the gift. Try to do a few each day to help you not get overwhelmed.

A pre-printed message in a thank you is not acceptable, nor is an emailed note.

For the most classic look, use either a black or blue pen.

It is thoughtful to send a thank-you note for a shower gift, although you might have already thanked the guest in person.

For a monetary gift, mention how you will spend the money.

Select high-quality stationery, printed with the bride’s maiden name or monogram. “Thank you” may be printed on the cards, but that’s not a substitution for a personal note as well!

Before the wedding, the bride and groom use stationery with their individual names. After they’re married, joint stationery can be used.

Remember, even a late thank-you note is better than no note at all.

Don’t forget to write notes to all those who hosted pre-wedding parties or helped with wedding planning.

When in doubt, just try to make the note authentic and personal, referencing the person and the gift. If you’re still unsure of what to write, try using the following template as a guide to a good thank-you note.

sample thank you Etiquette Tidbit: Wedding Thank You Notes

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